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Aug 20, 2004, 10:30 PM

Samsung Sch460

Yo is it possible to put ringtones wit voice on my samsung like a nextel kind or is there like a wire/cable i cud use?
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Jan 12, 2004, 10:39 AM

Cing phone---T-mobile service?

I have a cingular phone V400 but i have a T-mobile sim card in it.I can call people and every like that works but i'm not able to download any ringtones or send text messages. do i need to unlock the phone?

If you help me i'll tell you where you can get FREE ringtones. -Thanx
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Jan 13, 2004, 9:56 AM

Unlock a Nokia

How do I unlock a Nokia 3360 so I can swicth it from Cingular to another CMDA carrier???? Please, PLEASE HELP???
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Aug 19, 2004, 7:11 PM

Make phone make a sound when it flips open.

I seen chick that had a Motorola i730 that when she opened it that is made the Home "Doh" sound and was wondering if anyone knew how to do that and if it was possible for the Motorola V710

Aug 19, 2004, 7:05 PM

Photos from Samsunge715 into computer?

Does anyone know of software that would allow me to get photos out of my Samsung e715 into my computer wihtout having to go through the tedious and costly process of e-mailing them to myself?

I do have a serial cable for the phone that I purchased on the Internet.



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Jul 20, 2004, 10:28 AM

Help needed for Inno 90 downloads!

Hi, guys, I just bought an Innostream Inno 90, and started to learn downloading wallpaper from websites. I picked the graphic, paid, they sent me a text message, and I downloaded it to my phone, but I can not use it as a wllpaper. It went to Camera&Media>FileManager>App, and I can't get it out to put into the Image file which I can choose wallpaper from. Please help me out!!!
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Jul 16, 2004, 1:38 PM


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Aug 12, 2004, 8:24 PM

Samsung SCH N370 Vibration tone

Does anyone know if it is possible to silence the vibrating noise on the SCH n370 phone?


Mar 18, 2004, 12:38 PM

Wallpaper for Samsung v206

Does anybody know where you can download new wallpapers for Samsung v206?
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Jun 10, 2004, 9:47 PM

WAP ringtones

Hi mobile friends!
I bet u got modern cell phone and have been looking for cool and cheap ringtones
as many ppl did last time?
Here is one!
You can find there:
Polyphonic ringtones for Siemens, Nokia and other mobiles!
Black&white and colour logos!
Download them at ease from our site using your CSD or GPRS WAP!
Free ringtones newsletter!
Free SMS and email sending!
GPRS and CSD WAP settings for worldwide cellular providers!
E-gold money accounts.

Their url is:
http://wapclub.esmartmusic.com »

Check it and tell me what u think about it?
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Nov 28, 2003, 2:23 PM

Ringtones for Samsung X105

Anyone know where I can download a standard ringtone for the Samsung X105 (T-Mobile). All the ringtones that come with the phone or that are available on the T-Mobile site are annoying songs. I just want a normal ringtone.
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Aug 10, 2004, 5:00 PM

SE47 Non-musical tones

hey world.

I've recently purchased a Kyocera SE47 slider phone with verizon service - we have a couple of ring tone browsers available, and i'm wondering if anyone knows which of them have non-musical tones - i'm shooting for the sound of an analog telephone from back in the day, like an actual bell ringing, you know?

Modtones, MIDIringTones, Ringster, Xringer, MyTonz, tonePlayer, toneMaker, and Yamaha Ringtones.



Jun 17, 2004, 1:27 AM

LG VX5400 "Get it Now"?

i just got the vx4500 and i have a feature called Get It Now that allows me to get all the **** to customize my phone, but for some reason it gives me an error message that reads...."Unable to retrieve catalog. Please try again later.(534)".....if anyone knows what i can do to fix this problem please help me, ive tried again later like 500 times
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Aug 2, 2004, 7:41 PM

Non-musical ringtones please!

A friend bought a Sanyo RL7300 which has a really neat ringtone on it. It's a phone ring then a female voice saying "incoming call". I've looked all around the net for something similar but all I found so far is publicly uploaded stuff that sounds a little too amateur. If anyone knows where I can get hold of a ringtone like that, a site that has similar non-musical professionally recorded tones or perhaps even a cheap/easy way for me to extract the ringtone off my friend's cell phone, I'd be very very grateful!


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Jul 25, 2004, 1:53 AM

Nextel i95 housing installation

i was considering buying an i95 but it requires a new case. how much should i expect to be charged for installation of an aftermarket case? will a dealer do it? can i just move my sim card from my i60 into the new phone and use it with no problems? anything else i should know about the i95?

-Aaron Confused
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Jul 20, 2004, 2:33 PM

Rubber skin for phones (like iskin or exo skin for ipod)?


I just got a new Samsung x426 with my service from AT&T. I'm not to crazy about it's looks, so I'm trying to take it up a notch. My questions is this, is there any company that makes rubber fitted skins for samsung phones? These would be much like the iskins (http://www.iskin.com) that are made for the ipods. They would be tight fitting and perhaps in different colors. I'd really like to take my x426 to a white housing, but I can't find any housings for sale online either. So I thought maybe a colored rubber skin would be a nice touch.

Anybody know of any?
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Jun 1, 2004, 5:34 PM

SPCS Midi Ringtones

Hey can anybody out there give me a few suggestions on websites where I can get good quality & good selection on midi files for my VM4500. I've been using 3gupload.com & it is great & all, but it has many "music" ringers & i'm just looking for a larger selection of midi ringers... please help! ~brodfukker
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May 7, 2004, 7:16 PM

Sanyo 8100

Is sanyo 8200 going to be coming out in the pearl white color that the sanyo 8100 has? I have a bunch of customers that have asked about this along with a bunch of employees.
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Jul 11, 2004, 12:42 AM

How Do I Unlock Nokia 6385?

I have a Nokia 6385 from US Cellular. I no longer use US Cell and I want to use the phone again with another provider and it is locked and needs the "Service Program Code:" in order to change the phone number and mobile id and all the NAM selections etc.

All the info about the phone:
Nokia: 6385
Type: NHP-2AX
Code: 0508902KJ30
ESN: 072/01025763

If you need more info about the phone (please tell me where to look) please contact me thru email jholder@(nospam)centurytel.net
or on this forum.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Jul 9, 2004, 9:32 AM

Sanyo vm 4500 screen resolution size?

Can anyone tell me the actual physical pixel dimensions of the main screen on the Sanyo vm4500? I would like to make my own screen savers and such in Photoshop. One site I found said 96x128, but that turnes out to be too small. Any help would be much appreciated.
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