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maxx se


Jul 7, 2008 by cocofee19

I had to give up my LG8700, a great phone till I coudnt hear calls & the speaker part went also, and dropped calls which I havent had since the late 90"s. Actually after much much very much complaining to Verizon about the "replacements" which also didnt work 4 hrs 1day, 2 hours the next day when I went to tech support I was fed up! They gave in and switched me to this Maxx Se. I really like it. Has a great feel,features, and a good look too. Thanks Verizon!

Nice Catchy Phone!!!


Jun 13, 2008 by Michael1979

I've just reviewed all the reviews that people made for this kind of phone
I am shoked
Are you people serious who is writing cons about phones
I think you are spoiled by technology that have been producing guys for you for so many years
This is just a phone and Verizon has nothing to do with what happens in manufacturing defects
Don't blame others for your mistakes
If you go for another carrier or get different phone it's goona be same problem and you cant' change it
People!!! try to read MANUAL that comes with that phone
Phones made for you to make calls and people who manufacturing them, those people tried to make your life easier for specially lazy guys
If you want to listen a music buy Ipod that been specially designed for that kind of use
Don't blame phone, blame yourself for laziness and spoilness.
Thank you for your reading



Mar 19, 2008 by dvcuttr

I went out of my way to share this information with others and maybe stop someone else from being a VICTIM of this phone!!! Yes, it's pretty cool, nice displays and camera, but the battery doesn't even last a full day after owning it for 8 weeks!!! The battery life specs are laughable, I can only make several calls and by 4-5pm. my battery is down to one bar everyday, and completely dead by 8-9pm.
I charge it nightly, and it just keeps getting worse. I got a replacement one when I damaged my first, (the glass cracked) and it's the same way, so I know it's not a defective battery. It's like owning a new Porsche with an old sputtering Volkswagen engine in it. If you plan on using your phone for business or talk a lot, DON'T GET THIS ONE!!!!
I don't know how they are allowed to publish such B.S. battery life statistics, as they are nowhere near what you will get. I was forced to buy the extended life battery since I have over a year on my contract, I can't wait until it's up so I can switch carriers and get an i-phone.
I will be very happy when I can become a 'Churn' statistic for Verizon!

Whoever thought that putting a glass surface on a cellphone was a good idea should be beaten!

So far so good!


Mar 18, 2008 by HammerDown

I got it free...free is good!
Fantastic build quality, feels very solid in hand but I wouldn't want to accidentally drop it.
Don't get caught up with the fewer signal bars showing with it, means nothing with this phone and will grab and make a great call with only one bar showing. Call quality, ear piece, speaker, voice recognition etc all sound very good and natural. Once you condition the battery (fully drain and recharge) a few times battery life is solid, and the battery charges in about one hour! Camera(auto focus function) and video aspects are also very good. Verizon's UI doesn't bother me and not worth crying over like other do.
No feedback on playing music or Internet use as I don't use the phone for this.
All in all a very nice solid little phone for calls etc, I recommend it.



Feb 16, 2008 by Zingaro

I was worried about getting this phone. I'd heard that it was unstable, unreliable and had a number of returns. But I wanted an upgrade over my V325 (which is a very good basic phone, very durable, great reception) and I didn't want to pay the V9m price for what seemed to be pretty much the same feature set as the Maxx.

I've been pleasantly surprised. The phone is sturdy, well built, and I haven't had any serious problems with it.

Pros: Great reception and sound quality, excellent speaker. Very good build quality and solid feel. Good keypad, although I don't generally prefer the RAZR-style keypad. Displays are crisp enough for normal use. Mini-USB connector/charger makes life pretty easy. Camera is excellent for cell phone with flash and auto focus not normally found on phones.

Cons: Mainly the VZW UI. It's ugly and not very flexible - even though I'm getting used to it after a couple of years with the V325.

Because the Ve is a VZW exclusive, the phone's built-in capabilities (which are pretty cool) are REALLY locked down. VZW doesn't let you use HALF of what this phone can do, and you have to pay top dollar to use the other half.

Overall, this is an underrated phone, one that VZW hasn't really promoted, and that's too bad. It really is a good phone.

moto v max


Feb 13, 2008 by richboy1174

I bought this phone back in sept. I sent it back because the phone reset itself. I got my second phone the middle of jan this year. the phone was slow and my tex message froze and it said it was full. i had nothing in the boxes. I got my third phone the end of jan into feb. the phone will not shut off i have own almost ever Motorola ever made. I have never had so much trouble like i have with this phone. the best phone i had was the Motorola e815. i hope this helps anyone with there choice. it has great features camera flash but its just been a pain to have

Maybe the 5th is the charm!!!


