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Still Best ALL-Around GSM Phone Ever!


Dec 21, 2009 by PeakCelln

I have been in the Cell industry for 17yrs and am one of the few left who still field test, repair, and refurbish phones. I am an independent and have no allegiance to any Service Provider.
This Nokia N95-3(Make sure you have the N95-3 NAM North American Model)is still the best all around phone available in the GSM Technology.It blows away the Apple iphone in Reception, durabilty, camera, wifi, video, sound & cost of useable features. It doesnt have a touch screen,but touch screens are over rated & expensive to fix.
Some of the negative reviews on here are quite simply moronic. They give it bad remarks for not having a Qwerty keyboard. Thats like buying a red car and giving it a bad review because its red. If you need a qwerty, don't buy a non qwerty phone. I've no problem using the T-9 and can text almost as fast.
The camera, is by far the best. There are now equal, and higher, MP cameras out there but they don't have the Carl Zeiss Optics. I'm not a camera tech, but a few have told me better optics beat higher mp's. I have actually printed these pics on 4x6 and 5x7 prints and they look great.
The GPS is amazing. Don't get the Nokia maps though. You can get the full Garmin maps from a few shops like myself. Just look for an Old-School independent in your area. He shouldn't charge you more than $75 & you have a full GPS with NO monthly Charge. I've even downloaded maps from all over the world for my customers.
The wifi is strong. I can sit anywhere in any hotspot and quickly check my email. It even searches strongly, pulling hotspots from considerable distances.
Most impressive is the reception.It blows away any other phone in its class;especially the iphone.So if making a phone call is the most important reason you bought a phone. Buy the N95-3! (CAUTION, Go to a established shop to purchase, there are ALOT of Knockoffs on the internet only a few Pro's can spot; especially on Ebay! I even display one in my store!)

Best phone out there...period


Jan 6, 2008 by warpig7

If your a phone lover, and don't already own this phone, buy it! I've had the n95-3 about a month. Hands down the best phone I've ever used. This puts the iPhone to shame.


Great screen
Fast OS
Great reception (3g)
The 5mp camera is outstanding
this phone is loaded with apps
Very good sound


no qwerty keyboard

nice job nokia!!!

The best computer in a phone


Oct 29, 2007 by macuis

So I decided on the Nokia N95-3 after using Sony Ericsson models exclusively since 2001. My SE S700i was on its last legs, but has served me well since Dec 2004. After reading many opinions, and reviews, I thought I would add my 2 cents after playing with the phone for about one week. Like many reviewers have said, this could perhaps be one of the best phones of the year, or perhaps, ever.

- Camera: 5 MP pictures are great, lots of manual options, great in low light
- Screen: Large and very bright
- Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, infrared, HSDPA, EDGE, Wi-Fi are great
- Speaker: Great stereo speakers for speaker phone, and MP3 use
- Build: Very nice, solid and satisfying clicking when sliding screen, keys are good. Rubberized backing is great
- OS: Symbian S60 is quite fast. Really easy to navigate, and multi-task multiple programs. Capable of downloading many S60 applications
- Synchronization: Syncs easily with Outlook via bluetooth 2.0, infrared, or USB
- GPS: Cold fix only takes about 40-60 seconds, normal like other GPS devices
- Voice Dialing: Don't need to record your voice, it simply knows based on how it is named in your phone book
- Stand by: Clock, date, and current profile was something that I missed on the S700i during the dimmed stand by screen

- Alarm: Can't use the radio as an option for the alarm
- Texting: I like SE's T9 more, where it's much easier to add in a comma or pick the correct predictive word from a mini list that pops out, rather than pressing * to cycle through them
- Battery Life: About 1.5 days with Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G use, but was expected with all of the power hungry applications. Battery area is quite warm after a while
- Ear Piece: Most N95's (Google search it) have a slight buzz or humming emanating from around the ear piece when the LCD is on. Also sounds slightly hollow during calls
- Head Phones: There is some static from the head phones when listening to music on quiet songs, but not to the extent like the W810i

New comments on N95


Oct 15, 2007 by jimboski93

I'm in the same boat as most of the posters above, but I wanted to add a few comments

GPS - the newest (Oct 15?) version of Google Maps is a great addition. The supplied Nokia maps is great, but often it would take a while (2 mins or more) to get my GPS location. The new Google Maps app 1.) updates you on your connection status (the Nokia Maps just shows a 'connecting' icon) 2.) Puts your location on the map quickly and then narrows down the margin of error

Camera - I haven't quite figured this out yet, but the file sizes for the camera even at the highest settings are pretty small. I have a 4 MP Pentax Optio that takes much better pictures than this 5MP camera. Having said that, the camera does blow the phone-camera competition out of the water. Just don't expect to be taking pics that are comparable to a stand-alone 5MP camera.

N95 TRUE REVIEW by someone who has used the phone


Aug 13, 2007 by Wish4aN95

Hi Folks,

This phone is absolutley amazing, I'm here to clear up a few concerns. Firstly the battery life was considered below average and Nokia has released the new 1200amp battery which is substantialy better. This phone offers high end smartphone users to use the Wlan and multimedia business apps to use this phone effectivley in the workplace. Nokia will also be intruducing an 8GB version of the N95 under the assumed Music version. Some applications may be missing on that line due to the extra memory. This phone is not only for smartphone users but the everyday user, incorporation of the media dual slider mode makes it the most wanted phone among youth also.

dual slider
5MP camera
DVD quality video
**comes with AV cables for easy viewing on a TV
smaller than the N80 with more punch
Better battery life now
The latest firmware has been released
Mac and PC compatible (Quite good with Mac's I might add)

Some complain about the materials, I have no problems though
Sluggish, which really depends on your memory situation
The price factor, the lowest price I have seen personally is at http://www.hi-mobile.net

I hope I've helped, I'll keep everyone posted about the music edition N95 in the upcoming months.

