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LG CU400 is a Great phone!


Jun 2, 2007 by juiced311

PROS: The ringer is loud, great games(Tetris, Ms. Pac-Man), excellent reception(after a little tweaking), sleek design

CONS: Signal strength can be a problem if you're on the edge of Cingular's 3G Network, can't fully disable the PTT button, antenna isn't internal

I am thoroughly suprised with how this phone delivers, especially while being an entry-level phone. I had problems getting a signal at my house which is on the edge of Cingular's 3G Network. This can be fixed by accessing the service menu and putting the phone in 2G mode(EDGE). My signal strength went from no bars to 5 bars. When the 3G network expands to my neighborhood, all I have to do is switch it back to 3G mode. If your LG CU400 has low signal strength, I encourage you to visit the Cingular forums, there you will find how to access the service menu and set your phone to 2G mode. Other than that minor problem, I really recommend using this phone.

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Works for me!


Mar 12, 2007 by cheermom5

I just received this phone via a warranty exchange for a sony ericson Z525a which for some reason I couldn't get one that worked. Asked for a different make and model and this was the only choice with a camera. So far, I am very pleased!

Great reception (Cingular, L.A. area).
Very loud ringtones and earpiece volume.
Easy to use keypad.
Inner Display.
Menus are easy to figure out, even without the manual.

Stub antenna - I keep bumping it!
Very irritating start-up and shut-down sound -- will frighten those around you when they first hear it! No way to disable that I can find.
My flip opens too easily, probably why this was a warranty exchange. Notice others say it's hard to open so probably just mine.
If you can make recordings into ringtones I haven't figured out how.
My speaker crackles at the highest volume setting. Haven't figured out how to turn volume down only on the speaker, but don't use speaker that much.
Camera works ok, but I've had other phones take better pix.

Overall, I really like this phone! I can hear people and they can hear me. That's the most important thing for me. Didn't give highest rating only for start-up sound and stub antenna. If you want a phone that works for a phone, this one is it!

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Great phone-slightly anoying


Jan 4, 2007 by ilsb2m

first off, i love this phone. almost everything about I like. Coming from a phone that gave me no service anywhere, and was a hunk of junk, to this is a great joyful step.
I have only never had service a few times, and when this happens, it immediately gains service again.
having a signal was my one need, and this phone gets service!
there is nothing as of now, and I've had it a few weeks, that is really something that would make me complain EXCEPT-this is sort of huge, but, while making calls, the last word the other person says before they become silent is often repeated until the person says something again. a friend said the, and then all i heard was thuhuhuhuhuhuhuh. the person who you're talking to says they dont notice a thing. but it can get distracting if your having a serious conversation
also, i just experienced this tonight, never before tonight though:what i say into the phone is repeated back to me, so i can clearly hear exactly what i said. but this only happened for a few seconds and went away.
Im not sure if this is cingular, the east coast, or the phone.

so basically
almost everything.
great service
nice design, good size
easy to navigate
instead of personalizing the softkeys, one soft key has a quick shortcut menu to where you have preset.
good features

the repeated talk in calls
for the camera you have to have a still hand to take a nonblurry pic
you cant have your own recorded ringtones like on my old motorola, but you can get your own ringtones

overall the phone is great for the basic camera/video txt/calling minus the repeat on longer calls. the other person can still be heard very clearly

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Rattling noise?


Dec 22, 2010 by narn3049

This phone was pretty cool. I dropped it ALL OF THE TIME. It just had a rattling noise whenever it was flipped open. Wondering if anyone else had this problem

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Nov 6, 2009 by yjkaries

I was looking for a simple phone that had decent reception since I live in what they call a "gray" area on the AT&T network. I've tried numerous phones and had "no service" on most. This one gave me 1-2 bars in the house - 3 on my deck so it was better than none.

PRO: Decent Reception, Nice thinner Shape, Good 3G service, Good resolution, pretty fast internet browsing, keypad is good for texting, Great Battery life and fast charging.