Jan 7, 2008 by mtdjohn

Today I went and picked up my forth replacement Razr Maxx VE phone. I have had a Razr V3 for about 2 1/2 years with little problem. The V3 had great reception and simple straight forward features that I liked. When the charging port failed and I had to replace it, I choose the new Razr Maxx. The first day I had it, I missed around ten calls as the phone would not ring. (no reception) I took it back and the replacement had the exact same problem. The next one had great reception, but after about 1 hour, the front screen failed. The verizon sign was upside down with funny lines at the top and bottom. They took it back no problem and gave me another new one. This one the camera would not focus. Another trip back and the replaced it. Got about halfway home and got several strange calls when I realized they had not programed the phone to my number. Back to the store once again. The bottom line is I am a bit skeptical about how long this phone will last, but at least Verizon has been great to deal with.

Not A Good Experience With 'Ole MAXX


Nov 13, 2007 by ths

I have had nothing but trouble with this phone. I am about to receive my THIRD phone since May from Verizon. The phone will not send or receive calls in many areas of Long Island where I live & work, while my other phones will (Moto V3c & V710). Voice mails are sometimes hours, or days, late in arriving. The Bluetooth connection to my Motorola Handsfree car kits (I have 3 of them in different cars) breaks in the middle of calls with no warning, and sometimes it takes a "hard re-boot" (removing/replacing the battery while the phone is turned on) to get the Bluetooth to re-connect. A real lot of fun while driving! Also, the Bluetooth connection on the phone for Verizon’s Broadband to my laptop & PDA needs to be turned off, then turned back on before it will connect. If I try to connect to either before cycling the Bluetooth, it will not connect. No USB cable drivers for the phone exist for Motorola Phone Tools or SmithMicro’s QuickLink Mobile either.

Finally, installing any memory card in the phone freezes it every time (on both phones).
Not confident that the 3rd replacement will be any better, but Verizon requires three attempts before replacing it with a different model.

Pros: When it works as it is supposed to…which is not often…it is OK. Good, clear sound from the phone. Fingerprints are a real issue. The camera is about the best thing I can say about the phone. It takes decent photos & video.

Cons: Too many problems. See above. Can’t wait to get rid of it.

Maxx replaces my e815


Oct 18, 2007 by luigi524td

I debated for several weeks before biting the bullet and replacing my e815 with the Maxx.


Form factor
Black rubberized case
Large displays (inside and out)
Loud ringer & good vibration mode
External buttons for ringer, speakerphone, voice recognition mode
Call latching and reception
Very good camera resolution w/autofocus
USB power and data connection makes it easier to stay powered and charge the phone when traveling with a notebook computer.
Battery life is OK - only about 15% less talk time than my old e815.
BT on - off is easy to manage. Pairs with my cars and headsets reliably.


Menus have too many layers - not intuitive
Display fonts too small and washes out in daylight
Real pain to txt message
Earpiece positioning - if not exactly lined up with my ear it seems to obstruct the speaker and reduce the output volume.
External display glass smudges easily
Grip to flip open phone could be easier - tried to add rubber strips but they don't stick to the black lightly rubberized case.

I'm beginning to grow accustomed to the phone and it's been challenging to figure out the menus and features. What was a snap with the e815 [like inserting quick text] is a real chore. As is switching between itap and symbols. Other manufacturers have worked this out so maybe some day MOT and VZW will come to an agreement to delivery easy solutions for the customer.

The phone feels heavy. Could be lighter without sacrificing sturdiness. Fits easily in my shirt pocket but I am extra careful about putting it in a situation where the display may get damaged. [Like pants pockets with loose change or keys] Leather cases seem to bulk it up to the degree that the form factor advantage is eliminated.

MOTO H3 BT Earpiece is a good match - I look coordinated!

Voice dialing is pretty good except when it has to roam through 3-4 alternatives for each of my contacts and I have to be attentive to which are being offered.

It's a keeper for now!

Disappointing RF


Oct 17, 2007 by dmarkson

Swapped in from the e815. So comparison is to that.


Camera is good
Screen is good
Sound quality is good
Ringer sound is ok (cranked up the gain on mp3s)
Speakerphone is good
Earpiece is ok (why oh why can't we have a LOUD earpiece?)


RF is average at best. Far below the superior e815. Could not even acquire a signal when the e815 was doing fine. Only the T720 was worse.

Battery life is horrible. Replacing battery to see if that helps.

Verizon UI

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