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Great Phone!!


Nov 13, 2007 by mandi17

I just got this phone yesturday and i love it!
camera quality
slinding options
screen smudges very easily
can only use memory card for downloading music for MP3
camera takes a long time to take a picture
can't take off the shutter sound when a pic is taken

overall i love my new phone and i wouldn't give it up for anything!!!!

So Far So Good


Jun 4, 2007 by arkansaschik

I've had this phone for 4 days and I have not had any problems with it! I just switched to T mobile from Sprint and I must admit I am satisfied already!

Battery life is good for me when it is on vibrate all day.

Great picture quality for the 1.3 MP camera

Great sound quality for the music player as well as memory.

Can not set ring-tones as message tones

Other than that I am overall satisfied!

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Awesome Phone! Looks Great!


Mar 10, 2007 by Can_2_92

Ok, here it goes...... Live in South Texas, have great signal, and call quality! Have owned plenty phones, have Moto V360, Samsung t509, Samsung e335, Samsung c225, Nokia 3395(First, indestructible, lol), etc.
Anyways lately have been with Samsung Phones, which are great especially this t629!
Have had it for 1 month...

Screen (Samsung is the best)
Stylish (Phone you will want to show off)
UI is awesome, as in all samsungs (Only one that comes close is Moto's UI)
Expandable memory
1.3 Megapixel camera/ Alright Video
Speaker, Could be louder; problem lately with the thin craze
Bluetooth! (Use it alot!)
MP3 Player

No USB port
No Mp3 shortcut, like v360 :p

Annoyances, but can deal with it:
Somewhat slippery keypad
To get to Mp3, have to dig deep into phone
As I said no USB, so have to buy connectivity kit from T-Mobile, Uhhh
Battery life can run out quickly, at times, depends, you know, like what you do...

Good slider phone


Feb 19, 2007 by Dr. Watson87

I have had this phone for about, one day, and I am loving every minute of it. This is a huge improvement over my Moto V 330.

Big ol' screen, good for veiwing pics.
Good batterey life (so far)
Best camera on a phone I've had.
Fun to slide it up and down
Came with games
Better screen than that of the RAZRS
Good reception
Cool keypad
Easy to use (for me anyways)
Multi shot (thats always fun)
Cool frames and effects
Has an Mp3 player
The games are crappy
The pictures can seem dull
Lack of home screen customization
The speaker phone seems a bit soft
The freaky battery charging port is hard to open
The speaker for the Mp3 player sounds a bit "tinny"

Overall this is one of the best phones I've had, and the cons are very minor. A solid phone and one of the best for T-Mobile.

t629 slider fantazm


Oct 10, 2006 by phonescope


- Easy slide mechanism; one handed, even for small hands (like mine)

- Keypads are not too big or small, and seperated by slightly raised pieces of silver

- Screen nice and large, allows for easy reading and large type

- Automatic locking feature prevents pocket button pushing (very important)

- Colour on screen is vibrant and eye catching

- Slim, will fit into many coin pockets (I hate sticking a phone in a purse)

- Phone colour is a burnished silver; very snazzy

- Nice camera (good for if you don't want to drag your digi cam all around) Not as good as european phones, but the best quality for USA-launched phones


- Backlight stays on while charging

- Charge port is also headphones port; Also for previous samsung owners the port is altered from previous ports so a new charger style is necessary (no biggie)

- Camera defaults to video capture rather than film capture

- Screen really does collect fingerprints easily (screen guard, $2!)

Obviously these cons are rather frivolous and shouldn't impact the buying of this phone. It's a great phone; user friendly, compact, modern, durable (trust me on that one, I'm hard on phones), and the size agrees with people who have large or small hands (so obviously in between as well, haha.) Overall the T629 is well worth the money.

