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Love It And Hate It


Aug 13, 2008 by techgurl88

I think that Motorola's have the best features but very poor quality. I upgraded from the Nokia 6133 and it was a good change. The only bad thing I have to say is....

-slow internet
-buttons fall off very easily
-screen randomly turns white
-sometimes I had to take the batt out the phone for the call to end

Other than that it was a good phone but unfortunately my friend dropped the phone and now it wont come on again!!!

no no no !!!


Aug 6, 2008 by amyjamy

recently I have no service in my home. T mobile says "too bad, nothing guaranteed" this is the third phone I've tried. I had service before for years. phone is ok otherwise, but it needs to work first.

Back it goes....


Jan 18, 2008 by nomoremoto

Beautiful phone, but with SERIOUS connectivity problems, namely NO BARS in a supposedly strong T-Mobile area. I was set to blame it all on T-Mobile until I borrowed a Nokia from my local T-Mobile store and...voila!...three bars in the house.

The RIZR is a great-looking phone, the features worked as expected....it did everything but make phone calls. It worked OK as I drove around town, but in my home (where I'll make/receive 85% of my calls), it might as well have been nothing more than a mediocre digital camera and an OK mp3 player.

At any rate, it's outta here, to be replaced by a Nokia 6263.

But it's a beautiful phone...lol!

I had this phone for about 2 days and loved it!


Sep 21, 2007 by kwleitch

In the short time I had the phone I found the usability of its features to be very good. Although the phone is small it felt solid in my hand and the rubberized texture prevents the phone from slipping as I thumb-operated the buttons. Also, the vibrate alert is great for a phone of such small size. The ability to answer a call w/o opening the phone was a real plus.

Sound quality was excellent, display was bright and clear. The camera it top quality (but make sure you have a large capacity microSD card in the phone)

Motorola Phone Tools supported all the phones features (make sure to update MPT to version 4.3.4 or above) making setting up the phonebook and loading custom ring tones / pictures a breeze.

So why did I give up the phone you ask? The T-Mobile coverage around my office (ZIP Code 84097) was pathetic; their Signal Strength map appears to be overly optimistic. Ended up switching to Verizion which doesn’t offer / support this phone (the phone is GSM and Verizon is CDMA).

Overall I give this phone an A+ rating; just wish there was a CDMA version.



Sep 12, 2007 by jonmac

I had a V3xx that lasted 6 months before it died, and a V3 prior to that. So this is my 3rd Motorola. I was hesitant to buy Motorola again, but since I already owned all accessories, as well as Motorola Phone Tools software, I figured I was already invested enough to not change.

I've now had this phone for a month and I can honestly say it is the best phone I have ever owned. I didn't buy it for "cool factor" but it definitely has that.

I bought an unlocked phone for my AT&T account. It is "not supported" by AT&T, but they are nice enough to tell you that t emulates the KRZR, so setting up the web browser and MMS features was a piece of cake.

It has great battery life
It has a fantastic 2.0 MP camera
It uses all the existing Motorola accessories
It has a huge phone book
It feels very sturdy in the hand
Fantastic reception
Micro SD card can be default storage location
Very few people have heard of it

Too small to rest on the shoulder
The screen is a fingerprint magnet
The keypad is a bit small
The Motorola processor is VERY slow

I gave this phone a five out of five rating. The only real improvement I could suggest would be a faster processor. Any of the other cons I have listed are to be expected with this type of phone, so I knew what I was getting into before I bought it. I paid $169.00 US for the unlocked version. I had to set it up for use on my network, but that was easy thanks to AT&T's new and improved Customer Support. My phone must have been intended for sale in Europe because it came with everything set for England. It even spells things in the Queen's English, such as "Centre" instead of the proper American way, "Center".

If you can get this for under $200 US, you are buying the coolest phone available. Great job, Motorola!



Feb 20, 2007 by ufool71

I have had this phone for about a month now...and i have no troubles with it...its just an amazing phone with all its features..but waiting for the z6 might be worth it if you like to like to mess around with mods



Jul 26, 2007 by deputy608

Best Motorola every.

Dependable, excellent signal on both xmit & receive, rugged, loud clear voice reception.
No Cons!

don't be fooled


Jul 2, 2007 by clk

To be honest, I've never been a fan of Motorola's RAZR line. This is why I was apprehensive about replacing my Nokia 5300 under warranty with this phone. Turns out my apprehension was warranted.

I can only imagine one would be looking at this phone because of its MP3 playing ability and the 2MP camera. Neither of these are very impressive when compared to other phones available on T-Mobile's service.

The MP3 player, on face, seems pretty easy to use. In fact, I found it more attractive than the Nokia music player and better organized. However, when one goes to play music, the device is sluggish, due to the fact that Motorola chose to use an older processor for the phone. This causes everything on the phone to be slow to respond. There is a dedicated shortcut key to the music player, that when triggered accidentally, takes ages to remedy--which can be highly annoying if you expect fast response from your phone.

A benefit of this phone, however, is the construction. It seems to be solidly built, taking several drops in the month I owned it without too much body damage. The screen also is almost impervious to scratching (compared to the Nokia 5300, which I had managed to lightly scuff in the first six hours).

One serious warning, though: if you're a heavy texter, stay as far as possible from this phone. I've never been a fan of Motorola's iTAP technology, and this phone sours me more on it. The sluggishness of the menu carries over into texting, to begin with. The buttons are very difficult to press and not very well differentiated. The memory warning, when almost to capacity on the phone, is hard to understand and causes one to be unable to see who texted them at a glance--which is very frustrating!

All in all, this phone is really only appropriate for people who want a cool looking phone. People who demand performance from their phone or take pleasure in extra features will have wasted their money and time on the RIZR.

RIZR Z3 Pretty Amazing!


Dec 15, 2007 by orgnplyr91

I've had the MotoRIZR Z3 for about a month now. I'm with tmobile in Alabama, and i think their service is pretty good. I've previously had a RAZR and a very crappy Samsung X495. This is by far the best phone I've had so far.
Pros: Picture quality is pretty good, the voice quality is very good, I love the feature of having a very bright LED flash, the voice command feature is really neat because you can use it through your bluetooth headset, the screen is much better than I thought it would be.

Cons: Like everyone else says, the menu is a bit laggy at times, and if you're heavy at texting using the iTap mode, than it goes slow, but it catches up with you. I wish there were more tones and a louder volume for the slider, but that's not a big deal.

Overall, I think this is great phone for it's price, and I think anybody who uses it everyday, and is in to looking at it's features, I think this is the phone for you.

rizr z3


Nov 13, 2007 by joshu24

hi i just go this phone and I've had it for a week now. And let talk about the con of the phone. I don't like how slow it is to start up the phone. I've noticed that with the samsung t629. Which is the phone i had before getting this one. Another thing i don't like is that it doesn't have a regular head set jack like some other phones which i thought would come with it. And the phone did reset its self once already i remember that with the v300 and v350. i am not sure if it's a battery issue or just Motorola's phones.

Now I've already said the cons about the phone. Lets me talk about the pros of the phone.
Well for one the camera takes really good pictures though i wouldn't zoom in a lot on what your going to take a picture of. Because it can leave the picture grainy and blurry. The camera also has a flash which is good because the samsung that i had didn't have a flash. And if you have a mac that doesn't have windows on it you can sync it to your mac. Which is another reason why i bought it. the call quality is good it seems to hold 4 to 5 bars most of the time. But that all depends on where you are at and were the cell provider's towers are. Not so much of what phone manufacture you have. Well aside from the pros and cons
it's a good phone. Other then it resting itself and being a little slow on startup.

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