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Nice, stylish, sleek, and effective phone.


May 4, 2007 by loke204

Coming from Pantech's C120 on Cingular's Prepaid Wireless plan, this phone is a wonder! It has the sleek, sexy feel to it that is very in right now. The call quality is remarkable, the speaker is a little shakey when it comes to playing MIDI files, but it works wonderfully with mp3 files. This is a very nice phone, and it's guaranteed to get you a few ooh's and ahh's from your friends when you answer a call. You are definitely getting your money's worth here. If you're into style, and are okay with forking over 100 bucks for a mid range phone, the RIZR Z3 is the phone for you!

I have the rose version which is a light metallic red, and when you slide the phone out, there is a design of a rose and stem on the back.

Unfortunately, the texting gets a little used to coming from the C120. The C120's space bar was the '0' key, and the joystick made it easy for manually typing out your messages, whereas the Z3's space bar is the # button and it's a little more work to reach up and hit the D-Pad.
The micro SD slot is a PAIN! This is my only solid gripe about this phone. It's easy to get in, but frustrating to get out. Also, the screen attracts fingerprints a bit too easily, so be ready to wipe your screen clean of smudges quite often.

Not Sure Yet


Jun 24, 2007 by cbears8586

This definitely is a great phone but I'm a little picky so my pros/cons may or may not apply for what others are looking for. T-Mobile- Blue

Great camera- can take photos in panoramic or standard format (pan. w slider closed)- flash and light on for video capture great feature also.
Great features- can customize and reorder menus which for me can change order of frequent use or importance.
Speaker phone- not as great as prev motos.
MP3 player- outstanding- easy to use and navigate. Upgradeable memory helps significantly (I have 1G card purchased separately)
Wallpapers- mine did have the animated option.
Music- gen- anything that has an option for a tone or sound (alerts, alarms, etc) you can program any song you transfer to it.
Smart Keys- good locations and customizable.

Text Messaging- difficult to get used to- keys are harder to press and keypad in general is a little small.
Sound Quality- had to exchange due to defect but overall was great with wired headset or blue tooth- but not talking into phone.
Soft Keys- have not found a way to customize- frustrating factor- but a personal preference.
Time- have to open phone to check for msgs, calls and time- frustrating

All in all- great phone- UI is not too slow to be annoying. Motorola had a great feature with the customizing of soft keys with their other models, don't know why they changed it for the KRZR and RIZR. No extended life battery as of yet, but per Motorola said will be coming out with one, but no release date as of yet. For the features it does have- great phone, but for the features my old one had and this doesn't, very frustrating- but are more so personal preferences. It takes some getting used to no matter what. Previous motos had the menus setup the same, this one is the opposite. I encourage anyone to check it out at stores or kiosks before purchasing.



May 28, 2007 by woodrowcooper901

I have this phone and it does everything just great for a phone.It is a phone not a computer there is a hard plastic case designed for it too help with the fingerprints and smudges,and dirt.So dont panic the accessories are out there.And remember it is a phone not a computer.

[...] AMAZING [...] PHONE!!!


Dec 21, 2006 by RIZR ROX 1212

this phone is so amazing! their are so many cool devices like MP3 player and awsome games and graphics. all though the new razr has itunes and the rizr has just a regular mp3 u can also set the songs to ur ringtone... cant do that on a razr! also on the rizr their is a 2.0 megapixel camera with a flash! moto razr is 1.3 no flash : (
i recomend this phone for 3 reosons:

1: MP3 player
2:amazing graphics
and 3: to make ur friends jealouse

Ed. note: removed foul language

Motorola Rizr Red


Jun 23, 2007 by SK90

I love this phone

Great sound quality
Beautiful design
Alarm clock
Great Camera
Easy to text with
Alot of storage
And so much more!!

A bit confusing to navigate the phone at first

Other than that it is amazing phone!! Esp compared to my Nokia 6103 !

Beautiful Phone With Typical Poor Moto RF


Jan 26, 2007 by alevin

Granted, the RIZR is a beautiful phone, full of great features and improved IU, but if the phone can't make phone calls it is of no use to me. I walked from one side of my house to another and like the other Motos I have had in the past, it would go from a full signal to none is just a few steps. I realize that the number of bars really means nothing, but when you get no bars you can't make a call. I had to return it and will stay with the Nokia I have. It may not be as pretty or flashy, but it works.

Cool MP3 player Awful phone!


Jan 21, 2007 by KOZ

This has got to be one of the worst phones I have ever had. As a MP3 player its great as a phone it's terrible.

-Good graphics display
-Great sound on the mp3's

-Sound quality on the phone is awful!!!..I have service with Sprint & Cingular (the Z3 has Cingular)& I don't ever remember having a phone sound this bad when talking to someone.
-The camera takes lousy pictures. For 2MP they should be a lot better.
-The keypad is not user-friendly when text messaging
-Speaker phone is nowhere near the SLVR
-Of course it's a fingerprint magnet
-NO Clock!!?? You have the option for digital or analog, you just wont see it either way.

Overall it has some nice features, but nothing that isn't standard on any other phone too. If you're looking for a cool little toy this is a great selection. If your looking for a good phone that you can actually use to communicate with others than keep looking this is not the one you want. I would highly suggest the SLVR or something from Samsung.

Suxsssss asz


Sep 1, 2007 by Cash Money

It soo stupid restarts reboots and stinks BUY THE BLAST LOL

RIZR keep "Searching" for network all the time


Jul 19, 2007 by yoreljm

I got the RiZR V3 after my friend said it was awesome. It is OK, but I have the following problems:

The camera kinda sucks. The picture looks good until you press the button to take the pic then it suddenly become blurry. The high intensity light feature is crap, as the pic is still horrible when i use it.

The phone is SLOOOW. Everything takes for ever to load. Do not get the phone if you are impatient.

I know that T-Mobile does not have good reception to begin with, but I think the phone it self has bad reception. My phone is always "searching" for a network, which is quite annoying. My previous phone had reception problems, but not as bad as this one. If I reboot the RIZR it will find a network (implying that the network was there all along), but if i don't reboot it searches for a long time.

I was annoyed by the java music player, so i used the other sound player. It will skip automatically to the next song only if you make a play list. Also, with this sound player I can "hide" it and do other things.
If using the java music player, you can't do anything else as you cant remove it from the screen. You cam won't start or anything...highly annoying as i want to be able to do other things with my phone while listening to music (the other sound player allows me to do this).

My biiggest problem is the reception. it is SOOOO horrible. and t-mobile keeps saying "your area gets GREAT reception!" I need a new phone!

Z3 turns OFF or Reboots itself


Jul 14, 2007 by celph

Phone turns OFF itself while talking, taking a photo, video or checking messages.

It will also reboot while just sitting idle.

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