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Nov 24, 2010 by baldo

Been using this phone for 2years now and the only problem I have is the camera's slide and lack of wifi... everything else is awesome.

Tried to match and compare this phone to other high end phones because I'm looking for a new phone, but N73's feature is still good...

In the Philippines where everything is changing according to the trend, N73 is still flowing with the newest trend...

slide of the camera is not activating if it's old // joystick

everything. especially the camera...

Not that bad...


May 16, 2010 by zizouzidan

Ive had this phone for a few months and it was great. the only thing is it turns off once in a while, randomly, so i sometimes don't get calls or messages. I have no idea what it is, i updated the software, rebooted my phone and got it back to factory settings but it doesn't work. I also know some people have the same problem but, i don't care because it is soooo good.
Pros: Amazing Camera
Good music volume
side buttons not confusing
Good lighting in screen
Sleek and professional

Cons: Mini SD
Feels kind of cheap
Front camera is bad (like all phones)
The software problem

Better than the N80!


Oct 28, 2006 by peyman99sf

Hi, I give this phone a perfect 5 out 5 for the following reason:

Picture quality is as good as my digital camera.
The phone has dual stereo speakers so its very nice waking to the alarm in the morning

Sound quality and speaker phone quality is the best, and I've used alot of phones...

I also have the N80 and I would def. rate this higher


Worth The Money-Another Nokia Home Run


Mar 16, 2007 by Steven2420

After months and months with Windows Mobile Devices, I switched back to a Symbian platform,and I am very happy I did. The stability of Symbian is a refreshing change from freeze-ups and reboots, and hard resets. Acknowledging that there is NO perfect OS available, I would rate the Symbian OS one of the best on the market. I purchased mine (N73-ME-Black) from Phonesource.com, and I am extremely pleased.


Great RF, Nokia, "You think"
Beautiful and very large screen-QVGA-very bright and crystal clear
The handset is light and easy to grip, and feels very solid
Battery is typical Nokia, it "loves you long time"
The keys are a very firm and have a nice click to them when pressed
Nice joystick, easy to use and very responsive
Internet is super fast, although not 3G, you really do not notice
Bluetooth is good, no issues so far
Camera (3.2MP) is the best feature, almost too good to believe on a phone. I have heard many people say that is not important, and that is fine. Use this camera and then tell me that!!!!! It is just as good as my 5MP Canon Camera.
Music Player is 2nd best feature, with stereo speakers on the top and bottom, the sound is as good as any ipod I have seen.


No 3G, I love 3G
No WiFi, not a problem
Nokia Pop Port-wow-the evilness of proprietary hardware

This is another great Nokia product, and for people that are looking for a business phone first, with good PIM exchange and fast e-mail, this is much better then a full blown Pocket PC!

Very Good Phone


Aug 24, 2006 by themightylife

I bought this phone from an Ebay store for use with Cingular. I have had it for about a week and, so far, I am pretty happy.

The multimedia functions of the phone are great. Music, video, photos, slide shows, etc. I have to say that the photos are only good in the best conditions. I was dissapointed that the camera was not nearly as sharp as my very tiny, 2.0mp Sony camera. The gallery mode is awesome!

The size is pretty nice. It is almost the exact dimensions of a SLVR (but twice as thick).

The biggest issue is that I still get those annoying 'out of memory' warnings that I got on my 6682. This is with all applications closed and plenty of room on my phon and SD card. What is going on Nokia?

If you are a fan of the Symbian OS and you want to carry one device that will do photos, music, internet, video and, oh yeah, a phone... This is a good choice..

Pretty Good Camera
Great Screen
Stereo speakers
Lots of Symbian apps

Memory errors.
earpice volume could be louder
Nokia Pop-port connector ( I am not a fan)

N73 Rocks the D900


Sep 11, 2006 by bothfly

I got the N73 a few weeks ago and thought it was a great phone.
First and foremost is the battery. It lasts a very long time. Calls, text, mms, internet and it goes and goes. I had gotten used to charging my phones every day to every other day. The N73 can go 3 days easy wit med/heavy use on a charge.
Second is the camera. The best shots I have ever seen on a phone. Auto focus is great. No blurry pic's and the flash gets it right. Here is one reason I picked the N73 over the D900. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old. Hard for her to stay still for a picture. The shutter lag on the D900 always made the shot blurry. On the N73, even though both phones have autofocus, the N73's shots come out clear and crisp. Can't figure out why, but the camera is worth the price.
As far as Nokia's UI, its near the top of the phone list with Sony. You can do anything with the UI on the N73. Saves pic's to the mem card. Plays MP3's as rigtones, FULL Mp3's not making you cut them down and save to the phones mem, like the D900. I could go on and on.
Yes, the D900 is super slim super cool slider phone with a 3 mega pixel camera. But it will frustrate you in a few days because of its limitations. Get the N73, and yes you will feel it bump around a bit in your shorts, but evertime you pull it out to use it, the phone that is. It will be great.
The 1 and only thing Nokia missed was leaving out the A2DP BT stereo support.

Better than anything AT&T can give you


Oct 11, 2008 by someguy805

Many moons ago, I bought a W810i. It was brilliant. It also got dropped in water. Insurance sent me various flavors of braindead and broken phones (Pearl 8100, Samsung SGH-a707, W580i, LG Shine CU720) before office of the President stepped in and gave me $200 to buy this phone. It beats them all.

It runs a real smartphone OS, which means real applications and real PDA functionality.

The camera is fantastic. Pictures are crisp and vibrant. Video could be passed off as coming from one of those "Flip Video" sort of cameras.

The media player flat-out makes sense. It's easy to use, lets you send it to the background, and holding a button (with the most recent firmware) immediately brings up the 'Now Playing'.

Battery life has not been a problem. It's not quite the ten days my old
W810i managed, but it's by no means bad. I use it moderately and charge it every third day. Charging is incredibly quick.

At the maximum brightness the screen is uncomfortably bright, which is a very good thing.

In the Nokia tradition, RF, signal acquisition and holding, and voice quality are stellar. Calls are loud and clear, and my mom can't be convinced I'm not on a landline. The speakers on the top are loud and clear.

The keyboard is a bit cramped, but I'm used to that sort of thing. The joystick is a bit low-rent.

The front camera is dreadful, but you already knew that.

It uses Nokia's smaller, spindlier charging connector (but comes with an adapter - don't bin that old charger just yet) and Pop-Port. They're not flawed, but a 3.5mm headset jack and miniUSB are better at this sort of thing.

It is quite thick.

Symbian OS v9.1 requires applications to be signed. There is no surefire workaround for this. It's occasionally slow.

No SDHC support means you're limited to 2GB, and miniSD means yet another adapter.

This one is a keeper


Jan 24, 2008 by bladefilms

I can't complain about this phone. This is a must have. Definitely one of the best in the industry.

One of the best in the NSeries!


Sep 8, 2007 by juanitro

I own it for a couple of months and I can say it's great!!!

I updated it to ME new version getting the great music player, PTT and i have AD2P!!!!!! the symbian s60 works perfectly and i wouldn't change it



Aug 15, 2007 by mikosi718

This phone is amazing there are no other words to desctibe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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