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Mar 15, 2008 by arismcgraw

I have never been more annoyed with a phone.

Pros: extra battery, nice to look at, and good for the non-texter.

Cons: awful to text on, you have to be flipping it over and over, the touch pad is the worst...I just hated it...and I love Samsung phones this phone just didn't cut it.

Not for texting


Feb 25, 2008 by rmccamman

If you text, get something else. If you have large fingers, get something else.

Small, slick and sexy

speakerphone not very loud
Texting is horrible



Jan 14, 2008 by jbenis9415

I have own the upstage for about 6 months now. I would have to say that I ended my contract with Verizon and paid the $200 fee. As soon as i seen this phone I wanted it really bad! Now that I have had it I am kinda getting sick and tired of it. The flipping back and forth. Also it freezes up on me, all the time. Yes at first I did love it! I mean its a MP3 player on the other side of it!! It was sweet!!!!! I still do enjoy the MP3 player but, it drains the battery really fast.

I hope that this helps people!

Have a great day!

ummmmm let me think, no


Jan 14, 2008 by phonefreak24

This phone is a joke!!! First off its Candybar form factor, and they didnt even do that well enough.

Pros: it actually has a camera, and music player

Cons: price, sound quality, music player, text messaging, and WHAT IS UP WITH THE WHOLE 2 SIDED THING, i mean come on,

But it isnt the WORST phone ever

Not happy


Dec 13, 2007 by offdahuk

Third time has to be the charm. I bought my Upstage in May for my birthday. Everything was fine until June. My wonderful new toy started to freeze and it seemed the only way to "unfreeze" this phone was to either call it or push the reset button. It would freeze all the time.

Now lets jump to September, out of town on a business trip. In the hotel and I'm going to power down the phone. My phone freezes between turn off. On both sides SAMSUNG was showing. The phone never turned off. I couldn't call it to see if it would unfreeze. Since it doesn't have an external battery there was nothing I could do. This also made everyone one of my phone calls go directly to voice mail, because I was stuck in some phone limbo. I proceeded to go to the a Sprint store in Philly and they tried to help. The only thing they could do is give me a brand new phone, because the phone finally turned off, but never turned back on.

Now lets jump to now 12/11/07, my new "new" phone is still freezing, the phone side graphics are inverted and from time to time all my calls are still going to voice mail, because some reason my phone is still "on". My battery and additional battery pack takes approx 9 hours to completely charge, but takes only 3 hours in standby mode to completely die. I go into the Sprint store to have them run a diagnostic on the phone. To my dismay they tell me they cant fix it and by the end of the week Ill get a new phone (the same phone).

Lets just hope that 3rd time is the charm.

Great phone to look at
It substitutes for an Ipod when I work out (cost saver)

This will be my 3rd phone in 7 months
Battery life isn't that good
Touch pad is WAAAY to sensitive (not made for us big fingered people)
Freezes (did I mention it freezes)

I cant believe Beyonce has put her name on this phone. I hope she doesn't lose any fans because of horrid piece of technology

Rad phone


Nov 6, 2007 by brenda12

I'm not a techy and I don't work at a cell phone place so this is a review with things that matter to me. My mom just got me this phone as a gift and I love it. I've had this phone since it was released in May and I'm really happy with it. It took a while to get used to all the crazy new features it came with but I really think it's the best phone out on the market. Usually, I'm bored with my latest phone within three months but I still love my Upstage. I qualify for a rebate with Sprint in January but I'm not even thinking about getting a new phone. The Upstage covers all my needs.

-Text messaging is quick and easy. Yeah, you can only see three lines on the phone screen but texts are supposed to be short messages. Not novels.
-MP3 player is awesome. I don't have to carry around my iPod and a phone around anymore. I've got both things in my Upstage now. I know people complain about the headphone jack but I just got over that by buying a Bluetooth headset that I can listen to music through and answer my phone calls with.
-Sleek and light. I usually don't use the battery pack unless I know I'm going to away from my car adapter or wall adapter all day. It goes in my front pocket and it doesn't stick out and make a huge bump in my jeans.
-Impresses everyone. I have not met one single person that hasn't been wowed by my Upstage.

-"Random" setting on music player. This is really the only thing that pisses me off about the phone and even then it's not a problem with a phone, just Sprint software. Whenever I listen to any music, I love using the random/shuffle setting. With the Spring music player, the random isn't random at all. All the songs are mixed up, yeah, but they always end up going in the same order. This is really important to me since I got this phone for its MP3 player feature. If this wasn't a problem, I would've given the Upstage a 5.0 rating.
-Pricey. My mom paid full price for this but it also means not a lot of people have it. =)

Great phone!


