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V3xx AKA IZAR Amazing!!


Jan 26, 2007 by opdaddy

I got this phone at no contract price at walmart for 249. Let me say, its the best 249 i have spent ever! If you like RAZR style phones, this is the phone for you, but its supercharged.

Sleek Design
Awesome new menu icons and layout
Fast Processor
Amazing Display, upgraded from 176x220 to 240x320 QVGA.
Camera is fast, you don't have to hold it and wait for it to take a pic to avoid blurry shots. Takes them fast and easy. Video is just as good.
3G videos are great quality and fast.
Browsing is super fast.
Easy to upload your own files.
signal is great (south Florida market)
call quality is great

No USB cable in box. (didn't lower the rating, cuz i already have one)

No memory card ( again, didn't lower the rating cuz i already had one)

just an all around great phone with many many features and things to do. if razr fans are looking for an upgrade, this is their choice. and do sign up for cingular video, it really is great and it beats verizon and sprint because most of their content is included.


Excellent phone


Oct 22, 2009 by Tahluu

I'm an AT&T custermer since 12/11/07. I was with Cellular One before AT&T brought them out. I had the LG Trax from 12/11/07 to 1/2/08 because the Lg Trax was a lemon phone. So I went back to Motorola & got this phone V3xx on 1/2/08. I had no problems with this phone at all. I got it wet & got another V3xx on 8/16/08 from insurence. this phone is working Excellent.
The service with AT&T & V3xx is great. Few drop calls, I live in Denali Park, Alaska in the summer & Oregon in the winter & still have great signal & sound quality. I can record my own ringtone on the Voice Record without downloading them on the computer. The camera takes good pictures & i put them on the computer & they're good too. The Video Camera is good too. The cell phones will last a long time if you take good care of it. Yes there might be some phones won't work right. But not all the time. If they had the v3xx again I would get it again. I don't use the data on this phone because I have a computer at home.
Cons: None

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Aug 11, 2009 by adrenalated

I hate this phone.

Reception is bad. I hesitate to say terrible, but it's pretty bad. I lose service easily in areas where everyone else on my network has no issues.

It drops calls constantly.

It frequently not only drops calls, but randomly turns itself off and restarts in mid-conversation.

The battery cover on the back of the phone is flimsy. Had to tape it on.

The battery is not very durable. I've had the phone for a year and the battery is worthless already. My previous cell phone lasted ~5 years and the battery was still strong when it died.

Pros: it looks nice and is easy to use.

Since I use my phone pretty much only to make actual phone calls, and this phone fails miserably at that, I must say that I can't recommend it.

I can hear you now!


Sep 27, 2008 by ironghost

I've got AT&T in the Central Southeastern USA on this phone, had it for two or three months now. So far, I can hear calls clearly now! My old Nokia brick was a refurb when I got it, and three years of abuse didn't help it. Just remember to charge it every other day. I don't have the Media plans or anything, either. Can't tell you if 3g is worth it or not.

Pro: Clear Sound!
Useful Camera
Reasonably Sturdy
Third Party USB - MiniUSB cable works fine.

Con: All Demo Games, no freebies
No USB Cable or Software included.
Battery Life.... sucks.

Great phone, slight annoyances...


Sep 14, 2007 by nikuki

I have always been very fond of the Razr line ever since I got my hands on a black V3. I have upgraded now to the V3xx, and I will try to touch on a couple of things that I haven't yet seen mentioned here.

There are are many good things about this phone that I enjoy, such as the 60MB built-in memory and super-fast OS. I won't beat a dead horse by listing all the great things that this phone does, you can read many, many reviews about that.

There are, however, a couple of things that are annoying to me.

I was skeptical at first about how dim the outside screen really would be. Honestly, I did have a bit of a hard time reading the time in a well-lit building. This just seems rediculous. Compared to my ancient V3, the screen is less than half as bright.

Also, I very often hit the Clear button on accident because it is located so close to the down arrow. I'll find that while I'm trying to scroll though a menu or list, I'll accidentally hit the clear button and exit that screen. I do not by any means have large fingers, they are actually pretty tiny.

I miss the menu key.

The last thing that I find annoying is the locking of the external keys. I could not find a setting to disable this "feature."

All in all, this phone is great, but nothing's perfect.

Very impressed by V3xx


Mar 8, 2007 by SockMonkey

Like others here, I thought I would never buy a RAZR...they are everywhere and everyone has one. However recently, my priorities have changed and I wanted a phone with less bells and whistles, and more pure performance.

Strangely enough, I'm coming from a Cingular 3125 smart phone and while I loved the features of that phone..I hated the fact that it could not get a good signal. What good are features if your phone is displaying "Searching..." all the time ??

