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To Like or Dislike?


Aug 30, 2007 by itzjerm

The last Motorola Phone I had was the V710, after owning the LG8100 and 8300 It was time for the next upgrade.

I tried this phone for 2 weeks. And in the end it was returned.


Held signal very well, this is very important and beats the socks off my 8300

Camera Resolution, very good. Much better dynamic range than many with a good image.


The number one reason of returning is texting, you can't quickly write text because the phone hangs up on each letter... if you type to fast you will not get all the letters. Very annoying!

Headset sounded static. There was something wrong with the ear piece, I could have possibly replaced, but it was a major annoyance.

The camera is slow to boot up, and hard to change brightness like all old Motorola phones, the LG85550 has much better controls.

Cost: Its not worth what it cost since its old interface.

In the end I returned the phone and continue to wait for a good 2MP phone.

A Great CDMA Motorola Phone


Jul 22, 2007 by Bronson.Delay

Motorola Maxx took me by surprise. I work for Verizon Wireless and my GO-TO phones have always been from the LG family. The MAXX gets better service than the LG-8700 a phone around the same price. The camera is fantastic, but the biggest downfall is the oh so traditional SLUGGISH response time when compared to other makers that Verizon Sales. However the good outweight the bad by far.

One of Verizon's Best Turned This LG Person Into Moto Fan!


Jun 16, 2007 by AlexanderGrahamBell

I have been a huge LG fan ever since the 6000 came out. Since then I've owned the 6100, 7000, 8000, 8100, and 8300. I waited patiently for the 7800 to come out and my anticipation was that I thought this is the next big thing compared to the original Razr by Moto. WOW, was I wrong! The 8700 is pure looks and that's it! LG got it all wrong when putting this phone together. Boy was I in a jam. The thought of purchasing a Moto was the last thing in my mind until I saw the Razr Maxx ve up close in the store.
Once I got beyond the fingerprints, I realized that this new version of the Razr was a solid phone full of very nice features and in fact it rivaled my trusty 8300. There's been a ton of reviews here with pros and cons, and mainly they are all the same. I use a cell phone basically for a phone and that's it. This new razr is built very strong, has a slightly different look than the old played out image of the original razr, the ear piece and speaker phone are both very loud and have great call quality, and the back of the phone doesn't get over heated to the point that it will shut off like the 7800. Seems like Moto has been doing its homework and is heading in the right direction! Great phone and a great carrier! (Forgot to mention excellent reception in the north suburbs of New York City.)



May 1, 2007 by mosesonacid

Larger External Screen
Great Camera
Faster Menus
Better Battery Life

Smudges Easy
Dust creeps into bottom and sides of front display window
cant send .mid as text message to save and use as ringer

This phone has a great look and feel to it. Seems to be very good overall quality except for the poor design of the front display window which seems to let lots of dust on the sides and bottom. menu system nice and fast. No master clear or reset.
I give this phone a 2.5 for barely being what could be a 5 star phone.

RAZR MAXX has issus"


May 9, 2007 by chgomaverick

This phone is great compared to the alternatives with Verizon. Ok, enough said about the UI that sucks, but nothing we can do about that -- wish Verizon would tho.

My issues relate to using the phone ad an MP3 player, either in bluetooth stereo mode or with stereo earphones, as follows:

A. phone locks up after either using text-messaging or telephone features when in MP3 mode, requiring removal of battery - both in bluetooth mode, and also wen using earphones;
B. earpiece loses right-side sound after stopping MP3 player to send a text message, then restarting MP3 player;
C. in bluetooth mode, cannot return to MP3 player after placing a call using bluetooth mode. works okay when receiving a call (and bluetooth returns to MP3 after call), but not when placing a call;
D. extremely low volume thru earphones when in MP3 mode, so bad that you actually cannot hear low-volume songs at all
E. occasionally outside MP3 buttons lock up, and will not work during playback;
F. several other minor petty annoyances, too many to list, including: (1) not being able to see what selection of music is playing on outside screen; (2) slow initiation of MP3 player from inside "Music Library", which is the only way to play music in a mode besides play-all-alphabetically; (3) not all MP3 controls or visual displays available from outside screen; and (4) continuously having to pull the phone off belt to work MP3; (5) serious battery-life problem using the MP3.

