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Overall a great phone


Aug 22, 2009 by c_asplund

I owned this phone from late 2006 until just yesterday when i bought the new mytouch and the pros overweigh the cons by far.


Great battery life (i use it quite a bit during the day and only had to charge it once every two days)

Durable (ive dropped it many many many times and it looks rough on the outside but still works great and the screen never cracked)

Great camera (ive taken pictures while moving and it comes up clear)

Loud Ring Tones (Im an on-call firefighter and the phone wakes me up everytime i get a call)

Great Signal Quality (I live in Washington DC and no problems like i had with Sprint)


You have to power cycle it almost everyday to keep it from freezing or otherwise messing up

The back cover is too easy to bend (again i probably dropped it a thousand times so not such a biggie, also the reason i upgraded)

Overall it is a great durable phone and i still have it as a backup to this day.



Sep 13, 2008 by debbiexpak

overall, i give this a 4.5. it's an amazing phone. the camera is AWESOME & very clear.
so far, i've only had two phones: the samsung e-890 (which is a touch screen) & another samsung phone that's really crappy.
so, this was my first motorola cellphone. & i can definetly agree that it beats samsung by 10000>>>&forever on.
i've had this for over 5 months & it's ahmazing.
i'm serious. the screen is glass, so sometimes i'm afraid it'll break. & if you drop it, it'll probably crack. so try not to drop it. & the feeling of the phone is awesome. it's kind of like a glossy rubbery feel, but its really cool. the menu is awesome but kinda slow. if you're a super fast texter, this phone isn't really good for you. it's sometimes slow.
you have to get used to the slide-ness, cause sometimes, when your finger gets stuck, it hurts real bad. this phone doesnt slide easily.
but anyways, this phone is AHMAZINGx10000. so GET IT! trust me; you won't regret it. the rose color is alot better than the blue. if you're a parent looking for a phone for a 13-15-year old daugter (or son) this phone is great.

Hate it!


Aug 12, 2008 by Oren2

The phone is garbage to a person that is heavy on speed and versatility

-music player
-can switch between sim contacts and phone contacts with ease
-design is sturdy
-comfortable to hold for long calls
-battery talk time

-phone is mad slow
-switching between calls doesn't work well (if it works)
-redial retry rings at normal ringer volume if successful which can be painful
-buttons fall off
-the call hold feature doesn't work
-limited edits to sim card contacts - can't add additional contact information
-when storing a number from recent call list, the add to contact feature doesn't work. It replaces the number anyway.
-sim card is behind storage and impossible to remove without a tool of some sort
-alarm clock, calculator, and calendar is hidden deep in the settings menu

What a disappointment.



Sep 5, 2007 by beeferjay


i have owned many t-mo phones. the t-509, RAZR, e-635, Trace, t-629 and this phone the RIZR.

I was a bit hesitant to recieve this phone as a replacement through warranty but it came with a USB cord and a memory card so i couldn't resist. i have had this phone for a month...plenty of time to love it or hate it.

battery life...6.5 hrs per the moto website is no lie.
sturdy feel, mostly metal casing
nice rubberized coating, resists smudges and dirt
supports 2 gig memory card (lots of video and songs)
camera has sweet little flash, and its a 2 MP.
great volume on the speakerphone and earpiece.
you can take and view pics/video full screen.
you can save downloaded content directly to the memory card (big +)
there are so many more, this is the gist of it

screen is glass and will scratch if you are clumsy
the glass parts like to retain fingerprints.
its a moto, kinda slow. not as fast as a Samsung.
it might freeze if you are in very very low coverage and you get a text.

overall i gave this phone a 5.
it is a great phone and does what a phone should. All the extras are very very nice and make this a great phone.

awesome phone while it lasted.


Aug 22, 2008 by girtart3d

good camera
flash you can use as a flashlight
good speaker
reads mp3s and other formats
good call quality
battery life
looks cool
supports micro sd cards

hard to text
a bit slow
crashes sometimes
chips and scratches very easily, the rubber will look really ugly after a while.

over all its a great phone and i really loved it . its probably almost everything you could possibly ask for in a phone.
but perhaps its too good. i lost it 4 times and got it stolen 2. . if you get it- seriously, watch out for it and take care of it.



Jan 29, 2007 by pandaxlee

I'm personally a huge Motorola fan. I just recently came back from Korea after a year. Coming from phones that now average 7MP cameras and over the head features, I just wanted something that worked. Working in the industry for a while I personally always liked the Motorola's post RAZR. I've had several phones and I really didn't want to get a Samsung, because Samsung's just have a horrible RF receiver on their gsm handsets. Here are some of the PROS and CONS


FEEL: Feels like the PEBL I loved the feel of the PEBL it had this rubberish type feel felt nice in your hand. COLOR is another plus I love the black.