All that has changed with this RAZR. I have visited all my old spots that would make the 3125 lose signal and begin searching, and the V3xx works just fine. On top of that...the RAZR just plain sounds better, little to no digital distortion or warbling like the 3125 would get. I'm in the Chicago market, so most of the time I can get and use a 3G signal and all I can say is that new network and this phone sound SO MUCH BETTER than any other Cingular phone I have tried. Even on old GSM, the RAZR beats the 3125 hands-down.

I feel like I have given up a bit (push email, extra little apps) but I've gotten a phone that works AS A PHONE so well that I can live without those things.

PERFECT reception
standard USB charging/sync
USB mass storage mode (just plug into any PC and use the memory card like a memory stick)
Cingular Video and browsing on 3G speeds
Very clear on 3G network
redesigned Moto UI

outer display VERY dim

The Best RAZR ever!


Mar 8, 2007 by wwehavok85

I have heard horror stories about the MOTORAZR. I have been weary of getting one. When I saw the V3xx, I changed my mind. The first thing that caught my attention was the look. The reflective keypad on the V3 just looked weird to me. The V3xx has a pearl grey keypad to match the phone. I had an LG CU500, which is an excellent phone, and if I was upgrading, it had to be another 3G phone with SD card support.

New Keypad Color
Phone color
3G features like Cingular Video
BEAUTIFUL SCREEN! The best I've ever seen.

The web browser is OPERA which is normally great, but for some reason it runs slow. I just downloaded OPERA MINI and use it.

Other than the web browser, this is the best phone I've ever owned.

(I have owned the LG 1300,1500,2000,CU500 and MOTOSLVR)

Could not be more pleased! The gem on AT&T's network.


Feb 15, 2007 by vzwcellular

Last year (2006), I used 76 different phones as I attempted to find the phone that met my needs. I found myself swtiching between phones 3-5 days after I purchased it. When I began employment with Cingular (now AT&T), I went through the same process--until I tried the RAZR V3xx. For the first time in my life, I believe that I have found a phone that I can use for the duration of the two year contract. I have never been more pleased with a phone. I have a close friend that works for Motorola, and he informed me that while this phone looks like the original RAZR, the parts have been redesigned. While I enjoyed the original RAZR (albeit a few cons), this phone blows the rest out of the water.

1. Motorola finally introduced the a lock for the external buttons. No more accidentally switching between 'loud' and 'vibrate.'
2. Reception is absolutely exceptional. I was able to get two bars in an area where I was unable to make a call prior to owning the phone. Better yet, the call was crystal clear.
3. QVGA screen--smooth fonts (similar to the CDMA Motorola interface). The screen is stunning.
4. The Motorola UI is no longer laggy.
5. Redesigned phone book with numerous new categories-nickname, full address, etc.
6. Battery life-The phone has been off of the charger since 5:45 AM, and two hours of talk time later, I still have three bars.
7. Camera is slightly better, with the fonts being somewhat transparent-much easier to take/see a picture.
8. USB 'door' to cover potential dust that could enter the phone.
9. Earpiece volume is loud, without odd fluctuations-the FIRST Cingular phone that I can truly say that with.
10. The 3G (UMTS) connectivity.

1. Truthfully, I really have no cons with this device, which amazes me even as I type. Perhaps the external screen could be a bit brighter, but it doesn't affect me in the slightest.

This phone will be a keeper. Visit a retail store and you'll see what I mean.

The Best Moto - V3xx


Feb 10, 2007 by euroboy002

This phone is perfect. I have not found one single problem.

* Clear Screen (QVGA) You will notice the difference.

* Camera Clear

* LOUD earpeice, ringtones, mp3's

* FAST internet. Myspace, Google, Images, EVERYTHING loaded in a split second.

* Nice new menu Layout/Format.

* Battery Life GREAT.

* Make your own ringtones, wallpapers, with memory card and Mp3 Audio Splitter Joiner and Limewire.

* Get it!

Good Job Motorola and Cingular


Feb 1, 2007 by jjgreene

One of the best phones ive used so far.


very solid feel
good looking
very bright key pad
full duplex speakerphone
bluetooth works very well
voice dialing function is amazing
3G networking is very fast
camera works well
large bright clear screen
outside screen easily lights up
mini USB port dust cover
so far perfect reception
as well as call quality
mp3 player
cingular video


camera could be a higher resolution, but works better than my SYNCs 2 MP camera
internet browser seems to get stuck refreshing on larger web pages.
no copy all from SIM to Phone or visa versa.

all in all a really nice phone...

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