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Cool Phone


Jun 5, 2007 by mitooon

Great cool phone with lots of nice features.

Call quality is excellent
Speakerphone is clear and loud
Nice and light
No smudgies, no scratchies

Only ...mmmm is the mono display (which in itself is very nice)

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Great overall phone


Dec 6, 2006 by joshmax

Had a Cingular RAZR until now and was fed up with the s-l-o-w interface and GPRS speed. I qualified for a phone upgrade and decided to go with one of the newer 3G phones. The LG CU400 looked impressive, it's got looks and function.

I got it last week and got a chance to tinker with this phone.

Bluetooth won't play nice with other peripherals, namely, it won't accept ANY data. A Cingular rep acknowledged that the LG CU400 Bluetooth will only connect to a BT headset or BT printer. However, I've managed to change that; the default setting can be overridden by entering the service code and choosing BT for data. Now I can download content directly from my computer to the phone.

J2ME apps accessing the net have 2 options only:
- Yes, always ask
- No, never grant
Which means you will have to choose an option EVERY TIME the app connects to the net (think about Opera mini)

- RTSP Streaming (play mp3 and real player files)
- Brilliant screen
- Zippy interface
- Task manager (let's you switch between open apps)
- Tons of tools
- Fast internet speeds
- Great button layout
- Flawless video streaming, even with EDGE
- Excellent speaker (except for voice)

- Speaker distorts voice above level 3-4 (of 7)
- Escalating ringtones
- Meager 16mb memory
- No PC Sync
- Vibrating alert on the weak side
- Annoying VERY loud startup and shut down chime

Don't know why people complain about a monochrome external screen, I think it's stylish and practical, it's supposed to be informational only. Photo ID's is just a novelty, how many photos can you possibly have?

Overall very useful phone does it's job well and perfect shape.

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Great Phone for the Price I Paid


Jun 8, 2007 by smheller09

For Starters this is the second LG i have bought thru Cingular now the new AT&T and it won't be the last one i buy from LG... me and g/f got the same model and love the features tho the lack of ring tones is a Con but thats about it on the Cons... the Pros on this phone is the camera feature on it... it almost takes better pictures than my digital camera i bought over six months ago scary eh? lol Thanks to AT&T they did very well w/ these LG models once again..

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Decent phone.


Jun 3, 2007 by funky_munky

Pros: Good reception, nice features, and reliable.

Cons: Transferring data to and from phone is not plausible with usb cable.

Overall: Worth the investment if you just want to use it for basic needs.

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Very Impressive


Feb 16, 2007 by 4starcashier

First time poster on this site, and it's about the LG CU 400 Phone from Cingular.

I was eligible for a new phone, and they advertised a different LG model that seemed less interesting and then they showed me another one for 29.99. The LG CU400 blew me away. I snatched this up almost immediately. I found out that 3G will be available in Des Moines, Iowa this early summer 2007, and I am glad for that because I will be attending college in Des Moines this fall!


VERY nice screen. Nice and Big...they way I like it.

Perfect-sized buttons.

Nice Instant Messaging Applications.

MobiTV....though I have not tried this in EDGE or 3G format yet I have tried it under iwireless *T-Mobile*'s towers and it works pretty good (bad buffering...but like I said, it wasn't under Cingular's official towers).

And what's really funny is that this small phone has faster internet than my dail up connection............really bad towards my modem lol.

MySpace Mobile


Too many menus at some times...not all the time, though.

As how everyone else complained, the external screen blacking out is annoying, considering I can't just pull out my phone and check the time, now I gotta press a button to do it lol....gosh I'm lazy.

That's all I got for cons.

I suggest this phone to the max, it could have everything you could possibly ask for in a phone. If you ever get a contract with Cingular or you are eligible for a new phone, ask to see the LG CU 400.

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best value phone


May 2, 2007 by stevmonica

I highly recommend this phone to any one looking to have a stylish phone of great quality but do not want to spend a fortune. It's a great value!
I have not had any dropped calls.
It's super easy to use.
Camera takes good pictures.
It's just right weight and feel wise

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The best choice and design for...


Jan 19, 2007 by thephonescooper


Feature-rich, slim-design

Comfortable tactile key pad

Voice Recorder

Reject Call List

2.5mm Speaker Jack

Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature that the LG-CU500 doesn’t have


More difficult to open the clamshell, than the LG-CU500

Missing the excellent rotating camera design found on the LG-CU500

Missing the Micro SD memory expansion found on the LG-CU500

Screen is prone to glare and fingerprints

“OK” button (round center button) gets very warm after long use


The best choice and design for a Quad-band, 3G High-Speed Network, and Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature phone, which is the new standard.

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The Best LG has to offer!


Apr 25, 2007 by gordon1fan

The Pro:

I'm a big LG fan when it comes to cell phones. I use to have a LG F7200 that was a good phone, but the battery life was very bad. When the battery went bad, I could not find another battery for that phone because LG no longer makes this phone. So I bought a LG CU400. Great battery life, loud ring tones, great call volume, speaker phone, good camera and pretty good PTT phone. I have a Blue-tooth wireless Jabra BT 125 headset that works great with this phone also. Over all this is a great LG phone. Best phone I had to date.

The Con:

The LG CU400 does not have voice connect, like the other LG phone that I had in the passed. Also the fonts on the screen are small and are hard to see. I would not recommend this phone to a visual impaired person.

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pretty good phone!


Dec 28, 2006 by phonechica

so i upgraded my sony ericsson phone for this one..and so far i love it. i mean, i got it for 29.99 after rebate, and for the price, this phone is superb.


-awesome internal display, very big and great quality
-takes good picture- for a cell phone it takes good pictures
-love the buttons easy to use
-it can record sounds, so if you want..you can just record songs you want and just make it into your ringtone! why waste money?
-you can hear ppl clearly! which leads to the cons>>
-no dropped calls so far
-it has lots of great features!


-you cant customize the menu
-external display will turn off during stand by [isnt really a big deal, i guess it saves energy]
-the internal speaker is really loud, that ppl can practicacly hear what the other person on the other line is saying. luckily you can turn the volume down
-has variety of ringtones- but mostly aimed at teenagers and ppl in their 20s-30s [luckily you can record your own ringtones]


this phone is an affordable phone for anyone looking for a great phone. if you just want a basic phone with a camera, look no further..its not complicated to use, and its very basic- with many features..such as internet access, aim, msn, mobitv, music, and everything, which you can have with a service.

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I would reccomend


Feb 25, 2007 by jessicaaalert

I upgraded from a motorola v525, which.. just quit one day.
I love this phone and would highly recommend it.

-Big, clear screen
-Loud ringtones
-Bigger keys
-Very good reception
-Thin, but feels good in your hands
-Doesn't feel fragile
-The battery life in mine is really good
-Speakers are both clear
-Easy to navigate menus

-There are 11 ringtones, and probably one "normal" ring. It was really annoying, but I got some new ones, and I'm happy with it.
-You can't use recorded sounds as ringtones.
-You can't change the voicemail alert
-You can't turn off some alerts, like if you were to change a setting it dings. I can't figure out how to turn it off.
-Outside screen blacks out. I keep thinking my phone is off when it's not.
-The charging port has a little flap you have to move to get the charger in it. It seems flimsy, and I'm pretty sure it's just going to end up coming off.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this phone. It was a lot better than I expected from reading comments on here about it.

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