Nov 1, 2007 by Adalaide78

I spent a very long time choosing a phone before I made a purchase. I did not have cellular service at the time, so I was not restricted to just one carrier. I did look at phones from all of the major carriers and choose Sprint because of this phone. I knew I wanted a phone that played mp3's and had a good internet browser and was easy to use for texting. I even considered some PDA style phones but kept coming back to this phone. Samsung has never missed their mark with me, they are on the cutting edge of cellular tech and are proving it over and over again with phones like this. The phone is very easy to use and the size of the display is not a problem at all. One of my favorite features is that the bluetooth tells me who is calling and I can keep my phone in my pocket. The mp3 player is amazing and 64MB is a lot of music if you make the purchases from the Sprint music store. I love the fact that the phone has a lock switch on the side, just a flick of the thumb keeps it safe while it's put away. I wasn't sure when I bought it if I wanted to invest in the stereo bluetooth headset, but that was ok, because the phone came with the adapter so I could use my regular headphones with it. I soon got the stereo bluetooth which is an amazing accessory with this phone. I honestly do not have a single complaint about my phone. It was a little difficult at first to get used to. It wasn't an issue of hard to use, just a new type of interface to master. It only took about an hour, and that's because it took me 30 minutes to get the manual out.

Such a great phone


Aug 28, 2007 by phoenixflame88

I work for a major electronics retailer, and we sell phones (Sprint and AT&T). Therefore, I have had quite a large amount of experience with many types of phones. Simply put, the Upstage is the best phone I have ever seen. I love it so much I actually bought one for myself. Don't be fooled by what most people have to say about this phone... for it is a bit odd at first. I will be the first to admit that I did not like it when it first came out. But after about a week of playing with it I realized the true beauty of this phone. The controls are so easy to use, the phone has more features than you could dream of, the phone side display is not as hard to read as some may think, (and i do have bad eyes), and the the music side comes with a truly amazing feature. A feature called Ultra Music. Essentially, it de-compresses the Mp3 or Koz music file so much that it is simulated surround quality (for those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically how you get surround sound out of headphones.) It truly is the best phone a music lover could buy!!


Music quality, touch controls, loaded with features, ease of use, large buttons and media side screen, durability, clarity of the phone, voice activation and dictation


There is honestly nothing I don't love about this phone.

This phone is AWESOME!


Aug 24, 2007 by Shaynabalcom

This is by far the coolest phone Samsung has come out with! I have used it for 10 days now, and no problems with it at all. Even he touch pad, once you are used to it, no problems! As for the headphone option plugging into the charger..get a bluetooth instead, then you can charge and talk. I have about 4 memory cards for it now, and use a card reader to transfer files, then pop them into the phone as needed. Pictures you put on a card must be viewed from the mass storage file manager, rather than the picture section, but so what. I give this phone 5 stars! One thing I worry about with bar style phones, is that even when the keys are locked, it enables you to call 911...not good! This one doesnt, so that is a huge plus! When you use headphones (Ipod or other), the music and you call comes in in full on stereo!! and the caller can hear you clear as a bell too! Im sorry, but Ive read all the pros and cons, and the pros outweigh the cons by 100% in my book! And I am a total gadget freak, so this review coming from me is good. I was shopping for the Razr, but this one is by far the better choice!!

Waste of Money


Aug 19, 2007 by V84x4

Had this phone for a week...Now normally I will give 2 weeks before I give up, but I just couldn't take it anymore! Of course, The WOW Factor is what drew me to buying this phone ( well & because I have had every other sprint phone out there ) & the size of the phone as well. As I got into the phones menu I realized that the touch (scroll) wheel on the "FLIP" side takes a lott to get used to. Some people are saying its like the "ipod", NOT TRUE!!! I own 3 "ipod's" & its nothing like that at all! I have tried adjusting the sensitivity & have been pretty
patient but I feel that if you have to put that much effort into a Phone than it's not wort it......also, having to flip the phine over just to make a data entry when in the phone side is cumbersome to say the least. The Lock switch turns the phone off completly so that is a waste of a button......I normaly write a reviev with pros and cons BUT this is a gimmick phone and nothing more so don't be fooled like I was.... If you just want a phone and never plan on using the "FLIP" side than this phone is for you.....other than that buy a KRZR K1m or a SANYO M1......2 of the best phones out there..............I know....I have had just about every phone.....Just picky I guess......But I work hard for my money and I want a phone that has everything, does everything, and looks cool just like you............

Regards V84x4

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