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Nice device


May 25, 2007 by fldude99

Owned this thing for a week-in a nutshell it's a keeper as it does a lot of things well enough. Major functions for me besides the obvious of being a phone:
-Camera: Excellent
-Maps with built in GPS: Adequate
-VOIP: Very good on a WLAN
-Internet access: Very good-utilizes EGPRS well and the S60 browser is excellent

The phone function is as good as most. My SE W810i had just as good reception so nothing real special with the N95 here other than it picks up a strong signal, speaker phone is excellent, but my bluetooth is a little on the low volume side-I find myself pushing it into my ear sometimes if there is surrounding noise.

-Great Camera
-Wifi is useful (especially since no 3G stateside for this model)for fast internet and especially VOIP (Gizmo, fring, iskoot, etc)
-Built in free maps and GPS
-Browser is good

-A little sluggish-but the new firmware should help that if it would come to the USA released phones
-GPS slow to lock but good once it does
-3G is on European frequency
-Minimal support stateside
-On the expensive side

Nokia needs to support this phone and other unbranded unlocked devices in the USA big time, in response to the carriers (especially Cingular) obsession with their need to brand and cripple the manufacturer phones. The carriers need to figure a way to get the contracts they want and market their ringtones etc, without the use of their branded, locked phones. I, for one will never buy another branded, locked phone. Cingular or Tmobile has no business knowing what phone you drop your SIM card into.

The N95 is really a first of its kind. Although room for improvement and expensive, it's a great gadget if you can afford it and are a little bit of a gadget geek. All in all-best multi purpose cellphone out there as of now.

CooL factor 10


May 12, 2007 by moe777

The Nokia N95 is backed with so many features, it takes a day just to go through all of them and every time you find a new application, you can't help but shout COOL.

Pros. Super nice screen. It is huge and sharp.

Internet Browser is awesome but sometimes while loading a website, it will close the browser and go to the main menu.

Pretty nice MP3 player

Nice camera. Takes beautiful pictures.

GPS is nice. nice if you are in a new part of town and want to see what is around you but the maps are very slow to download.

Cons. Nothing really. I wish T-Mobile had a stronger network to take full advantage of this phone.

The included leather case sucks.

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Dec 3, 2007 by Versed

This is by far the best phone I have had.

GPS works decent, pretty quick once you get it up and running.

The First Phone I had to lower the volume by default.

Locks on to my 3g signal better then any other phone, as well as excellent reception.

Nokia loaded it up with ring-tones and some apps.


OK its a little but not overtly bulky. But accepted this going into it.

Yeah its expensive.

Just Sold my iPhone for this!!!!!


Sep 6, 2007 by adubgsx

Yes it's true... I sold my iPhone and bought a N95. It does it all. It sounds better it looks almost as good, and it has everything that a phone would need to b considered serious. I am an avid Apple Product Supporter but I service them for a living. Maybe a few versions later i could go back, but not now. Nokia has developed probably the best multimedia phone on the market. The camera is amazing, the sound is amazing, and it syncs to my mac. This pleases me greatly. You have read the others pros and con so i will spare you. I love this phone and don't think i will regret getting rid of my iphone.
BUY THIS Phone!!!!!!!!!

The Amazing N95


Apr 13, 2007 by hutch

I received the phone on Tuesday, and I have to say I am impressed. This phone is made in Finland, and it is impressive in its build quality. I have no problems with construction.

I am switching from a N73. The N95 has a much better keyboard, it is much easier to find keys without looking. The processor is also much faster with a limited delay at getting to menus, where with the N73 there was a delay on first entry to menus.

GPS works well, it did not take too long to find satellites, and once found it worked well. It was very slow to download the maps from Nokia.

Wi-Fi is very easy to work with, it is much better than the N80.

Battery. Not bad. I must not be a heavy user because I charged in on Tuesday and recharged it today for the first time and it had two bars left. But that was with limited GPS and Wi-Fi, just GRPS and phone calls.

Overall I am impressed.



May 23, 2007 by roquba

Most greatest phone ever. Nokia kick everyone else's back with it.

