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amazing phone


Feb 7, 2008 by darknesofnight4u

ive been using this cell phone for about 2 years and its amazing. the picture quallity is amazing as well as the video. i get compliments and a lot of wows when i tell people that all of my pics on my profile where taken with my cell phone. i recommend this phone to everyone.

Great unique phone.


Nov 4, 2007 by Rattlehead83

Well, I've been using the phone for about 14 months. Time to give it a review. So many reviews, hard to say something that hasn't already been said. Mostly going to highlight the negatives. Not because I don't like the phone. Only because that's usually what I look for in a review when I'm deciding on a new phone -- deal breakers. :) Up for a NE2 in Feb, but like this so much going to hold onto it for a while. Solid phone.

-Handy swivel camera lens.
-Always good reception.
-Sleek design.
-Outside music player controls.

-Can't add words to T9.
-Picture quality. Very difficult to find adequate lighting for pictures. Even outdoors my pictures always look dark. Maybe this is just a display issue, not sure. I have taken pictures that look very dark on my phone, but when I send them to my g/f's VX-8300 they look fine. For comparison, I have taken pictures side by side with a VX-8300 (also a 1MP) and the 8300 always comes out better.

My only other cons have to do with the Verizon UI. But I just have to live with it. I didn't take them into consideration in my score. Annoying red bars on the top and bottom of the main screen that can't be customized. If you put an event in the calendar, the icon is always on the main screen-even if it is a year away. Wouldn't be so bad if it was just the icon, but it is in a baby blue bar that runs the length of the screen. Always good for clashing with any desktop.

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Going on 1 year with this amazing phone.


Oct 20, 2007 by Jing112

I have owned many different phones and found none of them to be satisfactory. After much researching this phone seamed to have top of the line amenities with a midrange price, I only paid $50 dollars.

Internal/External Screen
Battery Life
Quite Strong vibrate
Ability to Make Ring tones With Ease
T9 and Keyboard Layout
Quirky Features, Such as "sticky note" dialing font, rotating camera, and ability to use flash as a recording light or flash light
Quirky Appearance
Memory Card Slot
Simple UI and Button Layout

All the Plugs and Slots have covers over them that don't detach. After only about 3 months did they stay to come loose when opened, but when closed fit snug and look good.

Every so often if I get a text message, but more normally with voice messages, the ringer will go off like normal and when I open the phone, the ringer doesn't go off like normal, it will play all the way through once, this could have something to do with the custom ring tones I make on my computer though.

Has a strong vibrate, but if the phone is in your pocket there are sometimes if the phone isn't actually touching your leg, you can't feel the vibrate. But I mostly have vibrate and ring on.

This phone is built to last, I have had no problem with it.
As I was going to the Car Wash one day, I was texting someone and forgot to roll up the window. The "undercarriage wash" came on and soaked the car and my phone. While the phone does make a sticking sound when the buttons are pressed on a hot day, nothing else was wrong with it, it as also had many Vodka and Rum encounters. While it never stopped working, I threw it on a heat vent for an hour or so it worked fine. If all Samsung's are as good as this one, I will defiantly buy again.

i love it


Sep 13, 2007 by dove611

i have had this phone for close to 2 years and it is jsut amazing. The battery life is great and it is a hardy phone. i put my phones through hell and it has survived. i usually go through a ton of phones but this oen has lasted wonderfully!

Just What I Wanted


Nov 27, 2006 by KacyLovesTravis

I'm 17 years old and this is my very first "Brand New" phone. I have had many others and this one is far the best. I absolutely love this phone!!! I did have an LG6000 and it was constantly losing service and all the qualities were bad on it but on this phone the reception is great and all qualities are wonderful. I've had this phone for two days now and i've yet to put it down. I'm learning new stuff about it eveyrday so far.My favorite feature is the way you can change the look of your numbers when you dial them. I ended up choosing sticky which looks like colorful sticky notes on a cork board. I also love the fact that my blue tooth hooked up very easily to it and works wonderful with this phone.Another fascinating feature is that you don't have to set up the voice dial at all. It sets it up for you, all you have to do is just push the button and say a command like, "Call Dad" and it does it with no problem whatsoever!!! My LG6000 took forever to hook up and to actually activate. The only "con" that i have for it is that the battery gets kinda hot sometimes.. like if your on a long phone call or if you have it charging for a good while. I've learned that it does this due to the fact that the battery is close to the cover and to the keys so i just take the battery out after it charges and let it cool alittle and then i'm good for the rest of the day. I'm tellin' you! I Love this phone to death! Believe me guys, I'LL NEVER GET RID OF THIS ONE!

Terrific Samsung


Oct 9, 2006 by nycwill

This has been a truly great phone.


Great sound
Great volume
Great call clarity
Great features
High speed EV
Good Speakerphone
Good for text messaging (once you learn a couple of codes)
Music and High Speed Good to Use
VW 1-800 Customer Service Generally Good
Samsung Customer Service Also Helpful


Would be nice if it was thinner!
Not in love with the camera
Employees in VW stores in NYC are generally obnoxious, though this should not reflect poorly on the phone



Sep 27, 2006 by Nevets64

I've had this phone for one week now. I gave it a little time to get used to and it's worth keeping. So here I am to tell you about it.

I like the color and feel of it. Seems like a sturdy, well built phone. It has good reception. This is my first "all digital" phone. The front display is nice. Really that's all I need to see who's calling. I think the camera & camcorder take nice pix & flix. It's nice to have the option of a memory card, which I purchased right away. All and all, it's my favorite phone so far.

The things that I don't like are minor. I don't like that you can't center a saved pictured to make it fit as wallpaper. I got used to this with my LG. However with the memory card, I can easily remove my pix and edit them. The speaker-phone button isn't in the best place. It would have been better where the voice dialing button is on the inside and the voice button on the outside. The only other thing I don't like it the lack of factory installed ring-tones. I'm not the type to download ringers. but with this phone you really have to. It also would have been nice if it came with a holster.

I hope my review helps. I got this phone based on the reviews here. I am happy with it and like anything else, it takes time to get used to. So I rated this like anything else. It's not perfect, but it really is a "Nice Phone".

Good Buy


Sep 25, 2006 by Raisingdawn84

I just got this phone after I had to have my LG VX8100 replaced for the third time. I have to say that I wish I just bought this phone instead of wasting my time with the LG.

Plain and simply, the phone has all the same features that the VX8100 has and can do the job even better.

-Great Reception
-Small and thin, but not to small to the point where you don't even think you have it
-Good ear piece clarity
-Good voice command
-Front Screen is always illuminated
-Camera works awesome
-Good Battery life

-You have to make sure you don't put your fingers near the little area where the hidden antenna is while you are talking
-The date doesn't show up on the front screen, just the time
-Lack of pre-programmable ringtones to chose from
-Screen is difficult to see while out in the sun

Great phone


Sep 18, 2006 by larapn

I really like this phone, the buttons are easy to push and feel sturdy. I really like the way it looks and feels. You want a solid phone this is one to get.

A Great Overall Music Phone


Sep 17, 2006 by TreyTreyTaylor

Im 15. My mom got this phone about a couple weeks ago. I must say this is a good phone overall. I know it can be a stress converting songs to it, but once you put them on there the external speaker is loud!! and then theres the camera. This is probably the best camera phone ive seen in my life. it rotates to the inside of the phone which is probably the reason why the got rid of the color external screen. but trust me the rotating camera makes up for it. Not to mention its only about 50 bucks with the music essentials kit. you be crazy not to get it. Definitely a MUST BUY

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