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Cool Phone


Mar 15, 2007 by pistolpete

Had this phone for a month, my first slider, so far, pleasantly pleased! (previously strictly a MOTO man)

Excellent sound quality
Better than average battery life
Friendly user interface

Stays lit while charging
No vibrate and ring option
Navigation keys can not be set to your pref

Overall, one the best I have had in recent years!

Very Stylish Looking Phone


Jan 12, 2007 by hdtravel

I just switched over to T-Mobile from Cingular to take advantage of the wonderful money saving My Faves plans that they have.

I got this phone for $99 and I am really enjoying it. I use it as a back-up phone to my far more feature rich Nokia e61. I got it unlocked right away so I can use it during travel with other carrier's SIMs.

This Samsung T-629 is very stylish looking and a pleasure to use also.


- Nice bright color screen
- Cool looking and classy
- Bluetooth
- Music player
- Micro SD memory slot
- Good audio
- Solid RF ( holds a signal well )
- Reasonable camera for a phone


- Lack of customization
- Audio could be abit louder ( problem on many phones these days )

Overall I highly recommend this phone for someone wanting a classy, cool, and stylish phone with solid performance too. I like it far better than the Motorola RAZR I had a couple of years back. But if want the ultimate phone ( at least until June when the Apple iPhone comes out ) I highly recomend the Nokia e61 unlocked international version and using the Samsung T-629 as a backup.

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Jan 6, 2007 by kittykeeper

I SWORE I would NEVER own another Samsung after the experience with the T-809. I personally had 12 handset exchanges w/TMobile before I ditched it with their blessing and they GAVE me a Nokia 6103. Granted, apples and oranges, but, THE NOKIA PICKED UP!! I was pleased.
I heard TMobile was replacing the T809's w/ T629 and decided to send mine in. I am eating my words about not owning another Samsung because I LOVE THIS PHONE! Living in a rural area, the 809 had NO RECEPTION AND WOULD NOT ROAM. This phone actually picks up all the way to my driveway which is UNHEARD OF! With the T809 my signal cut off was 6 MILES from my house!
I see a few downgrades, but, all in all I LOVE IT and it is still way more cool than the Nokia's. Sorry Nokia.
Bottom line: The only way I'll give this 629 up is if they pry it from my cold dead hand!
Thanks Samsung for making me happy once again!

Samsung T629 WOW


Dec 30, 2006 by kittycat

This phone speaks wow. I always been a Motorola Phone user. I like this phone. I own a v600, v300, razr, V360 and more. This is the first samsung that is cool.

Let me speak the cons first.
1. Not being able to customize the keys a downside. (Motorola can customize one of my plus.) I like to have my calculator and calender in the front. Bluetooth in the front is better)
2. The voice recognition is not 100% correct. They give you to much options. Is this the number or this number. Cannot read the voice first time.
3. Camera not 1.3 quality...

1. Screen quality
2. Bobby Carrot game good. ( lot of games not demos like Motorola phones...
3. Large texting / voice speak numbers
4. Battery Life very long
5. Keypads very good.
6. Quality better then most phone (no crashes like Motorola sometimes)
7. Bluetooth good.
8. Quad band
9. Slider kinda nice
10. Nice size/ very compact.
11. Picture setting good like taking different types of pictures sepia and so on..
12. Camera can take multi shoots / frames
13. Mp3 player
14. Memory card slot

I gave it 4.5 because it lacks the user friendly options. Being able to do quick buttons for fast access of frequent use programs. I never used calender, or calculator because of the cumbersome to get to the apps. Camera quality a little bit lack...

Otherwise it a good phone worth the weight in gold. The price is right better then the razr and more feature less bugs.

Fun to use phone.

