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Samsung SGH-D900 / Black Carbon


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Phone was great...Until it died.


Jan 26, 2007 by lilman10

I bought this phone in August of 06. This phone was everything I hoped for and more.
Slim design
Great reception
Good battery life

Then the screen died on me one day. Since then I have called Samsung US, Samsung UK, the company I bought it from, and then Samsung US again.

Samsung US told me that since the phone was not in their system, they could not repair my phone. They advised that I call Samsung UK, since it appeared to be a UK phone. I bought a calling card and called Samsung UK hoping that they could help me.
Samsung UK let it be known that since I don't have a UK address, they couldn't fix my phone either, since they wouldn't send it back to the US. They then informed me that the warranty on the phone was a global warranty, and that Samsung US could indeed fix my phone.
I called Samsung US back and spoke to a supervisor. She told me that what Samsung UK told me about the global warranty was untrue. She needed to check on some things and would give me a call back in 15 minutes. 3 days later I gave them a call back. I tried to escalate it to a supervisor again. They basically told me that they couldn't help me with my warrantied Samsung product. I actually got hung up on by a supervisor. Fing idiot had no recollection of talking to me or hanging up on me when I called him back 10 minutes later.
My last hope was to call the online retailer that I bought the phone from. They again told me that the warranty was global. They suggested that I call Samsung. :\

The worst part about this whole run around is that they have since then released this phone, this exact phone, in the US under a different name.

Ok I'm lying, the worst part is that I have to go back to my Moto V551. Moral of the story: Don't buy phones online.

Pure joy!


Jan 3, 2007 by PDXMatt

Where to start?

This is by far the most fun phone I have own. An absolute gem. I ordered the limited edition wine colour and it is stunning! The fit and finish of the phone is second to none. It feels so great in the hand. It slides with a smooth ease that is only rivaled by it's Samsung T629 cousin.


Solid reception
Camera/Pic quality
Ease of music player
QVGA screen
Fit and Finish quality
Ringtones sound great
Earpiece clarity
Strong vibrate mode
Built in photo editor
A2DP Stereo headphone support
Above average (thin phone) battery life


Menu can be confusing.
Received pics small (?)
Cannot set custom tone for messages
Speakerphone only average

It's hard to find many flaws in this device. I love the reaction I get from my fellow phone geeks when they see it. Above and beyond that, it just feels and performs like the $300+ price suggest it should. I'm extremely please with this purchase.

Can't Complain this phone is the REAL!


Nov 7, 2006 by BLakers51

This phone is awesome no flaws to it Samsung Hit It Big!

- Nice screen
- Good sound quality
- Slim
- Well made
- Awesome camera 3 Mega pixels
- Awesome video
- Streaming video (may vary)
- Stylish
- Flight mode
- Edge
- Easy slide
- Good battery hold
- Flush keys
- Many games standard (may very)
- Great signal

Cons: NONE!

Terrific form factor, horrid performance


Oct 11, 2006 by Kebs

Coming from the Nokia campgrounds, I was excited about the D900. Thinner than any phone I know around, this phone is arguably the best phone to schlep around in a suit - lightweight, thin, and nonobtrusive. It's great when wearing jeans that don't have much of a pocket to haul around a brick, and even better when in a shirt pocket.

As a camera, it doesn't get much better than 3 megapixels! This phone's taken alot of candid shots at weddings, random pictures of scenery, and it's performed wonderfully. Not much to complain about it as a camera phone, other than I would've preferred the camera on the non-sliding portion of the phone.

However, I wouldn't use this phone to record videos; videos come out fairly pixelated when in motion, square-blockish and choppy at its worst. I prefer using the highest resolution/quality settings for videos, but checked out different combinations of the settings, and it still performs terribly.

What's the worst is that the D900 is the WORST as a phone! The D900's ability to get a solid signal is seriously the worst I've ever experienced! I've used this phone in a variety of urban and open environments - outdoors in a park, indoors in a building, home, work, airports - and on average, I'll be able to make/receive calls about 30% of the time. That is NOT acceptable for a $300+ phone!!!

Forewarning about battery life: you MUST charge it every day.

On an aesthetic point, the menu font looks incredibly cheap. The deeper menus themselves can be confusing at times; even some Samsung users have tried my phone and can't get the hang of it. Nokia users can pick up any Nokia model and feel right at home, which is what I expected when using this phone. Sadly, that wasn't the case for me.

