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ive had this for a very long time.... i know alot about it


Aug 17, 2007 by tfizzol12

well over all this phone is great.Its a very durable peice of equpment. I have dropped this phone more that 25 time and yes it has some scratches but the phone still works perfectly fine.I was kind of disappointed that it didn't offer a memory expansion car(micro SD). I was also disappointed there was no MP3 player. of now of the PROS and CONS

very loud and clear speaker phone
ringtones are also very loud
very fast text messageing( im a big texter)
camera is great for a regular VGA camera
very good reception
bluetooth works with any bluetooth capable device.
big bright screen
keypad feels and works great
battery life if the best I've ever had
not bulky in your pockets

external buttons are useless when phone closed(except push to talk button)
shows fingerprints easily

Overall this phone is great. As you can see there is a greater amount of pros compared to cons. i would definatly recomend it. I still have this phone, but im most likely getting a new one not because the phone is bad.. just because im liable for a free upgrade.. so im thinking about upgrading to the Nokia N75. Lets see if it will match up to my LG CU400.
I'll be back with the reveiw of the Nokia N75 at a later time. maybe in about 4 weeks check it out if you need..
hope this review was helpful

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LOVE This Phone!!!


Aug 8, 2007 by LTR450GirlOrl

I seem to really have good luck with LG - and this phone is no different! I absolutely love it. I've only had it about a week, but so far so good.


1 - Long Battery Life - Charged Saturday night, it's Wednesday and still says it has a full charge

2- Loud speaker volume. I often find myself turning down the volume when I am talking to someone. This is the first phone I've had to do that with and I love it!

3 - Great Reception - My house is in a weird spot, I usually have full signal down the street, but hardly any signal at the house. I have a minimum of 3 bars with this phone - YAY!!!

4 - Size - The phone is nice and small. A little bigger then my last LG, but smaller then the RAZR I attempted to use (sold it within 2 hours of buying it, lol). It's easy to open with one hand.

5 - Button locations - Easy to navigate just by touch. I dont even have to look at the phone when I'm writing a text messege or adjusting the volume.

6 - Great Little camera too!

7 - Phone Book - I love being able to store more then one phone number per person. Also it's easy to set individual ringtones for each person in my phonebook

8 - Ringtones - I didn't care for the ringtones that came with the phone, but it was REALLY easy to create and transfer my own. It only took a $15 BlueTooth adapter for my computer, a free MP3 editor, and about 2 minutes to create and transfer ringtones to the CU400 - CANT BEAT THAT!

9 - WONDERFUL, clear, bright display - both inside and out.

10 - Clear voice recorder

11 - External display shuts off after a couple minutes - saves battery - easy to turn back on

12 - Feels sturdy - Looks GREAT

13 - The price! Got it brand new for $60, without a contract!


1 - Can't delete ringtones or pictures that came on the phone (unless there's a trick I haven't figured out yet, lol)

2 - Menus and color schemes not as customizable as I would like, but not a big deal either.

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Great Phone


Jul 9, 2007 by qris72

Recently upgraded from my Nokia 3120 to this LG-CU400.

-Very easily sent MP3 files to be used as ringtones, as well as pics via bluetooth.
-Phone looks great.
-Easy to get used to and navigate the menus.
-very good reception in my area.

There are a couple, but they are software related.
-The start-up and shutdown sounds are very loud and annoying. The only way to avoid them is to put the phone in the vibrate mode. Also, all the alert tones can not be changed.
-If you copy your contacts from the smartchip to the handset, you will have 2 sets of contacts. There is no way to view only the contacts on the handset without erasing them from the smartchip.

These are the only two issues I have with the phone. Overall I am very satisfied with the CU400. I recommend it to all.

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CU 400


Jul 2, 2007 by spos

I replaced an early model RAZR with this phone. I have had no real issues with the phone.


Near perfect reception

Excellent battery life - This was one of my biggest concerns when I purchased this phone. Either the issues that other owners reported have been resolved, I got lucky and received a good battery, or the other users are imagining these problems. My RAZR's battery live was really good in the beginning and towards the end it got horrible (30 mins talk time). Since I have had this phone for about 2 weeks I have probably charged it between 5 and 10 times. I use the phone a lot each day (over 2 hours of talk on most days). Even in the RAZR's prime I had to charge it almost every day. From my experience this phone has excellent battery management. I would highly recommend this phone on it's battery life alone. On another review I saw that the user didn't get any notification before the battery died. I have not noticed this and in fact the only time this phone has died it let out an almost obnoxious noise for about a half hour.

Very good layout of menu's and no trouble navigating them. The RAZR that I owned before this phone was horrible for navigating menu's. In almost every instance of navigating the menu's the RAZR was slow. It was unnatural for a phone to have this issue. It has become even more evident since switching phones.

