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Great phone...please read...


May 17, 2006 by dcghost

This review and feedback includes opionions from myself and Verizon employees. I am a manager at a Circuit City store where our Verizon kiosk does not have the phones yet, but I bought it today and brought it in.

I have had 0 problems with the phone so far and I love it, so has most others.

The feel of the phone is fantastic. I swapped out my a950 for it which was a very nice phone but had small keys. This phones layout and key size is fantastic. Much easier to type with.

The speakerphone button is perfect. Yes, it can be easy to accidentlly push, but its also easy to make sure you don't. However, if you enjoy the speakerphone button, the ability to answer and hangup with it is great. You actually have to hold it down for a few seconds to answer or hang up which prevents you from accidently hitting it while on a call.

Overall it's my favorite phone ever. The black is not for everyone, but I love it. It's sleek, light, great design, perfect number and menu pad, the speakers are loud and crisp and I have had no muffling through the ear piece, it has been crystal clear. I also recieve better reception then with my a950. Over all A+

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Some people


May 17, 2006 by bonifay66

I just laugh when I read these reviews sometimes. The things people complain about are just retarded. If you don't like black this phone isn't for you. If you don't like phones with rounded edges this phone isn't for you(read the other posts. Who seriously complains about rounded corners?)If you dont like the verizon UI.... switch carriers cause verizon really loves their UI.

Enough ranting lets talk about this phone. I picked it up the other day at Best Buy because I'm sick of my E815 and wanted something to hold me over till my contract ends in 3 months. Reception is just as good as the e815. I get reception in the same spots and don't get it in the same spots as well.

I personally like the feel of the phone. Its small, light, and fits nicely in my pocket. While the inner LCD screen is on the small side you got to remember this is a sub-300$ phone, you get what you pay for. I personally like the oled external screen. Its a little different and I could care less about having pictures of my dogs on the front of my phone.

Mp3s sync nicely with a data cable and windows media player. The speaker quality isnt the best but they're small speakers use some headphones and your good. I personally hate headsets but I sync'd up my 850 moto and it works great as well.

Voice quality is good during phone calls with and without the headset. I think it sounds just as good as all the other phones I have had and have used at work where I use different phones on a regular basis.

The only complaint I have is that I cant add obex, and I hate the UI, but I knew that before buying the phone so I cant blame it just myself and verizon.

So to wrap up the review I have this to say. If the phone looks appealing to you then get it because there really isnt any other phone out there in verizon world (other than the pda phones) that can give you substantially anything more than this phone can.

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Overall a great phone


Jun 15, 2006 by outthere1234

I've always been an LG user with Verizon so I first tried out the VX8300. I found the ringtones annoying and that it was quite large. While the a930 is about the same size the fact that it doesn't have an antenna makes a big difference. It doesn't cause any lack of reception though because I still get perfect reception through Verizon in Southern California. The only thing that annoys me these days about the phone is that it has a camera and an mp3 player (none of which are necessary to me) and any songs you do download you cannot use for ringtones (that I'm aware of). Other than that it has a great many customizable features and its menu system is easy to navigate through (one of the reasons I didn't go with a motorola)

-A bit large but in comparison to others, not bad
-Outer screen is hard to read in direct sunlight

-Good earpiece quality
-Pretty good speaker phone quality
-Feels sturdy
-Ringer is pretty loud
-Has a way to make it ring and vibrate without going to high volume + vibrate like my other LG phone
-Nice large keys good for texting or what not

After returning my LG I've decided to stick with the Samsung!

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Absolutely Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 13, 2006 by maverick96

Let me start first by saying the reception on this phone is as good as the moto e815! I have both phones. 2nd the design and features on this phone for its price make it verizon's best phone!!!! 1.3 mega-pixel camera beautiful all black design, the keypad is lets say the best keypad on any phone I have ever used! Call quality on this phone is super clear!!! I have had this phone for three days and put it through some extremely heavy usage not to mention I took this phone to a place where I knew reception is real weak I mean not even my buddies razr or the lg 8100 work and this phone had no problem performing. I cannot find any flaws with this phone yet only praise Samsung really outdid themselves on this one!!!!! Awesome job!!!!!! I recommend this phone highly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a930 is unique and awesome


Jun 18, 2006 by Tjomsland

Actually, for my needs and wants, this is a great phone. A little more pricey because it is so new. I drive a black on black sports car so for the people who this the color is a problem, I am one who says, wrong. And, I love the outer OLED that some have complained about.