This all makes me wonder what Motorola and Verizon are doing during work hours besides eating donuts. Because they're certainly not listening to their new MP3 player phone!!! This phone needs to go back to the drawing board for some re-engineering and testing by real live people. Mine is going back to the store.

Recommendation: truly great as an expensive phone, but don't buy it if you expect to use it consistently as an MP3 player. My rating: 2.0, only because the phone itself is so nice.

Very disappointing


May 11, 2007 by msmith

I was pretty excited about this phone and chose it to replace my trusty e815, which was bulletproof (if somewhat clunky).

Nice to look at (as long as you don't touch it)
Keypad has good feel for being so low profile
Nice big displays inside and out

The user interface is slow
The audio quality is weak compared to my e815
The digital clock is illegible on the outside display (tiny font) and the analog clock looks like something from an Atari system.
The clock is also illegible on the inside (no excuse with such a big display).
The font for the contact lists is too small and cannot be changed
The ringer functions can't be changed with the phone closed
The speakerphone is poor in quality
Will not sync with a Mac via iSync
I was turning OCD wiping it to keep the fingerprints off of it.
The keypad contacts the main inside screen and marked it after one day of use.

I exchanged it for the LG VX8700... much happier now.

Classic Moto issues


Apr 29, 2007 by Stunna1011

Well it seems like Motorola is still not getting the picture on how to make a decent phone w/o some sort of issue. I just got this POS yesterday with the 1GB memory card and as soon as I insert the card the phone freezes. I called VZW and they advised to take the phone back. I am coming from the LG VX 8000 and that phone is over 2yrs old and out performs this brand new phone.

Camera good quality
Video can have a flash while recording
Good size and weight

Slow UI
Speaker phone at bottom of handset so you have to hold it a certain way to hear anything
Freezing causing the battery to be removed to make it work again

I will be taking this back today and probably waiting on the 8700 or just using the 8000 until LG comes out with a better one. Sorry MOTO but I have been correct all these years...Your products are GARBAGE.

Good, but had some problems


May 22, 2007 by missdonnav

I got the maxx ve on May 3. I was happy for 2 weeks, then all the buttons wouldn't work. Verizon gave me a brand new one, then the phone would make and receive calls, but I could not hear the other party nor could they hear me.

The features are good as all the other reviews have stated. I just had a bad experience with this phone.

Moto for verizon just plain sucks


Jun 22, 2007 by tonedeafnyc

maybe motorola phone are better on OTHER PROVIDERS. but for verizon its horrible.

lets just start with ACTUAL phone reviews on judging a phone, as a phone.

the vibrate on this phone, as with all MOTOROLA phones on verizon, is horrible. You just cant feel this in your pocket. Compare the vibrate on this phone to others. its horrible.

ringstones are useless. not loud at all.

these to things cripple the phone, a weak vibrate and weak ring.

yes, verizon does have the best service, but what good is it if you can hear or feel your phone.

battery life is horrible. This phone is just a cheap razr update. You can not even call it that because its basically the same phone, same weak vibrate, same weak rings.

no way to lock the phone, meaning if you get a missed call, and your key or a penny or nickel rubs the side, you wont see it, only a tiny icon, which is backwards.

yes, nice camera, but as a phone, this is JUST ANOTHER VERIZON MOTOROLA RAZR.

Just a pretty RAZR, THATS IT!


Sep 26, 2007 by Jerms1977

I had it for two days and returned it. All it is, is a prettier than average RAZR (Original generation), with a pretty face (Front). I exchanged mine for a LG 8350, which isn't as pretty, but does the exact same stuff.


Horrible Reception
Works like the old RAZR

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