N95 is the phone of 2007


Jul 17, 2007 by Icyhot

I am not going into great detail, because most of the stuff has previously been mentioned. I can say, as an owner of 2 Symbian phones (6620 and 6682) then 2 Sony Ericsson phones (W810 and K790a) that it is good to be back to Symbian. I sorely missed Profimail and IM+ for Symbian.

The GPS, for me currently, is a neat feature as I rarely travel places I dont know where I am going, but I can see it being very useful one day. The Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is phenominal and I use it every day on my home network.

Camera is great, but...in certain situations that provide trees in the distance that end up showing on the outer edges of the photo, well those trees can look a little washed out. My K790a takes slightly better pictures of scenery stuff but the N95, IMO, has a better macro mode.

Overall, love the phone and dont regret spending what I did on it. Oh, purchased it from Dell.com if anyone would like to check it out.

I've had many nothing like this!


Jun 26, 2007 by Dman51

Talk about an I-Phone Killer! This phone is awesome and Nokia finally hit the jackpot. Ive had my share of phones and as I used to be one of those guys who made excuses for why the I-Phone is so good I've stopped to see the real I-Phone. The N95 is just plain great! I've had it now for about a week or so and I just love it. The phone is so unlike . Many phones have media players and that is just one app. On the N95 the Media Player is a whole new section of the phone a new UI (User Interface). This has many pros and no cons so heres a couple of em'.

Nice Screen
Best Web Browser Ever
Awesome Media Player
Great Screen Resolution
Best Service
Stereo Speakers
VGA & Higher Video
5!!!!!!!! MP CAMERA!
Carl Zeiss Lens
Dual Slide
& Many Many More!


Multimedia of 2007


May 28, 2007 by spidernet21

The Nokia N95 is, in my opinion, the Smartphone of 2007. I reviewed the i-phone but I'm not sold on their concept, so moving forward. I will keep this in a detailed pros/cons scenario.


Camera: With a 5 Megapixel Carl Zeiss, other than some Sony Ericsson's, nothing comes close. Seriously, I don't use optical zoom, so I no longer need my stand-alone digital camera. Could use a stronger flash though. I'd give up some battery life for a stronger flash. :-)

Video: The fact that I can watch it on TV without it being pix elated is sheer delightful! By far the best video/phone I've had yet.

Symbian: I have used Palm, Windows and Linux. While I like Linux, Symbian by far is the most user friendly OS. Very robust and personally think it has more running for it than any other platform in the market. Also, you'll love the Video Center where you can watch news, YouTube and even do Podcasting.

Screen: Colors are brilliant and well lit.

Web Browser: Better than ANY browser on the market. That's a promise.

GPS: A little slow (1 or 2 minutes) to grasp connection but once it has it, you're hooked.

Wi-Fi: Every smartphone should have wi-fi if you ask me and not your carrier. :-) The Gizmo project application's nice, too!

None for me although I would have wished for, oh, a bigger battery. :-) I think battery life's is good but not exceptional. The bottom line is this is NOT a phone. A phone is what you plug into your wall a ONLY talk on. On this you can watch videos, browse the web, blog, email, navigate, take pictures, listen to music and oh yes, talk. :-) So, I can understand a toll on the battery with all the CPU usage.

This device is for the mobile enthusiast who will use most of it's features. If you won't use most of this, then purchase a mid tier product and save yourself some money. Again, for someone who uses their mobile more than their laptop, this IS IT!



Apr 26, 2007 by ny_bobbybee

I too had a N-73 and enjoyed it but decided to upgrade because I prefer a slider to a candy-bar and wanted the wi-fi.

I have had no problems with the phone and love the camera.

You can take a picture and e-mail it within seconds by either using the wi-fi or your carriers internet connection.

Unlike the N-73 witch would freeze alot until I upgrade the firmware , I have not experienced this at all.

Battery life is fine considering all the applications it has but will drain quickly if you use the Gps and the wi-fi.

Overall I love it and would higly recommend it.

Excellent phone


May 15, 2007 by willwm

I upgraded from a Nokia N70 to this phone about a month ago and recently upgraded the firmware to version 11 (via Nokia Software Update).

This phone is as close to perfect as I can imagine for my needs, and can only imagine that firmware updates in the future will fix the minor bugs and glitches I'm currently experiencing (the firmware update I just applied fixed a lot of them)

Every function that I loved in the N70 (which is a lot) got improved. Slight functionality improvements to the parts that already worked well, and completely new features that rock my socks.
* 5MP camera takes great shots in daylight, very decent shots at nighttime, though I'd suggest using the night mode versus automatic for those.
* WiFi is awesome.
* Web browser rocks. Much better, IMO than the Opera browser on my N70, which was very good in it's own right.
* OS (S60v3) response time is *much* faster than my N70 (S60v2)

* Even with firmware update, camera takes too long to start (though once it's open, taking pictures works quite well and quickly)
* Maybe it's just my particular hardware, but it takes a ridiculously long time to find a GPS signal. Most of the time it just doesn't get a location at all. (However, once it does find a signal, it's spot on for the rest of the time I use it)

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