Better than expected


Nov 22, 2006 by scooby214

I have used the t629 for a couple of weeks on the T-Mobile network. After reading how some found the phone to have poor reception, I compared it to the Nokia 6030. I am using it in Oklahoma City, which has a relatively good build-out for T-Mobile's network. I have found a few poor signal areas, which provided a good opportunity to compare the reception of the two phones. I found them to have very similar reception. So similar, that I couldn't find a place that the Samsung couldn't pick a signal and the Nokia could! I do wish that the speakerphone was louder. The only way I can use it is if I am in a silent room! Also, the battery only lasts a couple of days with modest use. But, it is a very nice phone that serves its purposes well.

Not A Good Phone


Nov 12, 2006 by pir8skin


MicroSD Slot


1.Speaker is not nearly loud enough. Can barely hear people talking even with my ear to the speaker.

2. Menu is not customizable (animations only).

3. Pain to charge the phone because the adapter interface sucks.

4. Poor reception, but that may just be t-mobile and not the phone.

I suggest you do not buy this phone. It's fancy, it looks cool, but thats all you get.

I'm personally going to avoid samsung from now on.

Love it.


Nov 7, 2006 by PDXMatt

The phone is excellent. It is light, easy to carry around and easy to use. It has very good battery life and charges surprisingly quick. The camera is very clear and very customizable with a huge array of sizes and adjustments. It has voice recognition capabilities and plays 3gp videos and mp3 songs. The phone also has a large and very visible display with a respectable viewing angle. Buttons and letters are clear and easy to see.
A few downsides are:
-No ring and vibrate combo option for calls.
-Screen needs care to stay clean and scratch-free
-Games are limited unless purchased
-Factory loaded music video sucks bad
-Non-programmable directional buttons

Phone still gets 5 because its limited flaws are irrelevant once you see the phone's excellent features and also the phone is a lot of fun to use and play around with.

samsung t629


Oct 16, 2006 by janice45

I have had this phone for about 3 days so far so good
my previous phone was a razr 3vi
nice size
screen is beautiful
The transfer of things by bluetooh is pretty easy to use
reception pretty good
people say I sound near by
I think size is fine
Alot of menu's way too many subs
speaker could be a bit louder
haven't figured out mc yet .
battery is not that great but I learned as with the razr a beautiful screen means less battery life
All in all I like it and think once I get the menus figured out Like just might go to love

It's Cool, But....


Oct 14, 2006 by Tonylegend01

When I first heard about the 629, I was all like cool, T-Mobile is finally going to update the T809. When the phone was finally released, I immediately ordered one on-line. Upon first receiving the phone I began to go through the device and, compare it side by side versus my T809. Sadly I must say, I was somewhat disappointed. First off, I thought that the downgraded screen resolution would be no big deal however, my pictures that I bluetoohed from my t809 came in somewhat blurry and dark on the t629. The LCD screen is somewhat dark even on the brightest setting. I was not impressed at all by the camera on the t629 either, because the pictures were dark as well. I very disappointed by the internal memory too. Luckily, I have a mini sd gig card to solve that issue. Finally, the reception could be way better. There were some very big bright spots about the t629 that I do like. For example, the wap browser is fast and, looks better than the t809 and, you can download pictures from on line and, save them to the t629. It is javascript enabled. I also like the fact that it is easier to slide up than the t809 and, the battery life is better on the t629. Despite the bright spots about the t629, I had to switch back to my t809 and, wait for the t709 and hope that it would be way better than the t629. I did'nt return phone, I will use it as a cool backup. Don't get me wrong, I still think it is a great device, but it does not beat the t809 in my opinion.


Happy to own one.


Oct 14, 2006 by radicaldreamer

This phone seems even better when you consider that I've upgraded from a Slider Remix (Cricket). This phone makes the Remix look even more pathetic than it is.

I've never owned a Samsung, I've always been a Kyocera guy, but I don't think I'll be switching back anytime soon.

I also like the fact that its out of stock online and sold out in most of the stores in Phoenix because I don't want everyone to own one just yet (like the RAZR) ... I think 75% of my co-workers own some version of the RAZR. This phone is sleek and light. I like the silver shine but it could use a better screen and slider sound effects. The Remix has better slider sounds.

If you're reading this wondering if you should make the leap and purchase one I'd say go for it. Well, when its back in stock anyway.

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