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One of the best


Jan 23, 2009 by keithfrombm

I had the v3xx for over 2 years. Great phone but showing it's age. Mine also broke and ATT replaced it 4 times each with a progressively more inferior refurb. They claimed they were new but their constant problems lead me to believe otherwise. PROS: Simple functional design. Decent reception. I'm a truck driver and I switch towers constantly but the v3xx had trouble keeping up. Other than that, you'll have no problems from it there. Really the motorola user interface is simply brilliant. I really like it and the personalization options are endless. Great phone here too. The internet was really fast. Use opera mini and it's great for just about everything but streaming media. Also google maps couldn't be set to authorize only once. Yahoo Go! was an acceptable alternative. But there are CONS: ATT dumbs the phone down to try to make you buy it. I work for a living. I don't have time to hack a phone to make it decent. Reception was okay but for a trucker I was clearly testing and beating its limits. My first v3xx didn't screw up much. The 4+ replacements screwed up constantly. Maybe the first one was an exception but I'd like to think otherwise. Last one started crashing. Screen would white out and phone would have to be rebooted.

I'm Picky and I Like This Phone


May 2, 2008 by cellularantenna

I'm in the cellular business so I get to use lots of phones. I am giving the Motorola V3XX my thumbs up. It's a keeper.
-Damned good reception. This is one issue I am a REAL STICKLER about. I'm a signal strength junkie. And this phone passes easily. One of the best signal phones I've seen in a long time
- Design: Sleek and pretty. I've seen other reviewers here criticize the hinge. I'm rough on phones and I don't have a clue what they are talking about. No problems here. OK, you probably don't want to use it to jimmy a window...
-Inside screen is beautiful and plenty big enough.
-Software is very stable, unlike my old Motorola V600.
-Access to the web is just one button touch away. Has a dedicated button for Cellular Video. I happen to like watching the CNN update that gets freshened up once an hour. COOL! Letterman's top ten list from last night gets viewed by me a lot, too
- Effortless email set up. I CAN GET MY HOTMAIL EMAIL ON THE ROAD. And with just a couple of button clicks. YES!
- Can be connected to an external antenna if necessary.
-Music player is decent.
- Durable enough. I've dropped it hard several times with no ill effects.
Yeah, like everyone else I'd like to see the outside screen a little larger and a little more vibrant. Oh well...
- Battery life with the O.E. battery can be just a little anemic especially if you're on the net a lot or listening to a lot of music. But I found a solution. I went on eBay and bought an aftermarket HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY. Came with a new, larger battery cover 'cause the O.E. cover won't go over the bigger battery. Now my battery rarely even looses a bar. COOL! But don't tell AT&T. Mums the word, eh?
- I find that sometimes the phone shuts off a little too easily when you hit the hangup button. Like, you should have to hold it for three seconds at least to shut off the phone but sometimes you can hit it for less a second and, "good bye".
Thumbs up! I like it!

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Best phone ever


Aug 18, 2007 by tc13239

i love this phone because of its good reception and its good looks. i upgraded from a vx6100 and changed networks because the verizon wireless user interface is soooooooooooo crappy It is not even funny. i gave it to my sister and it is her first cell phone and she loves that she can call her friends for free and she loves the verizon interface but i love the new razrs and i got one of these and i am loving it. i have gotten so many complements. the camera works like a charm
awesome camera
good screen
good reception everywhere
3g speeds are amazing
none so far and i have had it for about 3 months so i think it will work really well my only problem is that the back battery covering can fall off easy so if you drop it more than a foot it will fall off and the battery will fall out

Best Razr to date


Aug 13, 2007 by weirdscientist

It seems as if other users have touched upon most of the pros and cons of this phone. I have the platinum model and live in southwestern CT, which is a 3G area. Here's my 2 cents:

-Great reception and call quality (at one time thought impossible for a Razr)
-3G technology; very smooth internet browsing and video clips look very nice
-Much faster interface software, barely any lag time for most apps including the camera.
-Quality MP3 player for a phone
-Great aesthetic design
-Solid and sturdy feel

-Subpar battery life, primarily attributable to 3G usage, which in turn makes the battery feel quite hot
-Picture and video quality is below average (1.3 megapixels), but I hardly use my phone for pics and video
-Inconvenient MicroSD card slot location
-Does not come with USB cable or earbuds

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the V3xx. After churning out what seems to be a countless number of unsatisfying Razr models over the last few years, I believe Motorola finally got it right with this one. As a phone, the V3xx provides admirable functionality and reliability. As an entertainment device, it delivers on most areas. I'm more curious to find out how the Razr 2 V8 will stack up against the V3xx. From what I understand, it should be a more versatile device on AT&T's service compared to the CDMA networks. But I'm happy with this phone for the meantime.


Motorola's Performance Gem


Feb 13, 2007 by RUFF1415

As much as I didn't want to fall into the RAZR styled handsets, there was no way I could deny the features and performance this offers.

