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Samsung SGH-D900 / Black Carbon


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all that glitters......


Mar 11, 2007 by nokiarules

I'll start by writing, I can not recommend or not recommend this phone. It is beautiful, feels nice, great in a shirt pocket, as it is so thin and light.
Most of the menu is very logical and simple to use. Of course it is, they pretty much coppied Nokia, but could not, quite emulate Nokia' perfection.

Just about every aspect of the menu is the same EXCEPT, profile settings. If you work in an industry, where at a moments notice, you have to shut up.. POW Nokias profiles are quick and easy to change. This phone, the samsung, after a week of using it, I have no idea if it even has that feature. AND I still can't figure out how to silence the keypad. I am NOT kidding. I text a lot, and the keytones are so loud, people in other rooms can just about here the keys being pressed. Very annoying. Which is a shame as other than Nokia, this is the easiest phone to text with. Not as many texting features as with Nokia, but still very good compared with most of the garbage out there.

I read Kebs review, and agree with most of it, other than the camera location part. If memory serves me correctly, Keb prefers the camera on the NON sliding part of the phone.
Which would expose the lens. By having the camera on the back of the front piece, which slides up from being protected by the back piece. the lens is therefore protected,
I had the older slim slide some time ago, and believe it was the opposite of this phone. though can not remember for sure.

Samsung. If you are going to copy Nokias menu, do NOT change anything. They got it right. I still keep my old Nokias. Depending on where I am working, I need a phone with no surprises. And while I do enjoy the samsung, as about a fifteen year, many, many Nokia model user, they never let me down.

Make the menu identical to the Nokia, get the Carl Zeiss lens for the camera. Keep the rest of the phone exactly as it is....and nothing would be better.... unless Nokia made it!

Excellent phone WoW!


Feb 10, 2007 by ryanop

This is the best phone I'v seen yet.


Comfortable in your had
Easy slide
Big screen
Video capable (My Favorite Feature)
Very nice camera
Good sound (For such a small package)
Good battery life(Considering all the features)
Excellent reception(T-Moble)


Well worth the money!
If you have the money and you want an Excellent phone, BUY IT!



Jan 20, 2007 by HenriWizkid

This phone is the best in the market, and the coolest i think. i mean, you just don't get better than this. great sound quality, brilliant display, great games, i downloaded some more of my carrier website.

Brilliant display
Great sound for calls and music
Such a sleek design, smooth slide
Awesome keyboard
Great camera
Easy to use
Expandable memory

Of course, these are just some of the pros i find on the phone. there are just so much more.

Cons: NOT AT ALL!!!

Style over substance


Jan 14, 2007 by durtysnkrs

Bottom line: gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, but frustrating. if u want people to be jealous, let them look but not touch.

-Beautiful, stylish, sleek
-Screen has the best resolution and brightness I've even seen on a cell phone
-Slim, pocketable
-Gets noticed

-Reception is crummy. Has a hard time holding the call during hand-off from cell tower to tower. I know this because the call will get weaker and weaker, and down to no bars, and as soon as it drops the call, 5 bars. Very irritating. Doesn't it do everywhere, and not as bad as my old Samsung 777f, which was a real turd. By comparison, my old Razr rocked on signal.
- Another irritating reception issue, below 3 bars, forget it. Either you can't hear them, or they can't hear you. I suspect no US carriers picked up this phone because of the reception issue. I also imagine it works better in Asian cities; probably much higher cell tower denisties.
-Camera res is high, but pics only seem to be focused in the center. Edges are blurred. Flash is weak, but again better than the 777f.
-slider action is a little loose. does not inspire confidence about long term durability. I learned to push it all the way open with my thumb so the slider isnt loose and wiggling while I talk on the phone
-Inability to directly access the expanded memory card from PC makes it virtually useless for uploading music. YOu have to put the music on the phone memory from the PC, which fills up quick cause its only 60 meg, then use the phone to move the files to the memory card. pretty useless as a music player
-the scratch tone when dialing numbers is distracting and irritating, and the way the numbers typed display doesnt resemble typical phone number format. probably because phone is imported.
-feature that remembers where u last were is confusing. it can also get u in trouble if u sent an incriminating text message to a fb and then your bf/gf borrows your phone to text. I learned this one the hard way.

