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Motorola RAZR V3xx


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Awesome Phone!!


Feb 1, 2007 by sjcarper

I had the v551 before & it was okay for what it was, but this blows it away!! The signal is great, & before w/ my other phone it was hit or miss around my house. Such a pain! This phone I am not having those problems. I have used several features that are the same as my old phone, but there are a lot more in this phone! The screen is gorgeous, the ringer is very loud, I love having voice command & dialing for my entire address book now. I can check my e-mail anytime. I just can't say enough how much I love this phone!!!! Also having a MP3 player is too cool! I just love it, love it, love it!!

V3xx Review


Jan 27, 2007 by ant1171984

Owned her for about 3 hours now!

First off price.......Wal-Mart $118 on a one year upgrade (took my KRZR back and got $31 change!) Even though the camera is a downgrade from the KRZR the phone is way better.


-Virtually same size & shape as the V3 we grown accustomed to.

-Not in a 3G area....but EDGE alone is SUPER FAST.

-60 MB onboard memory......AWESOME!

-MP3 Player is loud....awesome quality


Speaker deactivates when flip closed............ANYONE KNOW A WORK AROUDN FOR THIS??

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Motorola RAZR V3xx


Feb 12, 2007 by magellan71


As noted in other reviews, this phone is great and the best I've ever owned. It has an unbelievable screen, great sound, the bluetooth works very well, the 3G data transfer is awesome, the camera works great, the MP3 player is great, it has great call quality (better using the phone, than the bluetooth), great reception, and doesn't drop calls often. It uses a mini SD data card (fits under the back cover, but you don't have to remove the battery), and using a small, inexpensive ($15) transfer device, allowed me to transfer almost 1GB of songs quite easily.


The only real con is battery life. If you just use the phone for calls and an occasional text message/email, it will last all day and into the night. But if you use Internet access a lot, or play your MP3 player a lot, youre battery will be dead by the end of your work day. But that's minor to me in the grand scheme of things.

One minor thing: listening to the MP3 player using the (one ear) bluetooth is not very rewarding. You either need a motorola unique stereo earphone set, or a stereo bluetooth headset. Looking forward to getting either (or both).

Overall: Awesome

Great Phone!!


Feb 11, 2007 by SteveHRocks

This phone is a pleasant surprise.
I was waiting on the Nokia N75 to come out but i resigned to the fact that i was waiting on a lost cause. So i ponied up for the V3xx and couldn't be happier!!

1. QVGA screen. Wonderful resolution and clarity.. it's about time Moto!!
2. Improved UI. Much more logical layout and the addition of long needed fields in the Phone Book are very welcome!
3. nVidia graphics chips makes for much better picture viewing and quicker camera times. I like the way the pictures are grouped now and they come up instantly.. no more waiting!!
4. Dual Mode UMTS. We finally have a phone that is actually more advanced than the network.. (Means the phone can grow into the future 3.6 HDSPA network)

I still wish we could replace the "Cingular" Banner with a Custom Banner like in most CDMA phones.

BEST CINGULAR phone, hands down!


Feb 9, 2007 by baseballkyle

FABULOUS qvga screen!
GREAT voice quality!
The absolute BEST reception of any phone!
Smooth 3G/EDGE handoff!
Moto UI is very fast now!
External smart key lock (finally!)
Charging light indicator (finally!)
3G w/ Opera 8 browser screams on this phone!
3.6Mpbs HSPDA plus EDGE!
High quality 1.3mp camera!
Class 2 Bluetooth rocks!
Media player works very well!
Svelte design!
Dust flap for mini usb port!
60MB of memory!
Solid speakerphone!

Phone could be a tad shorter.
MicroSD slot is behind battery cover.
Keypad still seems have that sticky feel (until its broken in that is).
3G surfing kills the battery life.

