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Sep 15, 2006 by peanut4

I bought this phone for my daughter and I have used it also. It has great reception, even my daughter noticed that. And dependability is key for my 13 year old daughter and so far it has been. Beautiful internal screen, outside screen really kool. My daughter just absolutely loves it and when I use it the call clarity is second to none!! Should get one for myself......... Very impressed with this phone.

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James Bond Phone with Fantastic Audio


Aug 28, 2006 by hdtravel

This is just a very slick looking and working phone. The reception and audio quality are fantastic. I have tried many phones and this phone is tops in audio. It can get loud, which is handy when trying to hear in noisy areas. It just feels good in your hand and has a cool, yet very solid build.


Stylish looks
Blue OLED external display
Fantastic Audio ( REALLY LOUD & CLEAR )
Good reception
1.3mp Camera with flash
Memory card slot
Clear & Vivid Display
Solid build
Easy to navigate menus
Music capabilities



I highly recommend this well built, stylish, and trendy phone. The audio is just wonderful. I owned a RAZR V3 in the past and this phone is far superior in features, reception, and especially audio quality.

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Excellent phone!!


Aug 17, 2006 by Xagent0024

I just purchased this phone after reading the reviews on this website and I have to say that I am absolutely pleased with the phone. It has all the features a person could ever need in a phone plus it seems to be put together very well. I don't get the sense that it will break if I hold it too tight or if I drop it from a reasonable height. As with all Verizon phones, the menus kind of suck but the functionality makes up for that.

- External speaker is surprisingly loud.
- External screen provides all necessary info while remaining simple and drawing little power.
- Advanced voice recognition works really well.

- I can tell that the power cord interface is the same as older Samsung phones but they added two little tabs so old chargers won't fit.
- Uses smaller headphone miniplug, so I have to buy new headphones.

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Love it!


Jul 29, 2006 by fkolias

Just picked it up two days ago. So far, I really love the phone. It's very stylish and sleet, love the black. The blue OLED is awesome, I love that it's on all the time. Wish the new message indicator would stay on for more than a minute, but you can press the volume button on the outside for 2 seconds and that will light up. The phone feels very well built and sturdy.

The menu is very fast. I compared it to a razr v3m at the store, the a930 seemed faster. I like the keypad a lot. The buttons are big and you can feel them easily. The screen is great, much clearer and brighter than the razr, so I guess there is a big difference with it having 250k colors rather than 64k.

So far reception seems very good. I switched from cingular to verizon, much, much better with verizon, so really can't compare it to my old phone because I had different carriers. But now, I get a signal everywhere that I couldn't before. I live in a hilly area of northwest NJ, Hunderdon and Warren counties.

Pictures quality seems pretty good, although they are darker when viewed on a PC. Great that is has a flash. Haven't tried music. The VZ navigator and web browser are the best. I ride motorcycles, so it's great to pull up the weather radar if I see storms in the distance.

Only one drawback so far. On my old motorola V60i, when I'm talking to someone I could hear my voice through the earpiece. Or say you blow into the phone, you can hear the blowing sound through the earpiece. But, on my Samsung, I can't hear myself, no blowing noise. I don't really like that, it's hard to judge your voice volume if you can't hear it. And it seems like you're talking into dead air. I'm going to hang onto it for 15 days to see if I can get used to that, I sure hope so, because I would hate to give up this phone. Would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't for that.

Anyone know why you can't hear yourself on the Samsung? Is that something Motorola does especially for their phones only?

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Great Phone...from a very heavy user


Jul 25, 2006 by sfclassic

OK i got this phone about a week ago and its great. I am a very heavy user and the battery is a big step up from my old e815. the standard battery will last me around 3/4 of a day but the extended will last me 2 or 3 days. the features are nice and the display is ver big and nice.

strong vibrate
nice front display
small phone even when used with extended battery!!!=]
ok i mean modest reception =[
lots of others.

verizon UI i hate it but every1 else does every1 else..

best battery life out of all my phones

mot. t720
mot. v60s
LG 6000
Kyocera Se47
XV 6700 Pocket pc
Razr V3m
Samsung Sch 930

yes its alot of phones...im very picky...but if you even just use your phone to make and recieve calls get this phone...if it last me it will last u =]

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Killer Samsung


Jul 7, 2006 by thegame34

To start off this is a great phone. I have had a nextel for the past 6 years and just got this phone and switched over to Verizon. I haven't had a problem getting reception with this phone yet and everyone I talk to come in crystal clear. I have asked people how I sound and they have no complaints. Plus I like that the speaker phone is so good that people don't even know they are on it. I love being able to make my own ringtones and add any song I want to the phone since I don't have an Ipod or any of those goodies. Adding music to the phone is kind of a pain thanks to verizon but once you get the hang of it, its not so bad. I have only had a few songs that wont play but I'm sure I'll get that figured out. Also I read someone on here say there is no voice memo...I don't know if this is the same but I found on the phone voice recorder. I think the black look is great. There are only 2 things I would like to see improved on this phone (1) I would like the speaker phone to be a little louder and (2) the front screen is a little hard to read in any sunlight, but I can deal with that. Overall it is a great phone. I didn't know what I was going to think of this phone but after using it for a few weeks I am very impressed.

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Better than Expected


Jun 27, 2006 by Phoeneex

I had this phone for a few weeks already and im glad I went with this instead of the LG 8300. The black is something totally different and I really like the external OLED screen, it reminds me of my old pager.
The best part is that I can pick up the phone using the speakerphone button on the side if im driving and dont have my headset. It feels light and solid in hand and the buttons feel very good when dialing.
The camera is pretty good too, I have had no problems with this phone except the fact that I have to charge it almost everyday. The only thing I need now is an extended battery.

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Well done, great alternative to RAZR


Jun 26, 2006 by rckaflla88

Im in the Chicago market. Just took this phone for a spin to Toronto and back.

I previously owned a samsung a790.

I got this phone for free, so i'm trying not to be bias in this review.


- unique aesthetics, horizontal OLED display all black semigloss finish is refreshing and eye grabbing, along with external buttons. interior finish is just as nice as the exterior

- one button speakerphone, picks up phone without opening, easily switch from earpiece to speakerphone, can not tell difference on receiving end when using speakerphone

- one button voice command

- 1.3 mp comes out clear, video is surprising ly good.


- reception for EV seems spotty, again this may or may not be attributed to the external antenna

- missed calls and messages do not stay on the external OLED display for longer then a minute.

- dust can easily be trapped in the valley like area where the camera is located and the phone hinges.

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Jun 25, 2006 by musicmangd9999

definitely better than nay motorola or lg in verizon's lineup. awesome reception, great volume and terrific speakerphone. can live with the verizon UI and limited customizing options. they are very worthy trade offs for a phone that works well and is great to have conversations on. I would definitely recommend this phone over anything that verizon has right now.

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Excellent Phone From Verizon!


Jun 25, 2006 by NEgadgetguy

I previously owned an LG 8300 and then I got a look at my friend's A930. I tried it out and I actually liked it more than the 8300. For one thing, the earpiece is alot louder on the a930 as is the speakerphone which thankfully you can use with the flip closed. I'm glad there's no color outer screen because it's a big help in the battery life department. Reception is also not a problem even though the singal does tend to fluctuate the call never cuts in and out or drops. I've had the phone for over a week now and travelled around with it quite a bit and I really love it. Don't miss the LG at all.

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