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Mar 11, 2007 by GLOBALONE

This phone takes three steps to answering in the closed mode,first hit lock key,then okay,then anykey answear,talked to samsung and verizon tech support,they all seemed very surprised by this.Returning phone ASAP.Also does not receive TV SIGNAL in some places in LAS VEGAS

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From LG 8300 to Samsung u620 slider


Apr 21, 2007 by Lush Rimbaugh

Verizon service
Columbus, Ohio

I prefer the overall sound of the LG than the Samsung. The u620 has a lot more bass, and is at times, harder to hear no matter what the volume. It's just a different sound than what I prefer. The calls on the LG are more true to life, and mimic more of a land line phone.

The volume of calls on the Samsung u620 is almost deafening. If you need a phone in a loud environment THIS is it.

Calls are very clear, with no distortion (only minor distortion at HIGH volumes). I prefer the clarity and robust sound of Motorola phones in general, but this is very clear with no complaints in that area. NO static, no real major issues.

The phone vibrates strong and I have no problem feeling it in my shorts or jeans pocket. It's right on par with the vibrate strength of my old LG 8300.

-Signal strength / RF-
Around the house I would normally get 1-2 bars signal on my LG 8300, with the Samsung it's a constant 2-3 bars. At work it's the same scenario, I found that I get a better signal with the Samsung over the LG.

-Ease of use-
Smooth and round in my pocket, I like not having an antenna to worry about breaking off. The buttons on the phone have a nice feel to them.

Dialing numbers is very easy, the buttons have a nice 'click' to them when pressed and the screen is bold and bright with no problems seeing. The slider opens and closes very soundly, with no hesitation going either way. Smooth, and solid.

No problems. Buttons are nice, predictive text works just as well on this phone as any other I've used.

Conclusions and minor points
I like this phone, I really do. The menu isn't as speedy and snappy as the LG but it's tolerable.

Battery is about average.

The ring tones suck. There, I said it. THEY SUCK. It comes with 3 normal ones and about 15 crappy melodies and stupid songs.

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great phone so far


Mar 14, 2007 by ewill20

in response to the person who said this phone has poor battery life... put in the samsung 930 battery if you can get ahold of one because i had that phone and battery life was great. i have already checked and they take the same battery. as far as the customized menu being slow you really cant say much cause all the verizon customized menus are slow! that is one thing they are not good at yet. definitely a plus on the phone is the fact that you can change the menu font to small, medium, or large which is good for all you oldies out there...
overall good phone so far

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Good overall, but has some VERY annoying missing features


Mar 22, 2007 by wamerocity

This phone has some definite positive features including:

*Strong built - Doesn't move side-to side like some sliders do

*Customizable EVERYTHING-colors, font

*Has access to MSN,Yahoo, and AOL messengers

*Solid Bluetooth

*Very good battery life (as long as you are not using the TV feature...)

*Very crisp 240x320 resolution screen.

However, there are a few features that could have VERY easily been added that they chose not to add.

*the TEXT message feature DOES NOT ALLOW you to ADD WORDS TO THE DICTIONARY. Thats right, if you use specific industry jargon, like to swear a lot or use other innapropriate language (like myself and so many others do) you will have to spell out the word EVERY TIME. The lack of this one feature is enough to make me return it. So if you want to tell someone they are a DOUCHEBAG, you need to spell it DOU-CHE-BAG. Very, very, very annoying

* You CAN NOT use your own mp3's as your cell phone ringtones. Why? Because they want you to pay for it through the VCAST service. Although you can record your voice, you CAN NOT use these as ringtones either. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID idea Samsung.

* It does not let you really look at the pictures you take. Sure, you can preview them, but it doesn't let you ZOOM in on them (despite the fact that is has a ZOOM feature, it will only zoom in slightly, so that the picture will fill up the whole screen... lame.)

*Because the menu's are animated, everything takes a long time. Adding all of the names and information to the phone initally takes FOREVER. It took me about 90 minutes to put in all 60 or so names in my phone.

So, other than the above mentioned this, this phone is seemingly perfect, but if any of these features is too annoying for you, don't get this phone. I can live with all of them except for the lack of ability to add words to the dictionary. LAME LAME LAME.

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Very Average Phone


Aug 26, 2007 by lnh

Initially picked this phone because I like sliders and the build quality seemed very good. After using it for two weeks those two qualities remain but returned it for other reasons.

* Build Quality

* Good hand feel-easy to slide open with one hand by pushing on the silver bar while holding the phone. Like buttons and layout.


* Absolutely terrible battery life. I know current day batteries have 20% less capacity than my 2 year old Moto 815, but this thing would show half power after being powered on for maybe 12 to 16 hours and only making about 10 to 15 minutes of calls (and NOT playing around with the phone using the backlight etc).

* No voice recorder! I don't ask a huge amount of a phone, but the last time I owned a phone that didn't have a voice record option was in the previous century. Sometimes it's nice to make a quick voice note to myself.

* Poor reception compared to previous E815.

* Speech-to-text capability for text message creation is a joke (and it was voice trained). Frankly I didn't expect a whole lot given it's a pretty difficult problem. It is fun to show friends by speaking into the phone and then seeing the absolutely crazy mostly nonsense phrase it creates.

* Very poor stereo Bluetooth performance. Using the phone as a music player isn't a great experience. Like all the other Verizon phones (except the LG Chocolate) the music player isn't really well integrated with phone functions (e.g. to make a call you have to quit the music player). My Motorola S9 headset would pair with the phone but the reception quality was very sensitive to the orientation of the phone. For example I could place the phone in my cycling jersey rear pocket 2 feet away and in a direct line of sight to the headset and still have the sound fade in and out. Similar tests with a Chocolate have been 100% solid so the problem is with the Samsung not the headset.

Returned the Samsung and got the new Chocolate. So far everything is solid with the Chocolate.

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About Calander


Oct 21, 2010 by JIMM009

Well I have to say that I am gald that I found this site. I was starting to get freaked out about the calender going off at 12 am everynight for January 6, 1896. I don't normaly get freaked out about stuff but this was starting to get to me. I actucally started turning my phone off every night. Other than the calender problem the only other problem that I have with the phone is that the screen gets messed up on the inside of it pretty fast. I see alot of white specs on the screen. Other than those two things the phone is gteat in performance and durability. This phone is about 3 yrs old or so I had it for awhile got a new phone a year later washed it so got this one back out and it still going like it is brand new battery is still great. I think the screen load times may be slower but not sure about that since it has been a year since I used it. Over all I give it a 4.0 out 5!!!!!

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SCH-u620... The phone is ok


Jun 8, 2008 by sdickerson18

The Samsung SCH-u620 is ok. I mean the pics are clear, the video is great and the look is just fine. The only thing that I think could be better, is the the volume of the ringtones. It seems to be low even though my volume is on high. And the menu and message sending is slow. Other than that, I have no complaints and probably won't get rid of this phone until next year.

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Mar 3, 2007 by andy63

I checked my calendar on the u620 and also noticed that I can not repeat the entry for the next day or longer......... looks like a glitch

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