CON: Speaker is not that clear, The screen font is small for my likes and can't figure out if it can be changed. Doesn't come with great ringtones or graphics but I purchased a few and now am happy.

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Im hard too please


Aug 24, 2009 by victor15968

Okay , i had a sync , A quickfire , A vu , And now this ,

I had the syncc and loved it ! but it was my aunt michelle's so i had too give it back when i got my quickfire !! Okay this phone was a love hate situation , i loved it for how it looked and how it texted and everything , But i didnt love the touch screen , or the operating system , . On to the vu , HATED IT ! i couldnt text on it , and i couldnt scrool the address book i did not like this phone at all , So i gave it to my aunt and got her lg cu 400 , Greatest phone ive had since my sync , but you know if i had the chance to take the sync back i think i would that phone flowed so easy , I would take my quickfire back too . so as you can see i do go through some phones and use alot of different ones , i know the differance in a good phone when i see it , and this is a good phone , too bad they discontinued it , it doesnt look the best but it works the best , no cons whatso ever ,

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A lemon?


Jul 16, 2009 by JRoyals26

When it was working it was an ok phone.
Sleek & attractive

First one went dead after 10 months. Second one lasted 8 months before the speaker went out. I didn't use it a ton either. We're talking basic functions here from someone who doesn't make or receive a lot of calls. Its not like I used it for business. So now I have a phone that I can't hear when making or receiving calls. The other person can hear me though for what thats worth.

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Great Back-Up Phone with Okay Features


Sep 11, 2008 by GMFWDFAN

My best friend gave me this phone to have as a back up in case my LG Shine gets destroyed or quits, which is very likely.

Anyway, this phone has been dropped a few times and has weathered the mis-treatment quite well.

The camera is amazing for a VGA. And the ringer is extremely loud, which is good for me since I'm usually in noisy environments.

It is quite bulky though, especially when open. But that's a small defect.

Overall, I like it very well and sometimes randomly use it when I'm tired of my Shine.

- durability
- ringer volume
- ease of use
- camera
- t9 is fairly smart
- loudspeaker is good enough for talking in noisy places

- bulky
- signal strength only average to subpar
- memory space available (no microSD slot)
- battery dies immediately after giving first low battery indicator

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I Just Wish it was More


Aug 1, 2008 by Blakestone

So I picked this phone because it had the fastest interface, Bluetooth, real music ringers, a camera, and everything i needed in the store. However there are a few limitations.

First Pros
Bright Screen
Bluetooth easily transfers between my PC and back
Task Switching: This is awesome. I love being able to switch between a text message, a open call, any of the menu screens, the camera, and galleries at any time. And it is just a button on the front. Its genius. This will be the feature i miss most if i get a new phone.
3G network i suppose... though i don't use it.
Menu screens respond instantly.
Battery life. It is rare that I ever see it anything but full. I just charge it every night. And it takes about 20 minutes from there to get a full charge.

Its not the best for balance. One handed texting isn't a chore like it is on some phones, but it could be better.
The camera is absolute crap. Low light, good light, it doesn't matter, it will suck.
Email no gmail = dumb at least i haven't found it.
Some of the menu designs are convoluted and unnecessary.

My biggest problem with this phone is the audio options. You can turn off the keypad tones but not the confirmation alerts. Thats annoying. There are only 10 text alert tones and they all sound stupid and/or are too quiet. While you can have custom ring tones there are not custom text tones. But by and by far the biggest offense is the lack of Vibration AND tone alerts for text messages. It can vibrate and ring for calls... but not texts. This is stupid because the text sounds are too quiet like I said. It will vibrate in vibrate mode... but then everything else is silent as well.

So its an ok phone. And it was free... and for free its amazing.

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;]] nice fone


Jul 9, 2008 by duvonneb

over all this fone is great!
it has a nice look... all the features u need... OK memory... battery is fantastic!!!
i can talk on this fone ALLL DAY tryin to kill the battery and it wont go!!
gets really good signal
doesnt get boring fast
i loved that fone ;]]

camera was really good... video was good... loud ringtone... good bluetooth....nice spacey keypad and fast fone =]

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