Overall this phone has virtually everything going for it. I really struggled to think of what i didn't like about it. The size is not that big of a deal, as its very thin and light. How often do you really swap out memory cards?? I have always charged my phone every single night because of how much i use my phone everyday - so as long as it gets me through a full day of heavy usage i am good. i just keep a mini usb charger with me wherever i am out just in case.

Moto fixed almost every RAZR gripe that i had with the V3xx. Good job Moto! Now fire out a firmware update to enhance battery life a bit. Also work on that 1.5 second delay of the screen coming on when you open the handset....i can hit a button to activate it quicker, but it should be auto with the flip.

There is no question that this is, in my mind, the best phone available on the market with any carrier at this point in time.....

Best Razr!


Feb 6, 2007 by twkroberts

Let me begin by saying that I have been through the phones. I guess I am the phone trader. Anyway Motorola has finally made the right move with the Razr v3xx
Battery Life
Sound is great!
Awesome Screen
MicroSD for memory
Great Camera
Great Price
This phone is loaded! Best Razr. Better than V3i with Itunes software. Get this phone you will enjoy!


BEST of the RAZR Series Yet!!!! IZAR V3xx!!!!


Jan 27, 2007 by Michael95GT

If you are comfortable with the original RAZR formfactor(there are only subtle differences, but want to go 3G this is the phone to get. It's everything we've come to love about the V3/V3i but better.

It's a Motorola
FAST 3G/EDGE performance
QVGA Screen(240x320), Bright & Crisp
Improved UI, very speedy, no lag
LOUD earpiece,speakerphone,ringers.
Speaker Independent Voice Recognition
Good camera for a 1.3mp
Digital Audio Player(No more iTunes)
Stereo Bluetooth Support
Covered USB port
60mb internal memory
Expandable memory(via MicroSD) up to 2gb
All your old V3/V3i accessories work, except for cases

Voice Recognition doesn't like background noise.
Single port for charging,headset,etc.
Covered USB port
Cingular is greedy with Accessories: Only phone, battery, charger & manual included.

I've only had the phone since yesterday, so I'm not gonna comment on battery life yet, but it's looking to be pretty good so far.

Great Phone


Jan 31, 2007 by mhorn

Overall I highly recommend this phone; several people have already listed the great features.

A few minor issues:
1. Gmail java appp doesn't seem to exist; this is really Google's problem, but might be your problem too.
2. Like most of Cingular's new phone the "Yes, Ask Once" option for java apps connecting to the network not there. This means on non-Cingular apps like Google Maps (and Gmail in the future) EVER time the app needs data you get prompted to approve the network activity. This makes using Google Maps almost worthless. Hoping to find a way to override or unlock this annoyance.
3. The positive and negative keys are backwards from previous Motorola phones. On my V3 the right soft key was the positive choice like 'select', 'ok', 'continue', etc and the left was negative like 'cancel', 'back', 'exit'. These are swapped on the V3xx; after years on the V3 I'm constantly hit the wrong key out of habit.
4. The mini-usb port is upside down. This might seem trivial, but my USB cable and car charger have an angled connector. On my RAZR V3 it allowed the cable to run down the side of the phone...with the V3xx it is in the way running UP the phone.

Still, overall I would still recommend the phone. If I can get Gmail java app working without the constant network connect nag I'll be a happy camper.

V3xx best phone Ive used


Mar 23, 2007 by chococheese8

This phone is very good and has excellent call quality. It is also on Cingular's network which I just switched onto from Verizon which sucked horribly.

Its not a Verizon phone!!!
ext key lock
really purdy screen
really good call qualitiy and RF
its GSM so that means no disabled features for CDMA
UsB cover is pretty hardcore as well as the media player
it is very stylish and thin and works very well also
good battery life

doesn't come with usb cable

MotoRazr V3XX


Mar 13, 2007 by mwo2616

I just recieved this phone today!!! WOW! Great screen resolution, and the call quality is AWESOME BABY! I didnt realize media net could be this fast, and the Cingular Video Svc feature is great! The only problem that i have with this phone is the usb cover, but i can live with this!

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