The speaker quality is excellent.
When I phoned friends using the speaker-phone, they had no idea I was on the speaker.

The sound level is great. And, I really like the fact that I can use the speaker-phone without opening the cover of the phone. :)

So far NO dropped calls.

I feel like I bought the stealth bomber of cell phones. So far, I can't find any faults with this phone for my needs.

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Great as a secondary line!


Mar 16, 2007 by chocolateman85006

This is my first samsung phone in forever! My fiancee gave me this phone as a second line (I got her a Samsung a740 as a second line. It was only fair). She hated it. I like it. It gave me problems with the camera at first, but a hard reset fixed it.

I can only zoom in on videos, not pictures.
It falls prey to Verizon's OBEX disabling.
No other cons that I can

Excellent reception.
Decent camera and video (even better than the KRZR that I had for a short time).
I can make a video my wallpaper.
Decent size phone
Music buttons on the outside.
Loud ringers.
No dropped calls so far.

So far, It's a great phone. It's sad that some of Verizon's fancier know phones aren't as high rated as this one.

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Slick Phone!


Jun 6, 2006 by CellSlayer1

This phone rocks! I've been in the business a few years and verizon finally has a cool 'high end' phone. The black is not for everyone but at least its different. Reception is as good as the 950 i had before this one. And the option to answer and hang up a call with speakerphone is truly nice!
Oh and the speakers are a little different then the 950 but just as loud for your mp3's (wma whatever). Its sleeker then the 950 and the blue led on the outside is retro and a cool change of pace for monotonous verizon phones.
If your looking for a different phone from verizon your options are few and you couldnt go wrong with the samsung a930!

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wicked awesome!


May 17, 2006 by gboys09

first off this is an awesome phone for the price. it has a great look and very sturdy feel. it has all the features of most the other great phones out for verizon right now. as for the reception issues i hear people complaine about, i dont have a clue what they're talking about. i have the same reception quality with this phone that i had with the lg vx8100 and the samsung a950. i got nothing but good things to say about this phone. its a great buy, if you can find one;)

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great phone by samsung


May 24, 2006 by goh34

i have had this phone for about two weeks now and i have not had any problems with it. i have traveled to different parts of NY with it and signal has always been great. the amount of bars you have whether it be 1 or 4 bars does not affect clarity it has always been clear. some people have said that there is a problem with the ear piece, it is a little lower in volume than the a670 but otherwise it since clear. i would recommend this to anyone that wants a non-pda phone for verizon. its the best phone out there currently.

-battery life - about 3-4 days
-reception - get reception where i didn't with old a670
-speaker phone - some people don't know when I'm on speaker phone when i talk to them
-good camera
-not that bulky

-earpiece as i said could be a little louder
-does not play mp3s, but that doesn't matter to me
-no accessories for it yet

all in all great phone worth giving a try.

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Oct 27, 2006 by got_it

Ok, I have had a few verizon phones over the course of two years. The vx9800,vx4400,vx6100, and now the a930. My mom had the vx4400 and loved it, so I though I would try the 6100, and it was great when i first got it. But it slowly started to get worse and worse service. Then I used her old 4400 until it just died. Then I got the 9800 which was also great at first, but then it also started to crap out.

ANYWAY I decided to try this phone, when I went in and said I was giving up my 9800 and was going to use it for a "back-up phone" the tech guy was floored.

Perfect size (for me)
Way better reception then the 9800
Beautiful screen
No lagging menus
Awesome camera
Awesome camcorder
Nice Key pad
Sleek looking
Call quailty. My friend actually told me I sounded like I was on my house phone

Had bad experiences with other chargers like this kind, I must prefer the ubs kind like on the v190
Zoom could be better, but hey it's a phone
Crappy Manual
The front looks like it might scratch easy.
T9 is also alittle less easy to use then my v190 was
And this really isn't a con, but with my v190 it wasn't the best build quality, but around the charger hole the light from the key pad came though and I could find the charger hole better in the dark.

The best part if the service. It's weird though with the 9800 I would get like full in my House and non at school, but now i get like 2-3 bars in both places. And the writting lab is like a bank vault, no wireless in the world can hold a call in there, and this one can ^_^

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