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Battery is this phones downfall


Jul 21, 2008 by bsf

Used the N95-3 whihch is the latest version (besides the 8GB) version for US. Came with the larger battery now being used for this phone.


Camera - amazing pics for a phone
Bluetooth - works well with headset
WiFi - connects easily and fast
3G - web pages load very quickly
PDA/Smartphone - allows you to sync online with Exchange for calendar, contacts, tasks and email. However, if you keep notes in contacts only first few lines come over.
Music - great speakers. Sounds great.
Solid operating system - never locked up.


Battery - you will not last the entire day without charging even if you turn off Wifi, 3G and bluetooth. I tried every configuration and even with the larger battery it is not acceptable.
Size - the phone is thick. Not very comfortable in pants pocket because of that.

Overall, the phone feels very solid and packs a lot. If the battery would last an entire day, it would have been a keeper and I would have rated it higher.

Very good if it werent for lots of problems


Jul 15, 2008 by Thompj4

so im kind-of a cell phone freak (working on my 20th or more phone) and after i saw this one and it came down in price i snagged one at $440 on ebay new. it was the n95-3. lets just say i was blown away at first but it kinda diminished as the weeks went on.


-can do anything
-great signal (work deep in a office building and the only place i cant get reception is the bathroom.... who needs it there anyways)
-great call quality
-great camera
-great setup and operating system
-brilliant screen
-battery life was pretty good for me considering i used the mp3 function pretty regularly at work
-headphone jack is a must
-sdhc up to 8gb was perfect
stereo sound was amazing, best i have ever heard on a phone
-free gps
-the unlimited add on's

now for the cons.

-gps - would freeze up and reset the phone if used for too long
-signal- switching from edge to 3g would reset the phone or would lose signal for a long time... which is a big problem for me (and i know you can turn 3g off but whats the point of buying a phone that has that capability if you have to turn it off to get it to function correctly)
-mp3 - songs would skip sometimes or wouldnt play and it couldnt be the files because they worked on everything else (old blackberry, ipod, computer)
-screen - the other day it started having black lines go through it but they come and go but it extremely annoying (one of the reasons im getting rid of the phone)
-back scratches too easily due to the soft touch paint
-the screen slider scratches the underside where the keyboard is
-kinda laggy at times
-no keyboard (i knew this going in but in my mind i thought i would deal with it, maybe would have helped if they had a suretype keyboard)

all in all it was a good phone, too many problems for me for a phone that had a $400+ price when it came out

i ditched my blackberry curve 8310 for this one and i think im going to go back (at least until the BOLD comes out that is)

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N95-3 Superphone, perfect in every way!!!


May 31, 2008 by ccilfone

The N95 is possibly the most amazing phone ever made. Yes this is quite a statement, and the n95 8gb does have a larger screen and a functioning accelerometer, but despite those 2 small short comings this phone is amazing. I have owned this phone for the past month and a half, prior to this I had owned the treo 650,& 750 and the moto v3xx, all were and absolute joke in comparisson. I have since purchased and n81, n82, and and 8800 s40.

I can say without a doubt that there is no better functioning phone loaded down with freeware s60 software. The functionality especially since the release of the n78 in which the firmware release was finally posted to . Since they have released another 5 or 6 apps that are fantastic. I have read alot on the battery life and running 3g all day along with truphone,wifi, and a ton of other apps in the background, I still get a full 12 hours.

So if you don't have one and are considering getting one, go for it, this will change the way you look at cell phones, it will make carrying ipods, laptops, and cameras a thing of the past. Also it is like a new way of life with a ton of s60 blogs and sites on the web with a ton of freeware this will become a new extension of your body!!!!!

This phone actually excited me enough to start working in the cell industry, I have become a top salesman in a month and I am pumped to have such a great tool to help me out.

With Truphone which embeds directly into the phone calling overseas is free if not less than a cent a minute.

Nokia N95-3 = Overrated


May 14, 2008 by pepsijunky

Haha, the Nokia fanboys aren't going to like this, AvgJoe, I'm sorry but you hyped my head and let me down.

Obviously this phone has amazing features, it literally does all of the big things as far as GPS, wifi, 5 mp camera, video, etc etc. It's crazy the features. But, I miss the little things from my blackberry or iphone. Quick run down:

All the features listed above

-Browser is stupid compared to the iphone, don't tell me about opera mini, iphone browser kicks a$$. period.
-t9 texting after having a blackberry and iphone? terrible, it's the hardest thing ever, I quit.
-size, too thick
-colors, visuals, etc, not good, that was another thing great about the iphone.
-Nokia maps is not as good as google maps, it's too euro-ish.
-the slider gets old.

Anyway, what it comes down to is I don't use all the features enough, therefore it comes down to the little things day to day. This phone is nothing special day to day but obviously brilliant when you need to do it all. It really is a great phone, but not for me.

My Take on the N95-1


Apr 30, 2008 by Tonylegend01

I have had this device for about six months and, I have recently purchased a new 8gb version of this device so now that I am done with this device I'd thought i'd submit my review.

I really like the camera on this device the 5mp camera is the best I've seen so far. As a matter of fact it is better than most digital cameras I've seen. The Carl Zeiss optics is off the chain. The call clarity is crystal clear. I think the sliding camera mechanism on the back is cool too. I love the dual slider however the buttons for the multimedia functions are difficult to use and press. I was pleasantly surprised that phone could actually accept a 4gb mirco SD card which allowed to pretty much load up my phone with mp3 files. The sound quality for the music is superb! However I would have liked it I could get more bass with playback. The ergonomics is of the device can be tricky at first but you can easily overcome that. Despite the fact that I could not get 3G service in North America with this device, I was still pleased with it's EDGE speeds and capabilities. Overall, I am very impressed with the overall performance of the N95-1 and, I really look forward to getting my N95-4 8GB. Based on the feedback I've heard so far I'm sure that I would be having a better mobile experience.