While I love the fact that it's so thin and small, I can't give a positive recommendation for the D900 if it can't even adequately perform its most basic function - to place and receive calls.

Simply Outclass


Sep 18, 2006 by marscraft

I have recently upgraded my phone and requested this phone as my upgrade.Its a great phone extremly user friendly, great screen resolution, nice mp3 function
The slider is form-factor that is definitely up to date at the moment, has flawless spring mechanism and cleverly hides the bulge of the 3-megapixel camera, which quality in outdoor photos make it one of, the best one among the cellphones nowadays
What you will notice immediately is how thin the phone actually is and how well it fits in your hand, with solid built construction (producing no crackling noises) that other phones would be jealous of. You can use just one finger, putting in on the d-pad below the slightly raised surface, to open the phone’s slider, as its movement is supported by flawless spring mechanism, which helps you to open both gently and fast. Exactly the same goes for closing it – you won’t experience any problems, as the designers of Samsung Mobile have provided enough space for your fingers (you don’t have to touch the display as it was with the bulky N80) and the constructors have done wonderful job with the mechanism.

Best RF performance (signal straight) and voice quality.
Music player is just cool and the phone adapter is nice
Numeric keys are almost perfect
Stylish design with small dimensions and solid construction.
One of the best cameras in mobile phone at the moment.
Bright QVGA display with detailed and realistic image.

Not found any

And I thought the D600 had it all!


Aug 17, 2006 by Dman51

This phone has it all it is awesome. I have the D600 but have already ordered my long due upgrade to the D900 ITS FINALLY HERE. The D900 has 3megapixel cam instead of 2 also it supports Itune songs unlike D600 also it has EDGE data instead of basic so it transfers in 2X the speed. Those are just some of the upgrades but there are many more. The main upgrade is it is so thin i can barley see it from the side LOL this phone is thin packed in like sardines but I LOVE IT another A+++++++++++++++ for samsung.

Ed. note: removed commercial message

Samsung D900


Aug 19, 2006 by nyandrews

I just picked up this phone and it is more than I expected. The sound quality and reception are better than the RAZR I had. The camera is quite good. The screen is amazing. The software provided is very user friendly.

The one con that kept me from buying the phone a little earlier is the proprietary charger. Why in this day and age they did not use a mini USB is beyond me.

the good and the ugly


Aug 31, 2006 by kevin450

i bought the d900 unlocked using it in Montreal on Fido(i work for fido as a customer service rep) using it on fido and the first month was pretty good, its a great phone extremly user friendly, great screen resolution, nice mp3 function(i have 2gig micro sd) camera is great, flash is useless but in the day pictures are very nice, the phone also never gets glitchy like my D&G razr that stalls alot, this is very smooth, i had the x820 before and theyre both very good. Now where this is good there is also bad, since about after a month my phone keeps turning off by itself at random times, sometimes it wont happen all day but than it just goes crazy on me, sometimes i slide it down and it shuts off, turn it back on it shuts off. dont get me wrong i love the phone, best phone ive had by far but i just cant wait to get this fixed!!!!!!

Don't buy this phone


Sep 1, 2006 by kavinnguyen

This phone is one of the best looking phone on the market. But I've been having a few problems with this phone, and I've notice that many people experienced the same problems too. First of all is the sliding design feature. It's a bit "wobbly". Anyways. I also own the Samsung T809 (D820) and it's slider is very smooth and solid. The D900 seems a bit loose. The menu in the D900 is not very appealing at all. Secondly, this phone does not get very good receptions. And please don't blame it on the service provider. I'm with T-Mobile and they have great signal. My T809 gets very good reception. The BIGGEST problem that everyone seems to be experiencing is when you make a call, the phone would restart. Meaning it turns off and on again. I experienced this on the 3rd day I use this phone. After a month it gets worst. When you slide the screen down, it turns off. When you press menu, it turns off. When you make a call, once in a while it would turn off. And I'm sure that everyone has this problem. I this phone is still in it's beta stage, and eventually they will take this model off the market or come out with another similar, more workable model. Anyways, the D900 sucks, don't buy it unless the fix these problems. Don't get my wrong, the phone is great......only for the first 2 weeks. I'm glad it has a 1-year warranty.

this he is a winner


Apr 25, 2007 by anelroa

he is really a winner, a very good creation of samsung, as always to the vanguard of the technology by you raise of the other companies. thin and strong extreme design to blows. perfect to take it where it is due to his so very small weight.

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