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LG enV VX-9900


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The Ultimate


Apr 18, 2008 by fack

This phone is the best. If you didn't have to have the phone open to use speaker phone it would be perfect.

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Apr 17, 2008 by jabes

This phone is awesome. The battery life is great. Very handy key board for Texting witch is grat for the texting and email. The phone is very clear and has great reception. The only downside is the outside screen is small and the bulk. Everything else is great.

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Would love to have! ♥


Apr 11, 2008 by Soulauna

So i did my research on this phone.
Seems great.
Except for the simple fact that..............
Dun DUn DUN! Hahaha suckers who bought it.
Geuss What? Theres a new one coming out.
Its called The EnV 2.
Its even better omfg.
and it's coming out only a few weeks later then this one. FOR THE SAME PRICE!

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Really LG?


Mar 27, 2008 by musicizlife

ok in December 2007 i got this phone for Christmas because i was so stoked bot it.
it turns out this phone SUCKS i have had it for four months and have had 4 replacements. there arnt many good reasons to get this but ill list them

the keyboard
the camera

the bulkiness
talking on it SUCKS no one can here me and i cant here them
the is bad my messages wont send
i have to turn off my phone to see the pictures i just took and it arranges my pics all around the place
i barely touch the charger and it comes out
music sucks, you cant multitask on it so every time i get a text it turns it off

i am getting a samsung phone now I'm done with the enV


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Mar 24, 2008 by jennifer37814

OK, I really really disagree with some of these "negitive" reviews. This phone is great. Granit, there are a few cons, but the pro's totally outweigh the cons. I LOVE the sound quality and POWERFUL vibration. PIC and video quality is OK. I really don't like how video didn't have a "flash" option like the Samsung Alias did. With the camera flash, you have to select the option every time you want to take a pic. Not so bad. I love the keypad. It's awesome! Totally suitable for any size fingers. I owned the Samsung Alias for about a month, and I traded it for the EnV cause the Alias was just too small! The thing I dislike most about the EnV is it's small external display. I think LG did an awesome job designing this phone! You can't tell that it's got a keypad from the external view, it just looks like your average phone. I like that because it keeps people from stealing it. However, there are some people who know what the EnV is. Anyway- I'd highly recommend this phone! I love the navagation system...FULL GPS!!!

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Interesting experience


Mar 18, 2008 by rpraderio

First off I think the Env is a very nice phone. But, there are a few things that happened to me that caused some frustration. When I first got my env, i was very excited. I opened it for the first time and it made this high pitched buzzing. Frustrated at the glitch my brand new phone had i went down to the verizon store and they said they could get me a new one. Once I got my new one, i was very happy because it didn't buzz at all. But unfortunately the build quality of the phone was horrible. The battery wiggles around, the phone creaks at the plastic seams, the side buttons make very loud cracks when you barely tap them, and the "U" key on the qwerty keyboard sometimes doesn't work. I've learned to deal with these and enjoy the phone for what it does well, such as text, make clear calls and take amazing pictures. Will I be buying an LG again, probably not, but to anyone who is thinking of purchasing the env, go for it. Though mine has some build problems, its probably just a lemon.

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lg env


Mar 12, 2008 by robbby

ive had this phone for 9 months now and its the best phone ive had yet. i text all the time and the qwerty keyboard makes it so much easier for me

- qwerty keyboard
- the battery life is amazing! mine has lasted days without charging
- internal antenna
- interior menu-- its great
- speaker phone
- great camera
- amazing reception. i have service everywhere

- extremely bulky
- small exterior screen
- cannot use speaker unless phone is opened
- only holds 50 texts!! this is the most annoying thing of this phone. its a texting phone so it should be able to hold like 500 instead

i really like this phone except for the whole bulky part. its so annoying in my pocket. its bulkiness can be a good thing in certain situations because when i drop it absolutely nothing happens. a lot of people say they do not like the exterior display but i actually like it. if you love texting i definitely recommend this phone. my friend has the alias and that phone is the hardest thing to text on. the internal buttons are so tall and long. the main annoyance of the env is the fact that it can only hold 50 inbox texts. come on!! it should be able to hold so much more! another thing is that whenever its in my pocket like lint gets caught in the inside screen. its not like huge pieces its just little tiny pieces get caught in the speaker part of the phone and its annoying to get them out

this is a great phone! i rate it a 4.5. i think the voyager would be about a 5 because the touch screen is just genius!

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Reliable reception


Feb 26, 2008 by CJ068

This phone LG 9900 env outperforms another phone I had gotten when I renewed my subscription with Verizon. I'm in an extended area part of the year and it never has failed to connect or receive. The 1st phone I got didn't and it was not very loud. This phone also connected to my bluetooth equiped vechile flawlessly. I really don't use the other features but they said it would connect very good and it has. Battery life is very good also.

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Ehhh...not too good


Feb 21, 2008 by techygirl123

Not a very good phone. Once in skool, my friend got her EnV taken away cuz it turned on and unlocked in her pocket and started taking pics.

~Full Keyboard, then again, lotsa phones have that now
-THE BEST camera... for a phone
-The buttons are really big, so its easy to txt

-So big, its like a brick
-Can unlock in ur pocket-- if it can FIT in ur pocket
-It has an annoyingly small screan on the fron
-Not very good sound when calling
-Hardly any options

This phone isnt special in any way, shape or form. I think the Samsung u740 is 20 times better. Its smaller, sleeker and it wont turn on in ur pocket/ purse.

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Love the Features...BUT...


Feb 21, 2008 by TitusGirl

I am now on my second LG-EnV phone. (not that the color matters so much, but I have had the green one both times)

This is my first time for owning an LG phone, my previous phones were Nokia's and Motorola's respectively, so maneuvering around it's features took a bit of getting used to. I love the phone for texting, listening to music and playing games.

My problem arose when I accidentally dropped the phone from my pocket into a clean toilet stool for approximately two seconds. I understand that water damage is not a direct reason for deciding on a phone's worth. But I did drop my Motorola Pebble into a full glass of Sprite once for at least five seconds and afterwords it continued to work without any problems at all. The En-V however, did not.

*Wonderful wide screen when opened up for gaming and texting.
*While it may be bulky, it makes it easier to find in my purse.
*Decent battery life.
*Fun colors and options.

*Smaller front screen
*Lack of access to options from front screen.
*Can be cumbersome to use without Blue-tooth device (esp. while driving, though I acknowledge this is no-no)
*Easily broken if dropped (so I might not recommend for a child to use, though my 12 year old has this phone and is doing fine.)
*Not very water friendly! :)
*Text messaging can be tricky.

So, overall I really enjoy the phone and it's features. I'd recommend however, just be careful with it!!

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