RF: Although I do admit that Nokia's tend to get the best signal wherever I go. I think the RF on the Motorola's have been above average for me. It's been getting a solid 3 bars in my house, where Samsung's get none!

SOUND: The sound is not bad I haven't had anyone complain that they couldn't hear me just yet. The speaker phone is decent although I don't use it a lot.

SCREEN: Screen is brilliant love the vivid color.

CAMERA: It's ok its not the best.


Time: Although I got this problem fixed using certain tools and what not. Now my RIZR shows the time in both analog and digital also it shows the correct tower information.
That was the only CON but after having it fixed no problem at all.

I love Moto


Jul 5, 2007 by witesamurai

This phone is so color, it's like a Motorola version of the chocolate only better. To be fare I have the AT&T version which hasn't been released to the public yet but I imagine they're very similar if not the same.

-MP3 player
-2MP camera with BRIGHT flash
-2MP video recorder again with flash
-Vibrant bright screen
-Sleek look
-Very customizable
-Preloaded with cool wallpapers and screen savers
-Without memory card, still good memory, not enough for more that a few songs but amazing if you don't load music
-Simple to use

Haven't found any problems with the moto yet!

Fantabulous Phone!!!


Jun 6, 2007 by vballplayer

I just got this phone about a week ago. I love it!!!!! Its awesome, its so much fun sliding this phone. It has everything you could imagine!!! i think they could make it a little strider, but still great!! this phone is easy to carry in your pocket it is small, but not to small! my phone has to be able to be drop because i take it everywhere and it has to last a while.

1. It has a lot of storage
2. good camera
3. music player
4. voice recording that you can use for your ring tone
5. the speaker is loud
6. blue tooth
7. video camera
8. has a clock
1. hard to text i don't think you would like it if you text a lot
2. when you use a pic for your screen saver it is blurrier
3. the cover chips easy

over all its a great phone and a love it compared to my Nextel!! i Totally advise you to get this phone!!! i think you will love this phone like i do!!!

It's fun to slide with the RIZR!


Mar 25, 2007 by nflsonic

First, let's get the small list of cons out of the way. A problem that many will think is major is that the the User Interface (UI) is a bit slow. Honestly, it doesn't interfere with my daily calling. I can see it being somewhat of a problem if you are a heavy "texter," of which you should be looking for a different phone anyways unless you are used to the RAZR-like keypad.

Another problem lies behind the phone. The back cover is easy to pry off, but the memory card is another story. You have to push down on one piece of the plastic and then somehow use your thumb to pluck the memory card out. But if you have a data cable, then I don't see why you would need to take out the memory much.

With those cons out of the way, I would like to say that the phone has an amazing feel to it. Very solid construction and a satisfying sliding mechanism equate to a phone that I don't mind playing around with it most of the day!

Call clarity and over quality is superb in the Upstate NY region. Still, there is always someone that can tell you are on a cellphone. But many have said that they hear me a bit clearer than when I was on Verizon's E815. Reception has been great so far.

You can use the included data cable and hook it up to your computer to upload music to play in the included music player. But if want a phone to do music, I recommend checking out the Nokia 5300 first. Aside from that, it plays fine albeit a bit slow and little less friendly as opposed to the Nokia.

As with any phone, check at a store to see if this matches or exceeds your expectations. This is my first slider and even though I love it, I'm still a bit worried about the screen being more exposed to scratches and the like. Definitely find a case and use screen protectors (iPod Nano ones work just fine width wise, but you will have to cut to measure length). Aside from these small worries and cons, I highly recommend this phone.

Blue T-Mobile Motorola RIZR ZR


Mar 26, 2007 by gemaster34

I just got the Blue T-Mobile Motorola RIZR Z3 this Saturday the 24th.

Note: I thought I would never get another Motorola but this surely changed my mind

Pros: Everything
Stereo Bluetooth
Music Player
Can record your own ringtones and their actually worth keeping as a ringtone when your phone rings
Video Camera Quality
2 Megapixel Camera Quality. (Its so good you can seriously replace your digital camera with it)
Loud Speakerphone
IM Client (Yahoo!,MSN, AIM, ICQ)
Skins (Colbalt[I love my Blue], Glow and I believe Alkali)
Full Screen Video and Picture View
Voice Quality
Voice Commands
Can have a Text and MMS Signature
And it does display time on the home screen

This phone is seriously a 10 out of 10.
Its a Great Buy
I'm In Love

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