-Great Signal: Coming from a Sony Ericsson handset left me a bit skeptical of whether or not I would be able to handle the change, but this phone is just as wonderful as my old z500 was. Calls are clear and garble isn't an issue like it was on the SE.
-Gorgeous Screen: The QVGA display is a treat to the eyes as everything from text to pictures are crisp, clear and easy to read.
-Extended Battery Life: The battery on this phone lasts forever! On one charge, the phone will last for a few days even with maximum usage. Moderate use will leave the phone charged adequately for a week.
-Excellent Processor: This phone has absolutely no lag. Extremely responsive in comparison to most other models and manufacturers.
-Internal Memory: Large enough to hold dozens of ringtones, hundreds of pictures, and up to 500 messages. It's hard to even put a dent into the 60MB the phone includes (unless downloading full length songs).
-Intuitive Media Player: The media player is among the best I've used. Well organized and easy to access while other applications are running.
-Great Camera: 1.3 megapixel lens starts quickly and snapshots turn out nicer than those of the Samsung SYNC. Great quality for just a camera phone.
-Beautiful menus: Everything is extremely customizable on the phone; from the shortcuts, to the menus, to the background and skins.
-Internet Speeds: This thing goes like a breeze on both HSDPA and EDGE networks. Includes cutting edge 3.6mbps capability so that the phone can grow with the network.
-Size: The phone is similar in comparison to other RAZR models, although slightly taller. Despite this, it is still smaller than other Cingular phones.

-External display could be brighter.
-MicroSD slot located under battery cover.

The v3xx is hands down the best phone that Cingular is offering at the moment--best phone I've used.

Great phone all around.


Feb 24, 2007 by NetworkBusy

I'll get right to the good and the bad...

-Great size, shape and sleek look...easy to clean
-Beautiful QVGA screen and spacious keyboard for dialing and typing
-Decent camera quality
-Phone memory is large
-Media player
-Fast processing
-High-speed internet
-Signal strength is wonderful
-Loud earpiece with great call quality
-Useful tools, features and extras

-Dim outside screen in comparison to inside
-Location of smartkeys on top hinge
-MicroSD slot located under battery cover...still, it is hot-swappable
-No recurring alarm feature

And to the most recent posts, disregard them. This is a great phone and two of the users rated this as a V3m and a V3RED which are NOT the same phones at all.

V3XX = V3 Xtremely Xtrordinary


Mar 6, 2007 by Earthsrequiem

First and foremost, I am not a person who buys each and every phone, messes with em, and moves on.

I've been going 2.5 years using a Motorola V551 and have been extremely satisfied with it.

For at least 2 years, I have been anti RAZR. It was not until a contract expiration, a sense of desperation, and a shot in the dark proved me wrong. I'd been researching the Moto RAZR V3XX from afar using this very site as well as Cnet.com.

Well, How about I stop beating around the bush, this phone is the piece De Resistance when it comes to the Moto RAZR line ( at least for the moment ).

Pros have pretty much been laid out in one way or another on this particular forum and so I shall not waste the space. However, as nothing is perfect, so have the cons.

I can say that I have yet to have any significant problem with the afore mentioned cons, but have had all the enjoyment of the fantastic pros.

Bottom line is, I didn't want to part with my V551, but I believe that with my shiny new Moto V3XX... The transition will be a lotta bit easier.

SUPER Improvements!


Jan 27, 2007 by bmega

I have had just about every Motorola since the V400 came out including all of the RAZRs and Motorola really addressed a lot of issues on this one. Wow, it's great! Amazingly, the V3xx includes an EXTERNAL KEY LOCK!! You have the choice of outer keys locking in 2,4,8 seconds, manually, or not at all. Then when you press an external key, the first press illuminates the back light, the second press prompts you to hold down the smart key to unlock the outer keys. Finally! Also volume is superb! Earpiece speaker has high quality velvety (and plenty loud) sound. This is the first moto I won't have to hack into the gain table to increase volume settings. Even the outer speaker is FULL Duplex now! No more choppy conversations with useless Half Duplex. It does disconnect the call when you close the flip on speakerphone, but I think I can hack that problem away. The USB port has a handy dust cover now. No more lint from my pocket filling the port. The interface is MUCH faster now. Even connecting with EDGE (no 3G in my area yet) is stunningly faster than all of my previous Motorolas. Also, connecting to the Cingular Video page was a snap with color photos and all! They have upgraded the Autoupdate of time to either time only or time AND time zone. You can also select to have the time and date display during a call (it always bothered me that the time/date would vanish during a call). As in the pics, the date displays on the outer screen too. Some very minor cons: Cannot personalize the right or left soft keys anymore, when connecting to MEdia Net the text is super small and I have perfect vision - you can zoom, but it doesn't help too much, after taking a photo the options that appear above the soft keys are too light/transparent, when you set the in-call timer to display and close the flip to end the call the timer vanishes immediately - it did this on early RAZRs and they fixed it on later versions but now the minor issue is back. Otherwise it's GREAT!

Greatest Phone I've Found!


Feb 7, 2007 by jherndon0730

I take my time looking for new gadgets and research them out. This phone lives up to the hype and I highly recommend it.

The best Razr and the best phone - period. Go get one!

Pros: Cingular Video
Easy to use software
Easy sim to phone transfer
Crystal clear display
1.3 MPX camera
the list goes on..
User Friendly to the max
Tricked out phone
High speed data transfer
easy to navigate/customize

Cons: No USB cable provided
Doesn't fit some existing RAZR cases
Battery life falls short



Mar 12, 2007 by Versed

Very Bright screen.
Very Resonsive and fast to commands.
Nice and Loud.
So far no dropped calls.
Very Solid build.
Even the Edge connection is fast. Would love to use it under hsdpa.

Menu could be better, but this could be do to using Nokia phone's. But it's not bad.

I was planning on getting the Nokia N75 which my 10 year will be collecting social securiy before Cingular brings it out. Came accross a decent deal off contract at Compusa do to store closing and couldn't pass up the deal. I am very impressed, better then my wife's V3i which is better then the original V3. And we can share charges and other accessories. Including the usb headset that came with her phone.

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