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I like it...


Nov 15, 2007 by Dziedzicm

I got his phone about two weeks ago. I to the problem with the calender and the alarm, all i did was press *228 update my phone and all fo the problems went away. My battary life is awsome. Last night was the first time i had to charge it in three days and im a texting freak (and as u all know that uses up the battery life) also i havent gotten the tv on it cause that will drain the baterry alot and i figure if i want to watch tv i can wait till i get home!

So far so good


Oct 12, 2007 by jtahlgrim

I waited long enough and got this for free with two year contract renewal.

-Slider phone
-Bright screen
-Better quality reception than my aging LG vx4650 which tended to distort calls that weren't in full-signal areas
-WAP is fast, especially for 1xRTT.
-Photos look decent, haven't had a chance to see then on my computer for better detail.
-There is a voice memo feature, but it's buried in the Get-It-Now section.
-Feels sturdy and solid

-Not sure how the screen will hold up to external wear
-Battery life could be an issue if you use all the little gadgets like TV, music, camera, etc.
-Could give your thumb a cramp trying to push buttons for long intervals.

Bluetooth, Dial-Up Networking

Not going to bother with:
Music, V-Cast, TV (that's what I have a real TV for)

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voice quality problems anyone?


Aug 1, 2007 by austinbat

I really like this phone, but one MAIN problem... I bought it two days ago with a new plan from Verizon, and the reception and voice quality is great on my end, but on the dozen or so people i have called have told me i sound distant from the microphone and it sounds gargled. I hope i just bought a lemon and i can switch it out. anyone else having this problem?

and yes, i am holding it right next to my mouth but still having the same problem.

Samsung U620


Jul 31, 2007 by SlimJim1

I just got this joint about a week ago, and so far its aight.

Battery life sucks.
Phone also heats up when your using it for more than 5 minutes.

Mobile TV, even though i dont use it effin $15.
nice clear color display.
good feel to it.
music playback is sick y'all- fashizzle dizzle.
Screen doesn't get scratched as easliy as i thought it would.

I'd like to give a shout-out to the paging zone team. anar, sharon, dennis, both lindas, dan fox, sanders, jackie and ikey red.

horrible system glitch


Jul 26, 2007 by nwebb1212

While I love a lot of things about this phone, the horrible system glitch in the calendar makes it NOT worth getting. I am on my second phone of this model b/c the calendar goes off at midnight EVERY night (if I have something in the calendar, no matter when it is for) and says it is Jan 6, 1896. My roommate has the same phone and hers goes off when she erases old stuff from the calendar.

The other big CON of the phone is that the ringtones aren't great. I have always had LGs and they have a much better selection.

When the phone gets turned off/on, it doesn't always recognize the memory card in it so I have to take it out and put it back in which is annoying.

The PROs of the phone are:
-slide is great, and makes the phone small
-pics and videos are pretty good quality
-the web browser is great if you want to surf online with the phone.

Overall, if you don't want to use the calendar (EVER), this is a cool phone. If you want a calendar, do NOT get this phone.

Alarm on phone


Jul 12, 2007 by johnson2273

The samsung u620 is a good phone. One of the best that I like that verizon has but the alarm on the calender is driving me crazy. If you use the calender, the alarm will go off every night at 12:00 for January 6, 1896. There is no event there so you can not erase it. If anyone finds a new program update to this phone please let me know.



Jun 29, 2007 by magellann

Cool phone, lots of toys

HOWEVER!!!! Had to take it back to Verizon because the calendar reminder alarm kept waking me up every night at 12:00. The problem only went away when I deleted everything in the calendar and kept it empty

I called Samsung and they said it was a programing glitch.

Got the LG 9400 instead.



Jun 23, 2007 by tonedeafnyc

this thing is great, a smooth slider.

if you notice on most verizon flip phones, its hard to efforetlessy open you cell phone with one hand. The lg8600 I tried actually got stuck half way when I tried to open it with a finger.

The motorola max front screen is pretty heavy. Must be the new touch screens they have that adds weight to the phone.

anyway the slider GLIDES open. its reception was great in places where the MAXX has no service. figure that. everybody always claims motorola's have the best reception and its a big myth. This phone sounds better. VZ navigator can fully be seen in the front screen, not so with the MAXX, you cant see it like on the big screen of the u620.

the u620 is good even out doors in sunlight you can still see the screen.

vibrate and ring are strong. you can feel it in your pocket.

great phone, maybe the best.

oh, and you can also watch TV on it, although I could careless. I really do not need TV on my phone. It just adds more money to my bill.

the battery life on this phone is, basically just like on every other verizon phone. verizon just doesnt have good battery life on their phones, plain and simple. GSM is better for battery life. check the specks. And verizon can not keep up, as technology is increasing and their batteries stay the same.

the battery will die in less then a day on most verizon phones today if you use all the features. they need to invest in better battery life.

the iphone is going to have 8 hours talk time, and 6 hours internet use. that alone makes me want to go.

Great Phone!


Jun 3, 2007 by ConspiracyPenguin

I just got this phone yesterday and I love it! Actually, to be honest, I don't think it has one bad feature. To address some of the other peoples concerns though:
- The flash-based menu is NOT too slow, and of for some reason you are a very impatient person there is a non-flash version that is just as fast as any other menu out there.
-It does support the Backup assistant feature (although my old phone didn't so the reps in the store transfered all of my contacts for me free of charge)
-While it is charging the display does stay semi-lite but if it really bothers you that much than it shouldnt be a problem to turn it upsidedown.
-If you want to see who you have sent/received text messages from just go to your "sent messages" folder or your "inbox".

Overall I think it is a fantastic phone, I will keep playing around with it and post any new info I have.

Area Cover


Apr 10, 2007 by AzNVi3tThaM

The Samsung SCH-u620 is capable of delivering full length television programming from some of the most popular TV channels right to your phone. Catch many of your favorite full length shows by checking out the easy to use Media Program Guide. Plus, you can still take calls and messages, and when you hang up, go right back to enjoying your program already in progress.

*V CAST Mobile TV service is currently only available in the V CAST Mobile TV coverage area in the following cities:

AZ: Tucson
CA:Los Angeles, Palm Springs
CO: Colorado Springs, Denver
FL: Jacksonville, Orlando
GA: Atlanta
IL: Chicago
IN: Indianapolis
KS/MO: Kansas City, St. Louis, Topeka, Wichita
LA: New Orleans
MN: Minneapolis
NE: Omaha, Lincoln
NM: Albuquerque, Santa Fe
NV: Las Vegas
OR: Portland
TN: Nashville
TX: Dallas
UT: Salt Lake City
VA: Norfolk, Richmond
WA: Seattle, Spokane

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