Nice big screen
High bright resolution screen
Excellent Camera
Great sound quality for calls
Speakers are very loud and clear for music

You have to get used to ergonomics of the device
Lack of bass when playing music
The blue backlight of the keypad seems very "4 years ago" to me
Very difficult to take a photo while holding the phone horizontally

Overall: 8***/10

Does what it does with what it has.


Apr 27, 2008 by Rocketmac

Purchased this as an impulse while Comp USA was going out of business.

1. Camera: Many custom options, great in low-light.
2. Phone Quality: It's built extremely well.
3. S60: Series 60 is no doubt the best and most tested mobile phone system at there.
4. Navigation w/WiFi: Enough said with that, works well and can sync over WiFi.
5. Connectivity, offers Nokia's signature ability to pull signal where most can't.
6. Memory Card (4GB in there right now on mine).
7. Community: There are so many user groups out there, it provides a sense of connectivity with other mobile users.

1. Battery life: Which can be tweaked to get anywhere from 2-5 days instead of a few hours.
2. Ear-piece volume is lacking at times (which afflicts many Nokia phones).
3. Great for European 3G, but the NA version would be great on AT&T's 3G service.

I thought the N82 was great......


Apr 15, 2008 by AvgJoe

The N95 is better.

The ONLY thing I miss is the Xenon flash. But the addition of 3G more than makes up for that.

I recently sold my N82 for $420. I paid $480 for it a few months ago. (Nice resale) I recently bought the N95-3 on ebay used for $450.

I cannot think of anything I would add to this phone. ( IM sure Nokia will though)

I print from the phone wirelessly to my network printer and have used Mobiola to canvert All video files to the phone. The phone is an extension of our home network.

A Swiss Army knife for a phone. This one's a keeper. I would have bought the 8G but I like the idea of unlimited memory rather having to tether the phone to transfer files. The USB transfer is not the fastest. BT is not bad...

For phone addicts like me, this is the one stop shop


Apr 12, 2008 by chonga

I'm always being made fun of by my friends and family that I have a new phone every month, and while it's more like every 3 months that I have a new phone, this one is it.
N95-3 US NA Edition.

Although I've barely had it two weeks, there is nothing better out there right now so I can't really get a new phone with more features. I'm going to say I have this one for a long time.

+mobile internet is great on this thing
+robust music player
+rss feeds
+emTube application (youtube)

-build quality may be an issue in the long term
-music quality has some background hiss even with high quality encoded mp3's
-additional cost for voice guidance for GPS
-no camera lens cover (-3 edition)

Phone for life....at least a year.


Mar 21, 2008 by lordtrader

Well what can I say. This phone has everything but the kitchen sink. I paired it with a Moto S9 stereo bluetooth and my cars bluetooth, popped in a SanDisk 4GB micro SD card and it is awesome!!

Everything is top notch on this phone.
Matter of fact I teach martial arts and use the video function to video tape my students doing their forms. I then show them the parts of their forms that needs work. Amazing when you can see what you are actually doing wrong instead of just being told what you are doing wrong.

Very minor stuff, the browser is not to my liking so I loaded up Opera Mini.
The GPS is a little slow. I suggest buying the voice for it cause I almost rear ended a car once.
Taking pictures at night can be challenging in low light situations.

So I have finally gotten an all in one phone that is probably gonna last me a year or 2. Or until Nokia comes out with something better.

Nokia N95 versus Nokia 6120 Classic


Jan 11, 2008 by oly730

After about 10 week using Nokia 6120 Classic, my son bought me Nokia N95.
Herewith my review on both Nokias:

Nokia N95’s plusses:
- Excellent 5 Mp Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar Auto focus camera.
- Built in Internal GPS. Though USD 42 Holux GPSlim 236 GPS receiver is more superior (http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/Nokia-N95-Review-review-r_1744-p_7.html)
- Stereo sound, wifi connection, infra red.
- For my age, bigger display with same resolution does really help.
- Feel more robust and sturdy.

Nokia 6120 Plusses:
- Built in display rotation.
- Built in panoramic shot.
- Small, lightweight and economical.
- Candy bar form factor will last longer as no moving parts.
- Better battery life. I charged the phone battery once every 4 – 5 days.

Both phones work well with 8GB Micro SD Card. The other features are about the same, as both are Symbian S60 3rd so my programs collections for Nokia 6120 Classic are also work with Nokia N95.
N95 has 4 times bigger internal memory (± 40 Mb vs ± 160 Mb) but with 6120’s 40 Mb I had not yet faced any problem.

So if I have to buy a new phone from my own money and for my own use, I will still go for Nokia 6120 Classic (or Nokia N82 now). With additional USD 42 Holux GPSlim 236 Bluetooth GPS receiver it will also guides me as N95 does even with better satellites connections.
But of you really need the following features:
- Infra Red & wifi Connection,
- Stereo sounds for music & other multi media as what N series are built for,
- Show off with expensive cellphone,
- Better camera.
Then you should buy this Nokia N95, now is Nokia N95 - 8GB.

11 December 2008.

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