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Good phone, poor voice quality


Mar 30, 2007 by broudst

I was excited about this phone. I always wanted a Samsung and a slider. I love the way U-620 looks and thought this would be a perfect fit. If it wasn’t for the poor voice quality, it might have worked out. I tried the phone for two days and went back to my RAZR V3c. The Verizon tech that assisted me was incredibly nice and helpful – great job Verizon!

I’m not a power user. The TV feature and V-Cast are of absolutely no interest to me. I want to make and receive calls and send my kids txts from time to time. The U-620 has some really nice features; it just wasn’t working for me. Here are my pros and cons:


- Incredibly vibrant and crisp display, the best I’ve ever seen on a phone, I'll miss it
- Verizon UI that’s bulletproof and better than the RAZR
- TV theme is terrific
- Build quality is excellent
- Easy to read display
- Large keys, easy to use
- Overall quality feel
- Nice size, not too big, not too small but smaller than I thought


- Voice quality, I had a hard time in a number of cases hearing the conversation, very choppy
- Unbelievably poor selection of ring tones, there’s only one I’d use in a business setting
- Small name display on incoming calls

Some people complained about having to hit three keys to answer a call. I didn’t think this was a problem. With the phone closed, you hit the soft key, OK and send. Or, you just slide it open. No problem! This was simple and easy. Don’t get a slider if this is a problem for you.

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620 solid performer


Mar 20, 2007 by tygsr

I have worked for Verizon for the past 6 years. I have pretty much used every phone out there. When a new one comes out, I buy it. On that note the 620 is one of the best I've used. You can't beat the screen quality. The slide form is a refreshing change for me. Reception has been good and battery life hasn't been an issue unless watching tv. I didn't buy this phone for the mobile tv. I bought it to use as a phone. Calling, texting, etc. Samsung has always made good phones and this is no exception. After reading the negative reviews, I have not had one of the problems described, minus the backup assistance which tech support fixed for me. One thing to keep in mind is whenever a new phone is released, there are going to be some bugs. Razors, krazers, lg's, etc. I normally wait until the phone has been out a few months, but I havent been disappointed so far...

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Mar 20, 2007 by millroom88

this is the best phone ever made..plus it has live TV...

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Mar 20, 2007 by ripCat

Just got this phone a week ago, and sorry to say I've been disappointed on a number of issues.
First, the positives:
- great display
- decent sound quality
- potentially good feature set (but see negatives)
- solidly built
- TV theme is pretty nice

- reception is only fair: it's already dropped several calls where my old V710 or my roommate's RAZR has never had a problem.
- no Backup Assistant. I spent an hour on the phone with Verizon and they had no explanation. Other online forums have reported that it had problems and they've pulled it for now.
- media player sound quality is fair-poor.
- no equalizer as part of the media player.
- while media player is on, keypad remains unlocked (maybe not such a negative), and the backlight stays on in the dim setting, cutting into the already mediocre battery life.
- the ringers and alerts start at low volume then gain up to full, and this "feature" can't be turned off.

Can't comment on VCast TV, since it's not available here yet, and I was more interested in nice slider that wasn't a Chocolate than in a mobile tv.

Hopefully they'll come out with a firmware fix for the majority of these issues, but the reception issue may end up being a deal-breaker for me.

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love it


Mar 16, 2007 by nak130

I got this phone about a week ago and love it! I love the screen clarity and size, and that you can enlarge the font. Downloading backup assistant was a breeze. The slider makes it easy to answer. Just slide and talk. I don't watch the tv (not in our area yet)...The sound quality is very crisp. Depending on the ring tone (not much in the selection) you can hear the phone just fine. I'm not much of a features person...I want the phone to be a phone so my talk time has been good so far. However, since its new, having trouble finding accessories.
I would agree for using mobile web email..get the "owl"! Msn users can get a text alert email message that looks like a text from what i'm told. back light can be turned down, lock can be turned off, and you can set quick keys on the front for those who don't like opening the phone.(?)

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Samsung & VZW engineers, GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Part 1/2, Pros


Mar 15, 2007 by InteriorArt

I am a business owner in Northern NJ with 23 Verizon Wireless phones. Many of them are the Kyocera SE47 Slider which I think is one of the best phones that Verizon had discontinued.
I was waiting for a long time for Verizon to come out with a new compact, durable slider.
I did not like the Chocolate and was happy to see the U620 with all of its features.
After reading the following review you can decide if having a TV on your phone worth having this phone and I'll be glad to answer question via email Ori@InteriorArt.com
I would like to than Rudy the VZW manager of GSP store in Paramus NJ for his help.