Fast 3g data transfers. I am amazed at how fast the data transfers are.


The biggest con's that I have for this phone is with the messaging and the button in the middle of the D Pad. Text messaging isn't totally intuitive like the RAZR. It is possible that since I had the RAZR for so long that I expect every other phone that doesn't operate the same way. My other problem is with the action button in the middle of the D Pad. Instead of opening the menu it automatically connects to the internet. Both of these cons are very weak and I would never have chose another phone over this one because of them.

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Nice little phone


Jun 14, 2007 by awertd

I am very satisfied with this phone. I haven't gotten any dropped calls and reception is always excellent. The phone in itself is nice and light. Keypad is very easy to use and feels comfortable. I also like the bluetooth and the camera takes good pics. I wish the display was in color, I guess would be one con. Overall a great phone!

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Refreshingly nice phone


May 25, 2007 by wafeaf

It is refreshing to have a phone that does not cost an arm and a leg and is very easy to use while having all the great qualities I was looking for in a phone, namely

Awesome call quality
Loud speakerphone
Clear and big display
Clean looking

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love this phone


May 16, 2007 by foon12

Great phone. Best price for the money really.
Keypad is great. Call quality is excellent. Feels just right. Only thing would be the monochrome display but it's no big deal for the quality and features of this phone at that price point!

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Very Decent Phone - "New-User Friendly"


May 14, 2007 by astion

This is a pretty good phone for most cell phone users. I am a authorized retailer agent for Cingular and suggest this phone to most people that come into the store. It has a great layout with pictures on the keys to help guide the user about. It's not hard to understand, and still has the comfortability level of the older phones people are used to. Some people have a hard time switching to all the new fancy styles out there, but this is a refreshingly nice phone.

-Nice keypad, easy to use, with pictures for key references.
-Great call quality. Although sometimes I have had some problems, I put that more on the area I was traveling through at the time than on the CU400.
-Great sound quality... (at the right level)
-Beautiful monochrome display.
-Great VGA camera, easy to use, and good enough quality for a quick pic.

-Sound, if you have it above the 4th or 5th level, it gets a static, or scratchy sound when playing recorded (.amr) or MP3 files. So be careful what sound level you have it at. I generally keep it at a 5. That is about right for overall.
-Sound when watching Cingular Video, very low. Barely audible in an area of high commotion. e.g. I was in a Subway, showing my grandfather the new Unlimited Video feature and he couldn't hear a thing, I could barely hear it myself.

So, overall, this is a very good phone, and I would definitely recommend it to pretty much anyone. It is easy to use, and is of good quality.

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A Phone, and not much else


Dec 18, 2006 by atomic16

I first got a SGH-D807 and I absolutely hated it. I decided I would buy a cheaper phone, and then buy the new ipod (if and when it comes out). I got this phone for the phone, so first I will talk about that.

1)Loud, Clear Speaker. I don't know what people are talking about with distortion but I do not hear it.
2)Reception, This phone gets amazing reception compared to the D807.
3)Buttons, This phone has a very well laid out key pad. The buttons have a very tactile feel to them and it is easy to dial by feel.
4)Phone Book Search, unlike other phones, this phone allows you to input more than one letter to search through your phone book.
5)Ringtones, this phone comes with some nice ringtones (Including a very nice standard ringtone). I had no problem using shortened mp3 files as ringtones.
6)Ringtones are loud and clear.
7)Easy Access to silent mode.

1)No way to disable startup and shut down sounds besides putting the phone in silent mode.
2)No easy way to transfer contacts via bluetooth
3)No way to turn off system sounds

I did NOT find the following things a problem
1) Memory, I found 16mb to be just fine for pictures and ringtones. With 22 ringtones and 16 backgrounds I still have room for 61 pictures at top quality.
2) I think the vibrate mode is strong enough, as long as it is not in a very loose jacket or bag.

Now the other features
The Camera is ok quality, nothing special and there is no way to take a self portrait. Thats not a problem for me though.
The Mp3 Player does not support playlists or drm
The front screen is monochrome but does show all necessary info.
It does have a standard 2.5mm headset jack, something most phones are lacking.

The case
It has a nice rubberized back and nice (not cheap) plastic front. The rubberized back does get dirty easily though.

Do not buy this phone if want something that is a camera or mp3 player and then a phone. Only buy this if you want a phone that has the added bonus of being semi inexpensive and supporting 3g Data (UMTS).

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Surprisingly great phone for that price


May 25, 2007 by aetnaz

This phone turns out to be totally awesome and it's even better knowing it won't dry up your savings account!!

Visually very pleasing
Nice keypad
Great easy to use buttons
Nice camera
No dropped calls
Beautiful and crisp display

Lack of ringtones

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