This Phone Rocks


Jan 3, 2007 by Draklore_karas

And here is why.

this phone has an amazing 3.0 megapixle camera. one of the main reasons i picked it up. i have had many phones in my life, from many companies and this is the best one ive had yet. the media player is ever well done, and the reaction {load} time is acceptable. as with all my phones this one is unlocked. the only thing i have not tried is the web browser... so this is an area i can not comment on. as sad as it is.

media player
menu speed

the menu system remembers where u last were {this might be a pro... im not 100% sure}

web browser

thank you

very good, only a couple issues


Nov 26, 2006 by chicorazon


Screen: excellent display!

Call volume: overall pretty good

Camera: picture quality is fantastic in the right conditions, great autofocus

Keypad: responsive, well spaced, though the flush makes it difficult to type w/o looking

Ring volume: considering the size of the phone and the fact that the sound comes out of the earpiece, it is fairly loud.

Music player: finally will play in the background, go Samsung!!! Works well overall.

Ring & vibe: finally!!!!

General functionality: very quick and responsive, well organized, good interface. good customization options.


Slide: works well, but seems much looser than that of the d600.

Reception: not the best I've experienced, but not the worst either. But that's why I use Cingular.

Battery life: varies, will last 2 days with limited internet/java usage, 1 day with significant voice and data usage. Get a car charger.

Themes: great for a world traveler, not so useful for somebody who isn't. Would have been better with the option for use of different themed backgrounds regardless of location.


Shutter speed on camera: given, it is a 3 megapixel camera, but the shutter is very slow and requires almost no movement on the part of the subject of the picture

Text message composition: probably just a defect in my phone, but when I compose a text message to a specific person and send it, it says that i am sending it to the person either above or below that entry, even though it is sending to the correct person.

Ringer: for some reason, the last 2 Samsungs I've used have rung very quietly for the first second or two, then escalated to the full ring volume. I suppose it can be useful for meetings, so you can catch it before it gets loud, but it's a little obnoxious overall.

Menu: when you leave the menu and come back, it automatically places you on the last place you left off, which is sort of counterintuitive.

While I'm critical, overall I'm very satisfied.

Phones pretty sweet if not in US


Nov 16, 2006 by clarko

I just bought the phone from a company in Canada.I live in California and I have Cingular and everything works pretty good but you cannot use media net to download ringtones or graphics or anything for that matter.
The phone as a phone is pretty sweet the camera is awsome but you cannot send pictures messages with it. Music Player is awsome because it plays anything you can think of itunes, wav ..etc.
The slider is alright but for paying close to 400 i would compare it to the t809 with tmobile kinda cheap.
The default settings are kinda hard to deal with but im one who likes full user customization and this dosent really offer that. You only have a choice of black and white skins and about 12 default wallpapers which kinda gets old since you cannot download new ones.
Overall i would say this phone would be great if you could customize in a little better. Wouldnt recommend buying if in the US.

Chocolate Killer


Nov 13, 2006 by mndynasty

So sad to see that no US carriers are carrying this phone. They could easly call this phone the chocolate killer.

video player
mp3 player
and so much more i can't list.

The menu remembers where you were last. i guess that could be both pro or con.
yeah thats about it.



Sep 11, 2006 by stivo

I've had it for about a week and I love it! Everything works great although I have found some bugs/software issues. The camera is great and the video is very good. The software has some great features like lateral menus (you don't have to back all the way out to get to a related feature, just use the side keys). Although, when transferring contact, there's a bug where I get an invalid date in the birthday field that has to be corrected before it will allow you to save. Also the lack of Mac OS X sync support is a drag, but hopefully will be addressed soon.

Great Phone WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 18, 2006 by salmanzk

A week earllier I bought this phone. Its looks & feels great, Image and soud quality is cool.
What else do do you want from a mobile? If you compared to its rivals, the N73, the K800, the N80, etc it is much slimmer and better looking, with stylish design and solid construction quality.

The slider is form-factor that is definitely up to date at the moment, has flawless spring mechanism and cleverly hides the bulge of the 3-megapixel camera, which quality in outdoor photos make it one of, the best one among the cellphones nowadays

Stylish design with small dimensions and solid construction.
One of the best cameras in mobile phone at the moment.
Bright QVGA display with detailed and realistic image.


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