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Motorola C332 / C331g / C333 (GSM)


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Motorola C333


Jul 8, 2004 by michelleva6

The guidelines suggest giving "pros" and "cons", but honestly I cannot think of one pro for this phone. My husband and I both own this phone and have the same problems.
Cons: The phone turns off completely when entering an area of 3 bars or less.
Voice quality is poor.
Poor signal even with other phones are getting a strong signal.
Ring volume is poor.
Keypad pad is difficult to use.

If you decide to get this phone, don't rely on it in an emergency!

phone should be recalled


May 27, 2004 by roger_paul

I own a c332 and can't even begin to talk about all the hassles it has caused me. Rage aside, I will focus on the single most annoying factor of this phone: battery life. When I first got it I was satisfied with the phone's menus, use of icons are very intuitive, but what is the real purpose of a mobile phone? to be able make and receive calls. I couldn't make many because I experienced reception problems and dropped calls. Also the battery died quickly. It got to a point where the phone died while it was plugged in charging!!!

This phone should be recalled by motorola, why should the customer take the loss for a factory defect? i'm inclined to give motorola a low rating for a defective product, but i almost forgot i'm rating only the phone here.

Bottom line: Battery life, ahem, battery death and lack of reception make this phone worthless. Another thing, the ringing volume is so low I had to rely on my dog barking to let me know my phone was ringing.



May 1, 2004 by soundisgood

Everything everybody else said is true (unless the said something good). There is nothing good about this phone.

Absolutely Terrible Phone


Mar 26, 2004 by mystiqe

I owned the Motorola C332 a year ago when I first switched to Tmobile. The phone was fine for like the first 2 months, but after that the C332 kept dying even when it was completely charged. I don't mean it died after 3 days... I mean, I could've been talking on the phone for 1/2 hr after completely charging it, and the phone would lose so much power that it would be near total battery loss or just die. This went on for a month. Finally, I got sick of it and contacted Tmobile. They sent me ANOTHER Motorola C332 which lasted me only 2 months. The same power problem was occurring.

To add on to that, I could barely hear the phone (if it was in my purse, book bag, or pocket) when it rang. The phone was so darn tiny too. And when I dropped my phone the whole thing went flying everywhere. The back/front covers would fall apart. The Motorola C332 is not a durable phone. I got it for free for switching to Tmobile and I'm so glad I didn't spend any money on that terrible excuse of a mobile phone.

What eventually happened was that after my second Motorola C332 kept dying as well, Tmobile sent me a totally different phone for free, a Samsung R225m, which is SO MUCH better than the Motorola phone I had. When I complained to Tmobile about my second C332, the customer care rep said that they've had people complain about that phone and that the problem was a "weak connection from the battery to the power plug". And the battery is internal. Safe to say, this is my first and last Motorola phone, especially one with an internal battery. The only reason I even gave the phone a rating of 0.5 was because I liked the cool extra features and the wireless internet included. (Which were all cool when the phone was actually working.)



Jan 9, 2004 by johnbkim

DO NOT get this phone EVEN IF it's FREE. It's an outright lie that the battery time is 400 hrs on standby. On a full charge it barely lasts half a day, and that's if you don't talk at all. If you talk, it dies faster. And it has a FRICKEN ANNOYING low-battery warning beep. So if you ever forget to plug it into a charger at night, it'll wake you up in the middle of the night with beeps. The person(s) who designed this phone should be publically flogged.

motorola c333 (garbage)


Jan 7, 2004 by bobby smith69

this phone actually is dis a phone a piece or a piece of crap??? i got so pissed at this phone that the day after the purchase i threw it in the garbage. i tried selling it for 5$ but no buyers. this garbage phone should have never made it on da market it is bad terrible horrible i bet we had better phones be4 world war 1 its that bad. i dont trust motorola anymore because of my terrible experience wqith this phone. if anyone wats to buy this phone break it 4 me please its wats best. NEVER purchase this whatever u want to call it please dont thank u for ure time

Motorola, Never Again!


Nov 26, 2003 by M Ecolango

Perhaps the worst battery life in all of today's mobile phones is in the C332, and what could be better than a pathetic built-in design? I ended-up recharging the phone every end of the day, but when that battery will be fully depleted it's useless. While others complained about the menu navigation, I find it OK and not that difficult to get around. The ringer is a joke, being set at the highest volume you'd lock youself in an insulated room to hear it in your pocket. But this is where it shines here: too many dropped calls. Two to three minutes of conversation, *click* gone. However, sound quality is marginal at best and it comes with T-Zones and AOL Instant Messenger, though I kept-on getting kick-off instant messenger and can't log back in. Overall, this was my first, and very last Motorola. The only selling point for me was the attractive size, but I should've known better.

Real Piece


Nov 23, 2003 by dslack432

I haven't owned this phone... but I do work for a wireless retail company and we had these phones out for a while. Probably, half of them have been returned due to a weak solder from the battery to the power plug. Stay away from this phone.



Oct 28, 2003 by Krystal

This is the worst fon on earth. It freezes up, rings when no one is calling, vibrates when it feels like, connects calls when the key pad is locked and if that wasn't enough... The talk time u get is maybe 15min before your battery dies, but to make matters worse the battery on this fon is built in so when the battery goes u have to warrenty your whole fon. Do your self a favor. DO NOT BUY THIS FON!!!!!!!!!!1

Dont wast your money


Oct 26, 2003 by 3650Guy

I have this phone as a back-up phone,and it isn't even good for that. It will work for about a week or so,then will start being the POS that it is. The battery dies quickly,the polphonic speaker spazes out,amoung other things. Short story ~dont get this phone

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