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best phone Ive ever owned


Jul 27, 2006 by mark_elmore

I got this phone because it was black and has a Timex blue outer clock. its the closest looking phone to the LG 510 since they stopped making it. a Startac with an external display. who could ask for more, looks wise, right?
I got the phone and played with its features never thinking Id get such great reception and battery life in my 1 bar max area I live in. the reception has been awesome, 1-2 bars constantly, even inside the house and the battery life way better than any phone Ive had since the Lg 330( had a 1600mah battery as standard).
the toys on this thing are great as well. the time for opening GIN, web, pix etc. can be measured in a second or 2, much faster than any previous phone Ive used.the camera is a good one for a phone, the WMA player is very nice and easy to use, the outer speakers work well in non loud environments, the bluetooth is way cool, the speakerphone is way better than advertised, especially being able to answer and end a call without opening the phone, is easy to hear and the person on the other end does not realize they are on speaker. I like the UI .the keys feel very nice when pressing. when opening and closing it feels solid and well built also.
the only drawbacks Ive found are the outer display doesnt have a display for missed calls or new tex/vm for very long but could be solved easily with a little icon for each in a future update, and the individual contacts cant get their own tone for texts/vm/pix. I had a different text alert for my wife on my 6100. I always knew if it was her or someone else.
great reception
battery life
toys work very well
Verizon UI is intuitive
folks like to look at it and drool
quick search for menu/contacts
speakerphone way better than advertised
need an outer icon for missed calls and texts/vms
needs individual tone for contacts texts,pix,vms
get this phone if you want a good looking phone that works better than is looks, especially reception & battery life

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Great Phone


Jul 13, 2006 by ptmurphy

If you want a phone that you can add your own ringtones to and put your own music onto without purchasing it from the carrier, this is the phone for you. I can put any MP3 that I rip and edit on the phone as a ringtone.


-Can add own ringtones
-Can add own music
-Good MP3 Player
-External Music Control Buttons
-Good Speakerphone
-Bluetooth works great
-GREAT screen
-Expandable Memory - I have over 500 songs on -the microSD 1GB card


-Missed calls do not stay on external display
-Can't change ringer volume without opening phone

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Very nice phone but NOT perfect


Jun 8, 2006 by Protege

I've had this phone for a few days and I am still learning to use it since I've never owned a Verizon phone before, let alone a Samsung. I find this phone to be very well-designed for the most part. I love the dedicated speaker button that can be activated before the call even connects. The voice command feature (with dedicated button) is pretty neat and works pretty well. The swivel camera is very helpful in taking self-pictures since this phone has no color outer display. They keypad looks very nice and the buttons are just the perfect size and have a nice feel. The screen is nice and bright however for some reason I don't find the camera to be as good as the Samsung T809's camera even though they are both 1.3MP. Nevertheless, it still takes pretty crisp pictures and the fact that it has flash is great. As for the outer display, it takes some getting used to but it looks nice and goes with the overall look of the phone. The audio playback controls on the outside are simple yet enhance the look of the phone. Signal is decent for the most part however I have noticed a few spots where I don't get as good of signal as I did with my RAZR on T-Mobile. Sound quality is pretty good but is a little loud by default. However, this is easily resolved. Speakerphone sounds VERY good. BTW, I am in the South Florida/Miami market.

-well designed
-great speakerphone
-EVDO works great (very fast)
-great screen resolution
-good camera w/ flash

-feels a little cheap
-springs can be felt and sometimes heard when closing (again feels a little cheap)
-does not play mp3 (must be trans-coded using software)
-no OBEX but thats just a VZW thing


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Solid Phone


Jun 15, 2006 by zetter44

I use my NE2 to upgrade from LG6000 to this one.

This is a solid mid-range phone. I have had it for a week, and it's been fine. Not much ringtones, but...that's verizon.

I can't get any music to play on it yet, wmv or mp3...but I'm guess that's just me. Plus, I won't use my phone to listen to music that often.

Inside screen is great
Buttons are easy to use
Voice quality
Picture Quality

Can't customize...Verizon
Same size and weight as my LG6000. So absolutely no improvement size and weight wise. I thought it'd improve at least in one area.

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This phone is a BEAST


Apr 19, 2013 by conradical30

I got this phone during Summer '06. It is now April 19, 2013 and this thing still works like magic. After about 5 years, I began intentionally dropping my phone on concrete, tiles, pavement, etc simply to prove to my friends that the phone was invincible. I've dropped it in water, beer, sand and dirt, and it never flinched. Nearly 7 years later, it still holds 24+ hour charge and never drops a call. I've made 52,350 phone calls totalling over 979 hours of usage, and it still works fine. I had a friend who had this phone as well, updated to a newer phone, and then reactivated the A930 because he missed it so much. I doubt that they still make these new, but if you need a clutch phone that will not let you down, you've found it.

