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printed December 7, 2016
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Motorola i880 / i885


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Your World Connected - The i880 by Motorola


Sep 23, 2008 by snip3rm00n

Being a previous owner of this phone and owning it for almost a year, I have to say that this device is, quite frankly, the best I have ever owned. I only switched to the ic902 because I moved to an area where the Nextel iDEN service is not available but Sprint CDMA is.

1. Solid Build - I've dropped it quite a few times, not even so much as a scratch! Are you sure its not rugged Motorola?
2. Direct Talk - Off network walkie talkie is perfect for communicating where the iDEN network does not exist (provided you're within 6 to 7 miles of the reciever).
3. Fastest Push-to-Talk Network - Give up Verizon! With over 13 years of experience, the Nextel iDEN network has you beat!
4. Wonderful Speaker Quality - Enough said on that.
5. MP3 Player - Nextel isn't always about work, you know.
6. Lightning Fast Data - Even at its slowest its faster than Cingular's 3G speeds.
7. Perfect Pictures - With a 2.0 Megapixil camera, I've always had crystal clear photos. Plus the flash can double as a handy flashlight!
8. Rich Screen Detail: Wonderful quality for viewing the pictures you just took.
9. Precision GPS: Pinpoint accurate so you can know where you are any time you want.

- None -
I've never had any issue with this phone that couldn't be resolved with a call to customer care or just power cycling the phone.

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Jan 20, 2007 by nexteljunkie

Extremely capable in context of multimedia phones as well as durable ones. Quick performing software (R6E.00.01) with incredible screen size and bit rating. Stereo speakers are really loud and boasts a podcast playback ability (important). Keypad has a perfect rigid play to the buttons and lights up vibrantly in the dark. Best phone made by Nextel yet. Reception is outstanding in my market Reno, NV and Nextel is my service provider.

*Large, Bright screen
*Great Camera, with awesome flash
*MP3 player plays Podcasts
*Large outside Display
*Outside play features for MP3
*Amazing Stereo Speakers
*User friendly software
*Rigid keypad
*Phone feels stable in hands and is very durable
*Perfect reception and Walkie-Talkie Service
*Beautiful Design, and paint job
*Rubber bumps to prevent screen scratching
*Strong hinge and auto flip ability
*Micro SD Card
*Surprisingly long battery life

*Extended battery was not entirely appealing on the phone

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Magnificent Phone, and I'm not really a Nextel fan either


Feb 6, 2007 by othersteve

So here's my story. You may recognize me from my scathing review of the (IMO) awful i730 on that phone's page. I was prepared to drop Nextel altogether in favor of Cingular for our business (we have 27 phones). I was seriously just about to switch.

But along with price, the i880 changed my mind. I am telling you, this is the first and only time I have been impressed by just about anything I've seen from Nextel. Nearly all of their phones are complete garbage compared to their competitor's offerings, and I honestly never thought I'd say this, but the i880 is one of the best phones I've ever used, from any carrier. It is responsive and quick, well-made, small enough, comfortable, loud and clear, it sports good reception, GPS, tons of useful software, and above average battery life (WAY above average in terms of Nextel phones... don't believe the numbers here. Battery life is mistated on the spec sheets. It's actually something in the neighborhood of 5 hours of talk time--not 2.7).

I don't have much time to go into detail, but there honestly isn't much I don't like about this phone. The camera is surprisingly good, though I rarely use it. It supports Bluetooth, and, of course, the ubiquitous PTT and off-network Walkie Talkie features. But it feels nothing like the typical Neanderthalic Nextel. It's just a great phone all-round from what I've experienced so far.

If you're thinking of switching--and I never thought I'd say this--give this phone a shot first. If you can score it on retention pricing, you can get it for much cheaper than the outrageous prices you see advertised.


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Amazing Phone


Feb 16, 2007 by Hasan21

I got the new I880 right when it came out and I still have and it because it is a all around phone. It does everything you need to.
Great camera, screen, lights, speakers with a S. i mean come on i cant think of anything from the top of my head that this phone does not have.

Lights on PTT and MP3
Large internal and external screen
Push to open
Battery life
Tough back cover stops scratches
MP3 player w/ Podcast


You can only send limted things and the pictures that can be sent can not be set up as ur wallpaper. Same thing with ringtones bluetoothed ringtones can not be set as your ringtone.

But besides that Amazing PHONE, Highly reccomend it, Trust me you will be impressed

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joe1slvr IS RETARDED(he's probably 90 years old)


Jan 3, 2007 by sycomusic

-this phone is deffinatly nextels best
-beautiful coloring on the outside
-excellent speaker quality
-mp3s sound as clear as they should
-screen seems to flicker a little like those old Crt's did (i dont understand why yet).
-I used to have the i860 and this phone is a huge improvment in style
-reception is still the wonderful same(its nextel it kicks butt)
-new displays allow you to put images on the outside and inside display
-off network walkie-talkie is very handy for me when on jobsites
-phone is solid, super durable like carbonfiber, and JUST PLAIN SEXY (Chicks dig it man)

-if you have an issue with this phone your a moron... plain and simple joe1slvr is retarded(maybe in his 90's)

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Nov 15, 2006 by fyrmedic02

Excellent phone by Nextel. Great features. Reception is excellent. Great battery life for an iDEN phone. Highly recommend upgrading to this handset.

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i885 (boost)


Nov 9, 2006 by madrabbitt

Only had it for a day, but its probably the best boost phone out yet.
2.0 mega pixel camera takes good 1600/1200 shots
(see for example pic)
Soft touch feel, comes with micro SD card, PLUS adapter AND card reader (usb) and stereo headphones.

Display is huge and crystal clear.

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Great Phone


Nov 11, 2006 by bo67

I'm not sure why others haven't rated this phone a perfect 5. Phone has great signal and call quality plus all the bells and whistles. What more could you want in a mobile phone?

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Nov 2, 2006 by sparkles01

The i880 is an all around great phone. The large display and front facing speakers. I have to say i Love this phone

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Nextel i880


May 9, 2007 by radiotel

This is an excellent piece of equipment on an excellent system.

1)"DC": For all you on other companies; SHOW ME HOW THE 2-WAY RADIO WORKS on: GSM? CDMA? I thought so! Nextel can connect across continents in .003 thousands of a second. Try that with GSM.

2) Nextel is for BUSINESS, got it? It is not for your snot-nosed kid to text message on or download pink ring tones only. It is a tool box for professionals.

3) Clear loud audio.

4) If you are dropping calls, then stop your car and finish your call where it works. The point of communications is to reduce the amount of time it takes to convey intelligence, not to allow you to pick up on chicks without dropping a call. Nextel delivers VM messages, or pages, or data point to point in seconds. Communications is not convenience.

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