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Went back after 36hrs


Nov 2, 2006 by cavman

This review is coming from a happy RAZR (V3i) owner who was interested in an HSDPA clamshell.

First the Good:
1) 3G. Speed was amazing despite this phone only supporting 1.8 HSDPA, not the full 3.6 HSDPA.

2) Bluetooth. Synched quickly and effortlessly with my computer, my V3i, and my car. Did not get to try the A2DP headphone profile.

3) Screen. Even though it is 65k, it was very bright and large enough for limited browsing.

4) Music capabilities. Played music well and speaker was pretty good. Comparable to the V3i speaker.

Now the Bad

1) Chimes/Dings: After every conceivable thing you do with this phone it gives you these cutesy dings/chimes. I wanted to throw this phone out the window after 5 mins. Not suitable for business use at all.

2) Browser. Built in browser is unuseable. Every website says "website too large" and sends you back to the medianet home. If I wanted to surf WAP sites I wouldn't need HSDPA! So you download Opera mini (a great product by the way) and are on your way, only to find out that the phone asks you whether you want to use HTTP every single page you change. Yes, people have found some work-around but without a lot of software, know-how and a usb cable (none of which is included) it rendered web surfing infuriating.

3) RF-garbled even with 4-5 bars. My Cingular coverage is tremendous, the V3i always sounds clear, this sounded like I was in the men's room. Other people were difficult to hear even with speaker on highest volume.

4) Form Factor-It really wants to be a RAZR but it just isn't. It is chunkier in the pocket, flimsier in the hand (flip feels like it could break at any moment), and cheap feeling plastic. Keypad is horrible. #s are too spaced out.

I could actually go on and on but I am out of space. In conclusion, if you are a current RAZR owner I would avoid this phone. I don't think you will like it.

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Could Still be great


Jun 23, 2010 by RomeoProcor

Great reception and awsome call quality. I wouldnt mind having a brand new cu500v version rigt now.

Pros: Almost always full bars in te Bay Area
Loved the keypad layout
Probably still the most solid feeling phone made.
Awsome features
took great pictures
Nice user UI

Cons: Low battery Life
i remember you could not file you items if you used an memory card, only in te phone memory.

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Really good phone


Mar 2, 2010 by narn3049

I owned this phone for cingular.

The phone was used for a couple of days actually before, i dropped it and the phone broke on the inner screen, you couldn't see what you were doing.

While I had it I really loved it, the camera was good, as well as pretty much everything else is on a cell phone these days. So go get one todaY!

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great phone


Jul 11, 2009 by netmanz

Bought this phone a few years ago. Primary use now is a back-up phone fir my Iphone. Works great good sound, easy to use. and battery lasts long time.

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This Phone is the Bomb


Apr 30, 2009 by spikey19

I am known as a phone*a*hollic. I have 7 phones at home that i switch sim cards from time to time. This is the pne phone that i have that does everything i want and more. Whats not to love about this thing? Nothing thats the answer. I admit the battery doesnt last that long if you text on it alot but for for what its worth when i got the phone ( the cost $o.oo) this phone is the new blackberry . i mean this phone has extras on top of extras anyone who wants a great phone: needs to go to ATT and ask for a lgcu500 phone. They wont be dissapointed. Plus in the 3g zones the service strength is amazing. you can stream send recievbe get cingular video and more all without interuptions of thought of loosing service.Hell you can even use it for prepaid like i do. THIS PHONE IS THE BOMB. LITERALLY.

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lg cu500


Sep 25, 2008 by wewillfight

don't get me wrong i loved this phone i owned it for 2 years and it served its peruse well
CON:if you play any music on it for 1 hour max you had no power to keep your phone on for the rest of the day. to big to fit into my pocket where you would not be able to see it. if you would try to send a text with 1 or 2 bars DON'T try it it does not work. it wears out after about a year or so battery wars out faster the screen gets scratched up

PRO:grate audio, pics, easy to text on, ok this id awesome i dropped my phone on the street and rocks and trees and it NEVER broke it got chipped on the corners but never broke all the way.i have also jumped in the pool with it and washed and then it finally broke

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Aug 3, 2008 by CellularFanattic1

This has beent he best phone that i have ever had i have been through plenty of them. Going on two years now since i got this phone and i got it brand new not long after it had come out.

I have no cons about this phone i love everything about it!!!!

Great signal strength, long talk time, crisp calling and mp3 player sound, works very well with my bluetooth also no problems about it there!!!

Whoever may say this phone has problems has never used it to its full capabilities cause i love it. The durability is amazing. I have dropped it in mud, water, dirt, gravel it has slid across the parking lot where i work when i dropped it and slid like 3 parking spaces away, dropped it face down on a concrete floor and it did not bounce or break apart or anything. The best part of all is that it does not have a scratch on it.

Any one who has this phone you know what im talking about!!!!

Wish LG still made a good quality phone like this but oh well i will use it till it dies out on me!!!


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Great phone


Jul 13, 2008 by cusick3

I am having a hard time giving up this phone to switch over to the new 3G IPhone or the LG VU.

Pros: Speaker loud, MP3 Great, Video messaging (Iphone doesn't have), Quick text response on 2G, faster when I am in the 3G area. Dropped this phone several times works likes a champ even with the major scratches. I love the fact that you can operate the MP3 when the phone is closed and when your listening to the MP3 with headphones (which you can answer a call and talk on it clearly), your song pauses when you get a call and when you end the call the phone returns back to where you left off. Great battery life. Love the fact that you can watch CV and get the weather on your phone instantly when you click on the internet. Fast bluetooth downloadable ring-tones. Compact size without the case, I can put this phone in my wristlet with lipstick, DL and money and it is zipped.

Cons: Some people don't care for the location of the SD card but it isn't like your taking it out everyday. I don't care for the fact that you can't shut the phone and still talk on it (speakerphone). Other than that, no major complaints. Wish the internal memory held more. (But can be fixed with a 1GB mini sd card)

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Doesnt work in the long run!


Jun 21, 2008 by katieak123

so, I've had this phone for almost 2 years.
it worked PERFECTLY for about a year.
then in started to slow down more, im not suprised though, most phones do.
but then maybe about a month ago, its crap.
sound is horrible, and i live in a suburb in Ohio by Cleveland. so thats not the reason.
and its really slow now.
and the worst, my phone wont work off the charger.
if i fully absolutely fully charge the phone it wont work still. and the place were the charger plugs in is extremely loose.

if i send one text message, it goes down to one bar, and so on an so on.
and if i call some one or recieve a call and 5 minutes if I'm lucky into the conversation, it automatically dies!
all the time. and its even starting to die while its on the charger.

and sometimes i get the text messeges an hour after they were sent.
ugh its annoying.

but i guess I'll rant about how well it was in the beginning.

-good camera.
-fast at first.
-great great display.
-good keypad.
-the camera swivels, i love that.
-thats basically it.

i didnt like the mp3 player. and the memory that well.

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Feb 28, 2008 by meltymint14

Actually, it isn't me that has this phone, it is my sister. But, I get to hear about it everyday so here is the basics...

1. AWESOME camera and settings to change to negative, sepia, etc.
2. Long battery life and ring is loud

1. Maybe this is just me, but THERE IS NO SERVICE HERE!!! I have the Razr, with AT&T, and my sister also has AT&T but the LG CU500. I always have service and she never does! That is the only reason she has a phone.... to be able to call her to find where she is, but she uses someone else's or even MY phone to call our parentals back. It is almost embarrassing...

All in all, a decent phone but not cuttin' it for me.

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