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General Sanyo discussions:

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Jun 12, 2004, 12:38 AM

*** Sanyo 5500 VM-4500 is lacking features ***

Hello everyone. I noticed that the Sanyo 5500 is lacking some features.

1)Voice Memo Ringtones (When someone calls you from your phonebook it will say "Call from (The name of the person that you programmed from your phonebook using your own voice)). Sanyo 4500 has this feature.

2)Countdown timer & Stopwatch. Audiovox/Toshiba 4050 has this feature.

3)Call times. (It shows the total length of the call and total talk time used on the phone). Verizon Wireless Phones has this feature.

4)Different groups for your phonebook such as: Friends, Family, Business, and Personnal. Verizon Wireless Phones has this feature.

5)Animated Screensavers. Audiovox/Toshiba 4050 has this feature.

********************************************* *...
Cactoes Gel

May 11, 2004, 3:03 PM

Voice Memo as Ringtype. How?

I read somewhere in the forums that if you recorded a Voice Memo, you could actually set that as your Ringtype? How do I do that on a VM4500?

Thanks! This is my very first post.
1 reply

May 5, 2004, 7:33 AM

Animated screensavers

just got the pm8200 yesterday, so far a very cool phone. However, I was just wondering if there is some secret to the animated screensavers? I downloaded a couple from 3gupload.com and they are very choppy when they play on my phone. It is not a smooth animation like it is on the website? Any help would be appreciated

Apr 16, 2004, 11:51 AM

Text Messaging upgrade for 5300?

Is there an upgrade for the Sanyo 5300 so that I can do text messaging/SMS on the phone without having to hook up to the Wireless Webb? I can do this on my Sanyo VM 4500 and it is so much better. Thanks
1 reply

Apr 14, 2004, 2:18 PM

Sanyo 8200

I just ordered the red 8200 through telesales. The retail price is $279.99 and it was $306.44 after taxes and shipping. I should be receiving it by Friday or Monday

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Mar 28, 2004, 11:18 PM

downloading thumbnails to 7300, how, use usb cable?

I'm new to the forum and new to the sanyo 7300. I see where we can pay $1.00 for a screensaver download. How can I download a photo to match up with a caller id number? Nothing in the book tells how. They only tell how to download a screensaver. I have a Futuredial usb cable where I can use the phone as a modem. How can I use this cable to download photos? There has to be a way.


2 replies

Oct 21, 2003, 12:38 PM

cellphone gets warm in use

A few weeks ago, we purchased two Sanyo cellphones (4900 & 8100) and have noticed that during use, especially longer periods of use (20+ min. calls) they get "warm." The warmth is located mostly in the battery but is also noticeable in the screen area. Our previous cellphones (Nokia)didn't do this but they used a different type of battery ... is there anything wrong with our phones or is this "natural" with the newer LiIon type batteries?
3 replies

Dec 19, 2003, 5:18 AM

VM4500/SCP-5500 Camera?

Hey guys,

I have a yellowish tint .. when in the camera.. is that the same for you guys? I've heard of it from just one other user.. hmm.. kinda wierd.. also the zoom on this camera sucks..
1 reply

Jan 25, 2004, 3:35 AM

Sanyo 8100


is there a reason that sprint doesn't carry the other colored versions of the 8100 on their website? I went to my local radio shack here in hilo hawaii and i seen the blue one and a purplish colored one.

We don't have a coporate sprint store here so my only option would be to go to radio shack or call sprint.

Is there a difference when purchasing from radio shack rather than from the provider itself?

Also, why is that sprint's website doesn't carry the colored versions of the phone? Any known problems that differ with each color?

thanks replies greatly appreciated.

3 replies
Big Poppa

Apr 2, 2004, 6:39 PM

Possible new Sanyo phone for Sprint??

1 reply

Mar 29, 2004, 5:27 PM

New Sanyo Phones

Does any one know anything about the new Sanyo 4920? 😎
2 replies

Jan 30, 2004, 8:40 AM

Unlocked Sanyo

I have a Sanyo RL2500 that I now have unlocked from the Sprint network. Is there anyone on here that can help me set this up with Verizon? Thank You,
1 reply
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