Pros, all of it.

Cons, battery life is to short if you use a lot of applications at the same time.

I live in Costa Rica, and the phone works great. Too bad the official nokia store here is the worst of all.

All i could say about this is wow.


May 8, 2007 by dboss52

Everything about this phone is awesome 5MP Camera Mp3 F.M Radio And Gps Navigation With Voice also MP4 Video 30Frames Per Second What Phone Gives You That WiFi 3G Support And USA 1Year Warranty Works Great With Tmobile No Cons For Me I'm A Fan And I Have Tried Alot Of Phones This One Is Far The Best I Also Try The N93I From Nokia And Sony Ericsson K800i The N95 Tops This Phones By Far Not That This Are Not Great Phones But N95 Is Better get Yours Today.

Very Decent Phone


Jun 15, 2009 by netboygold

I really love this phone. I think most of the previous reviews have covered the PROs and CONs pretty well. I just want to say what a great media phone this is.

Seamlessly transitions between phone and MP3 player with great sound. It's very easy to use all of the functions... well the camera load time could be faster.

I've been pretty impressed with this Phone.

Almost everything I dreamed about


Nov 26, 2008 by HokiesACC

So after almost a year and a half of hearing about this phone, and it finally coming in US form, and a sweet deal I couldn't pass up, I had to replace my N75 with this. Best decision I have ever made. I think it's funny how since it's release, I haven't seen one phone from a US carrier that comes close to what this offers.

-Great 2.6" display.
-GPS (a little slow getting started but works well and there's even a cool "GPS data" application to track speed, mileage, time).
-Built in Nokia Maps.
-HSDPA is pretty fast (900-1380 kb/s).
-S60 browser is superb and yes there's flash support here (Flash Lite).
-Reception is tops.
-Stereo speakers are very loud and sound great.
-Music player is very good but only using aftermarket headphones. Nokia's suck.
-5 MP camera is excellent.
-VGA video recording is excellent.
-Battery is good enough to last me a full day with web surfing, checking email, watching videos, listening to music, texting, making phone calls, updating my calendar, and using Google maps.
-Nokia's firmware updates.

-Made in Korea (I expect to see Finland under the battery).
-Build quality can be better. The phone creaks almost all the time when grabbed where the microSD hatch is (weakest part of phone).
-Front facing camera can be bothersome since it sticks out off the face of the phone 1mm.
-Find myself hitting the end key, instead of the clear button sometimes.
-The lip below the bottom row of number keys is annoying for me a lot of the time. Others might not be bothered by this.
-No built in auto screen rotation (ASR) but I got my own auto rotate app.

This phone easily met all expectations I had of it, and continues to impress me. No, it doesn't have a Xenon flash, FP2, or the Navi-Wheel, but If anyone in the US is looking for an everything phone, and doesn't like touchscreens (like me) than you have to take a look at this phone even if it is over a year and a half old.



Aug 8, 2008 by k16

Well after having motos and testing sony' I must say that nokia is great! sp this one. The signal is the best i've ever had! and the gps (i've installed garmin) is really really great. for those who likes being the center of attention buy an ipod. Compare N95 with this last one, is like comparing a pc with a tv. if you prefer ipod, thats because your eyes are bigger than your mind. Really ipod is great, but they are two diferents things.

Nokia N95 is an all in one. With exelent quality, the camera, the viedeo camera, the gps, the viedeo & audio player and the OS symbian who lets you add or use your own aplications (if you don´t like the player or the broser you can use anyone you like, or the gps, like me that i'm using garmin instead).
The batery life in this version is great! realy great, and if you run out of it it brings you a car charger all included with the phone package, also bring earphones, traveler charger, a/v cables (yeah you can conect it to the tv, and with a divx player i've seen severals movies) and a microsd memory.

well i must say that if you own this phone you should have a special care with it, because if it falls one it will have two scratches! It feels realy good wen you touch it, but the materials are very ¿week?

The thing with the iphone is that the touchscreen it makes navigating the phone much more easy, and the screen is larger (2 points to the iphone! That's a p h o n e!)

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