• Well built slider with spring action.
• Many tasks that do not require keyboard or digits can be done without opening the slider. This is an advantage over the limitation of the SE47. These tasks includes: Answering calls, dialing to recent callers, view Text message (see negative comment about “direct view”), watch TV, view missed calls and even taking pictures and more. You must “unlock” before performing these tasks to prevent accidental operation.
• Nice display and vibrant colors. (Battery drainer)
• Live streaming TV - (Battery drainer) this is a great feature and the quality is excellent.
• I know that the signal in NYC area is not yet at full strength but I get good reception in many places in Northern NJ except inside the Verizon wireless store on Rt. 4 west in Paramus.
• Loud speakerphone and sensitive microphone.
• Nice large keypad compared to the Kyocera SE47, easy TXT
• Large fonts to dial out
• Easy to navigate the menu and get used to the features.
• Fairly good reception but not as good as the SE47
• Side buttons are easy to operate and do not interrupt normal operation if accidentally pressed.

InteriorArt & Design, Inc.
Hackensack, New Jersey

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Mar 15, 2007 by fjc07

Phone has a lot of nice features, but

Speaker sounded muffled.
Poor reception indoors where I usually get good reception.
Ringtones sucked.
Analogue clock is worthless.
Have to press 3 buttons to answer unless you slide open phone
Mine had a glitch in the calendar - when anything was set in the schedule, the Verizon "ringer" would go off at midnight - even if you had the notification set to off. If schedule was totally empty, this did not happen. Also, when I went to edit an appointment, the setting would revert back to what it was before I put something into it.

The head tech person at the Verizon company store told me that I must have an alarm set - so I handed it to him - and he was clueless. He knew absolutely nothing about the phone - I had to show him what was happening.

The phone has been returned.... And the reason they put down for returning it was that I didn't know how to use the phone.

P.S. Hope this one is not just sent out as a replacement for someone else.

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u620 cons? answers to previous reviews


Mar 13, 2007 by rideabusa

-the menu is a little slow in default theme (as in all phones with animated themes), but if the business theme is chosen it is as fast as any other phone.
-you CAN see how long your last duration of a call was. just press send and press open. you can see the duration of the last call plus the additional 49 other recnt calls.
-my phone rang so loud i turned the volume to medium. i guess it would depend on the ringer or melody chosen. the first ring is softer then what you have it set at. the second ring and on is loud.
-i was able to choose how often an event took place in my calendar by adjusting recurrence.
the ONLY negative thing i have to say about this phone is battery life. if you are not near a charger, tv use is not suggested.

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A let down...


Mar 13, 2007 by qtgirl_78

-Gorgeous screen and very sturdy feeling phone
-buttons were far enough apart to be able to text without too much of an issue
-very loud speaker when talking on phone

-menu extremely slow-found myself pushing buttons more times than needed because it took so long to respond
-text message delivery receipt would go away after phone was closed
-after a phone call, doesn't tell you how long call lasted if you go back into recent calls
and the BIGGEST deciding factor: Ringer was SOOOO low...had to have it on HIGH AND VIBRATE ALL the time, or I never heard it!! And even then...still could barely hear it.

I've been waiting for this phone to come out for awhile....bought it the first night it came out, and took it back about 3 days later. the quiet ringer caused a fight between my bf and me...wasn't worth it. that combined with the other problems...couldn't do it. if samsung releases an update and these things are fixed, i'll buy it again in a heartbeat.

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I like it


Mar 13, 2007 by mike1650

I like it geez how tough can it get. Phone rings, slide it up and you're talking. Phone quality seems excellent to me. Sound quality is good in and out. It is so small I will carry in my pocket. Bluetooth through my PL510 works well.
Cons: There is no Backup Assistant choice in any of my get it now menus (VZ knows about it) and VZ will do your contacts in store for free until they fix it. I use voice command on my 8100 to tell me verbally the number or name that is calling and that was good. On this phone that same service is slowwwwwww, it really does suck.
I would have given it 4.5 if not for the voice command prob.

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