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LG CU500


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Even better than a V3xx


Jun 3, 2008 by simmons4jesus24

I loved this phone and i would highly recomed this phone to anyone.

+good camera
+camera swivels
+easy to use
+everything works
+bluetooth is freakin' awesome
+VERY durable

-looks weird with a case on it(some. not all. if you have one you know what i mean).

Anyone who dont like the other mp3 phones, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

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good phone.


May 17, 2008 by mjponygirl

i lost this phone last year. it fell out of my pocket in the driveway, and my dad drove over it. but it still worked!! the inside screen was smashed, but it still worked fine. the only bad thing i remember about that phone was there wasn't a lot of music space, but i loved that phone. i now have a LG trax, and it works just as good.

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LG CU 500


May 11, 2008 by JKRISTI19

i have this phone for a year and a half. it has been threw the washer machine exactly 5 times, thrown out a window, and i drop atleast once a day. however, it still works perfeectly!! the battery life is extremely long, the camera is good quality and the buttons are very easy to text on!

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So-So Phone


Jul 3, 2007 by DougB

I had several Sprint phones for a few years, then switched to Cingular. The Sony they gave me sucked! When I got the LG, I thought I was going up in the world. I am somewhat disappointed.
CONS: Although some see it as a pro, the progressive ring SUCKS!. I want to be able to turn it off. When the phone rings, I want to hear it ring-now, not 12 seconds later. Especially if I am not carrying it, because that means I have to run like hell to get to it before VM picks up.
Although I was told it would accept a 2GB SD chip, it won't. In fact, plug in 2GB, it sees nothing. I like LOTS of music and photos.
The confirmation tones for almost everything you do. Let me shut them off, like I can shut off key-clicks.
I have trouble adding a number to an existing account and defining which number it is (big problem if I have one number in defined as Number, want to change that to Home Number and make existing number Work Number. Almost impossible without deleting the entry and re-adding it.
PROS: Nice Mp3 play. I've started using it on flights instead of my CD/MP3 plater. Smaller, and with mid-level headphones sounds just as good.
Small Size - First flip-phone I've owned and so far I like it.
Speaker Phone is acceptable, at least from what other end tells me, even used it in the car a couple of times while driving.

I use it but definitely have a wish list for it.

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Great phone


Jun 29, 2007 by slamdnkindrummer

Great sound quality(music and calls)
Fantastic speakers
Good camera and photo editing(picture ID)
Basically 3 different menus(main, side, and options menu with your choice of apps)
Easy and quick access to everything
Records videos
Takes pics, vids, and plays music w/o opening phone
you can multitask(i.g.text and listen to music)
Memory upgrade
Fast internet
Great metallic look
Lots of extra applications(music radio, voice recorder, tv, and other cool things)
Texting system

SD slot is under battery
Side buttons a little hard to push
Lowest volume can be a little too high in some places

Misleading complaints
Ive read people complain about the sharp ends but it is unnoticable and has no effect

Some said theres no recorder-not true-all you have to do is hold the # button down

About the menu being unchangeable- that is only the main menu, go to options-the right select button- and edit the empty spaces to fit what you want and make that your default menu theres plenty of spaces

If you want a recorded audio ringtone, record something on your pc as a compatible ringtone file, put in on your microSD card, and from there you can make it your ringtone

So what no flash big deal, this camera shouldnt be your main picture-taker

Battery usually last me 1 or 2 days, i dont see what the big deal is about taking 5 seconds to plug it into your charger

Ascending ringtone
alerts you before volume goes all the way up so it isnt such a disturbance and if its your alarm then just put the volume to level 7

speaker phone is always crackly

texting and button-pushing problems arent the phone-its you

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Great Value


May 3, 2007 by magxz1

I am very satisfied with this phone and would recommend to anyone looking for a great phone but without the hefty price of expensive PDAs.