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Durable phone, awesome!


Jul 24, 2010 by narn3049

My gpa owned this phone and got it wet and even drove off with it on the back of the golf cart, it scraped it a little and it put a small crack on the screen but it still worked. He ended up getting an upgrade (u430 with not as many features) and giving this to my uncle who previously finished off a razr (he works at a factory) went with my gpas a930 and lost the back door got it wet a couple times scraped it ALL up and it still works. I gotta say we weren't thinking it'd be this tough. Only because you could sometimes feel the spring when you closed the phone and it was a free phone from Verizon with a new contract. But it's been nearly 4 years since original purchase (i believe we got it launch date ( and the red phone is still working. The only person that didnt like the phone was my gma when she washed her chocolate because it didnt do the standard text beep and she was always launching web by hitting ok because she was used to the layout of the trackpad on the chocolate. The red phone was extremely tough. I think if there is a chance you can get it, you might want to get it, that chance right then, because it's not bad. Its got features you'd need web video microsd and vcast music. A phone from 2005 2006 thats impressive. I think this'd be the best phone that is durable and water proof next to the Casio gzone line of phones. This thing is awesome. You'll get your negative reviews on this phone, but if someones read this far, they'll know we liked it and'll purchase it (i hope) it is a GREAT phone. I owned it for a short time and loved it, it was passed around and it was dropped by all of us.

I would most likely get this phone if you have a kid that breaks phones or needs a phone or wants one. It's also good for older people because it doesn't offer that many features out in the open. Ya theres cool features but there all around the phone. Dialing and texting is easy. This phone is awesome

Cons: Nothing at all

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Great Phone


Jun 14, 2008 by JOKSTER543

I love this phone, Ive had it since last Christmas. Well this is the 2nd one ive owned (1st one was snapped in half in a struggle, kid got what was coming to him) but the bottom half still worked fine with a headset plugged in, lol. Bought another one online and still as great as the first i had.
-Awesome battery life.
-Awesome signal pretty much every where (only one place were I have trouble getting a sig)
-Love the outside display, just like my mp3 player, and its always on and doesnt drain the battery, which is sick
-Nice keys
-Good display
-Good speakerphone
-You can easily mute (down side button) or pik up on speaker phone (up side button) without opeening the phone.
-Camera decent quality - good videos and pics plus flash, and it swivels.
-easy to use music buttons (only plays wma's but there is a hidden mp3 player that u have to go thru menus and codes to get to)

-texting does not have memory, so words u use the most (e.g. lol wont get recognized on WORD if u hit 565, no matter how many times u type it in u will get Jok) unlike most moto's
-Should have more space for messages - 50 txt message limit inbox and sent 20 draft messages)

Overall awesome phone, decent on texting tho (You get used to what words it recognizes and what it doesnt after a week or so if you do a decent amount of texting) Definetly a great buy.

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Best Phone Ever For Verizon Wireless!


Mar 31, 2008 by toots2021

- Fantastic battery life
- Large keys for easy texting
- Wonderful reception
- Amazing camera (for a cell phone)
- I personally really like the look of this
- Feels nice and sturdy in the hand
- Loud ringer
- Loud, clear speakerphone
- Extremely durable

- A bit bulky (not a huge issue for me
because I carry it in my purse most of the

I have had MANY other phones from Verizon Wireless but this is hands down the best one I have ever had. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone and everyone.

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Still going but...


Mar 24, 2008 by LordofLightAZ

I have had this phone for almost 2 years, well 1 1/2. I'm not much of a web phone person. So this phone doesn't get much use that way.

Pros: love the speaker phone Camera. Takes reasonable pictures. Glad it does not have an external vid screen (some pictures don't need to be seen by the outside world.)

Cons: You can't configure the keys to take web access off the buttons, yes now that is a big deal since Verizon is charging for any data transfers. Verizon's says too bad so sad pay us the extra cash every month or turn off the web feature

I think it has some sort of built in obsolesces feature. I is sucking the life out of the battery. I swapped in a brand new battery and it gets drained very quickly (1 day) Same battery in my other cell lasts a week with no problem.

I don't want a new phone, I want this one to keep working. Hopefully it will function until September when I can get a new phone.

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Very Durable Samsung


Mar 2, 2008 by LazerWolf   updated Apr 23, 2013

Like the previous post, I've been using my A930 since 2006 (November). For the most part, I don't give it a second thought that I'm still using an almost seven year old phone, it's been that reliable and trouble free.

Even as old as it is, everything on it still works. The music player, camera, (not the best, even when new), bluetooth function, still work.

The phone itself still sends and receives calls without any problem.

As long as I can get batteries for it, I'll keep using it until it finally gives out.

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