Sadly, T-Mobile does not provide a MicroSD card or a usb cable for the phone but that is a provider thing v.s. a phone thing



Oct 9, 2006 by deeoh1084

this beauty has every you need from bluetooth features to mp3 player!!! and lot better battery life than the t809 good battery life, reception is ok... average i guess but everything else is good... i've been using it for about a week now but i'm really really satisfied i definitely recommend this phone... good camera (i wish it was a 2.0 mega but still good) fun to play around with, very user friendly... only bad part is that it doesn't have stereo speakers which i don't really need at all but it will be cool to have one and also, stereo bluetooth headset is not supported.. but i found out that you can use the anycall stereo bluetooth headset though.... so i guess it is stereo bluetooth compatible

Great phone, minimum flaws


Oct 14, 2007 by Punkpop004

I've owned this phone since March 2007 and absolutely love it. The camera quality is great, smooth and easy texting, and setting individual ringtones is a breeze. I just purchased a 1Gig micro SD and it's made this phone's capabilities even more phenomenal.

Just a few slight set backs would be that the alarm and calendar alarms do not always go off when set to do so. I actually had Tmobile replace my original T629 thinking it was a software glitch. Come to find out, the Warranty Replacement does the same thing. It is not user error as I'm not a moron when it comes to setting my alarms lol. I can not comprehend why the phone is doing this.

The phone doesn't have the option to Vibe AND Ring, only.. Vibe THEN Ring, Ring, or Vibe. Kind of an annoyance, but I've learned to deal with it and put that issue aside.

The phone is fantastic and over-all reliable. Would highly recommend for the every day user.

OK phone for the price.


Jun 19, 2007 by JETSKERS

I had this phone for about 3 months till i decided to sell it.

Camera is good. Video is ok the only bad thing about the videos is that you can not play them in full screen mode like the T809 or RIZR. As for the mp3 player it also good only down fall is only one speaker. The outside LCD screen scratches up really easy so get your self a case! All in all the phone is ok for the price. But if you have a T-809 or Rizr and thinking about getting one of these dont. You wont be happy.

Xpert On Xpert phone =)


Oct 18, 2006 by RSX8900

I love this phone, I switched it from a Sidekick3, to a Razr, to a Trace, to This Beautiful Samsung T629 Slider.

Yet it doesnt Vibe and Ring at the Same time. Grr!
Its exactly the same as the TRACE just in a bigger format and that it slides.. Its very sturdy and comes with alot of memory as it is.
You can store mp3s' and listen later.

The thing with this is that they did downgrade the screen resolution for the VoiceDialing, but thats okay, you dont need the picture perfect screen it functions great anyways.

Great Sturdy Phone
Sliding Function
Keys and Areas where they are located
Vid/pix quality
Sound Quality
Exterior Color
Battery- I use extensively too! texting and phone calls in and out alot. A++
Camera Location
Key (feel)
Vibrates Hard.

No Vibe and Ring at the Same Time
Keys Not so bright in nightime, and color is dull yellowish/white.
No Customization on D-Pad Area.
Never use Right Soft Key = T-Zones.
Saving Phone Contacts to Sim, Double Show the Address Book Entrys.
Other than that, this phone Is great! and I love it.

I'm coming from verizon to t-mobile and have no compliants so far.


Oct 18, 2006 by TrueRenegade

I had signed up for tmobile and ordered my phone, but it hadn't arrived yet. So i was using the t809 for about a week. Now after a week i can see the differences.

I love the slider and the spring slide assistant.

love the form of the phone.

better camera and video than the 809.

bluetooth - links easy with phones, haven't tried the head set's yet.

battery life is better than 809 and my last phone(samsung a610) i use my phone often and use it as a form of entertainment. i'm used to rechargin my phone every night anyway, but i can go a night or 2 with less usage

locking my applications (came from verizon where you can't do that)

mp3's as ringtones

instant messenger

mp3 player

the submenu's help see what you're looking for.

Voice dialing (not on 809)

display is very clear.

low to high ringer also a con(because i'm in constant positions that i need to silence my ringer quickly w/o having to keep puttinh it on silent this works)


the port covers feel flimsy. one of the
covers on my brothers the 809 broke, this may happen with the 629 also

picks up finger prints easily.

low to high ringer can be an annoyance at times

speaker could be louder

uncustomizable d-pad

annoying shutter sound that cant be turned off when taking a picture.

screen stays lit while charging.

all in all these are very minor inconveniences and don't effect my usage. i get great service, and there are only 2 spots where i have no signal where i am, but they're spots i pass in about 6 seconds so it's barely noticeable. calls are clear. i would recommend this phone to anyone

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