Best features:
Rotating camera
nice size
great call quality
bluetooth works great

cons: location of sd micro card slot

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The best mutli media phone


Apr 20, 2007 by calspeedy

High-speed video, rotating 1.3 megapixel camera, streaming TV, and 3D stereo sound make this phone the absolute best multi media phone. The pictures I have taken with this phone are impressive. The stylish back clamshell design is a plus too.

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The Best LG Phone for Cingular EVER!


Mar 8, 2007 by wwehavok85

Most LG phones for Cingular are entry level craptacular flip phones. They work...most of the time and have minimal features, but the CU500 is incredible.

3G Features like Cingular Video
Built in Music Player with External Controls
Slim Design
Beautiful Screen

Nothing that effects me. I use is for calling, web browsing, Cingular Video and MobiTV, listening to music and playing games. It works superbly for all these.

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great phone, love it!


Nov 8, 2006 by yourvillainbobby

I've had this phone for about a week and still love it! I keep hearing all these complaints about the phone and I'd like to address some of them.

The ascending ringtone. Can't get to the phone in time.
Extend the ringtone. I don't have the coding in front of me to do it, but all you gotta do is browse some forums for "extending ringtones" with Google and you can find out how to do it. Not that difficult and worked perfectly for me. Having done that, I LOVE the ascending ringtone. I have it set loud, but if its right next to me, it doesn't need to be loud right away.

Can't turn off the message chimes.
Press and hold the * key to put the phone in silent mode. If you're worried about message chimes, you're probably concerned about all other sounds the phone can make as well. This eliminates all of them except that the phone does still vibrate.

The phone gets physically hot.
Don't hold it so tight! Seriously though, the phone gets warm but its not excessive by any means. And if a little heat bothers you, get a case for it. They ARE out there, and should be more plentiful now that the phone is more mainstream (I bought mine at Wal-Mart).

3G vs. 2G service, problems hearing/others hearing you, low battery life.
You know, I haven't encountered any of these problems. I get just as many bars if not more than my old Moto V551 or my Dad's V3. The calls are loud, crisp, and clear on both ends. And the battery life has been excellent thus far. Also, for the record, I am NOT operating the phone in a 3G area. Right outside of one (Washington, DC), but it performs great in a non-3G environment and I'm sure even better when I venture closer to DC again and pick up the 3G signal.

Overall, this phone is well-worth your money, especially and if you go to the right place to purchase it (WalMart has it for $79 for a new 2-year and I even bought it outright for less than $200!)

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Truely AWESOME PHONE -- Great Non-PDA Phone


Aug 7, 2006 by Icemanjt91

This phone is definitely awesome and is really impressive. This is coming from some one who is always used to using high end phones. So it is hard for a phone like this that is not a PDA phone to impress me. I left my Sprint Apache PPC-6700, to come to this phone. The reason that I left the other phone was because I had a job change and didn't need a Window's Mobile phone anymore. Plus this phone a had a basic organizer in it and that is all I need for right now.

- World Phone (WCDMA & GSM)
- Best rotating 1.3 megapixal Camera (ever seen on a 1.3)
- HSDPA High-Speed Data
- Calender, Tasks
- Mass Storage -- Micro SD
- MP3 Player
- Sharp Displays (Internal & External)
- No Music Cap (Limit on Music Downloads)
- Bluetooth works Awesome
- Speaker-phone is good
- Descent Sized Phone book 500+

- Little Large
- Menu Layout little poor
- Speaker-phone can't be used when phone is closed.
- Location of the Micro SD Card -- Under battery.

Other than the CONs I think that this is a great phone like I said earlier. It would be good for phone for anyone who wants a Multi-Media phone and at great price. Plus if you like the world phone ability then this would be the phone for you. Remember that if you are getting this phone and going to use any features that are in the data usage pick -up a data package from Cingular.

In closing I would just like to say that I hope anyone who buys this phone has just as much fun with as I do and that they get to enjoy all it's features.

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