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Very Reliable Phone


Oct 24, 2008 by callen

I have had this phone for a couple of years now, and am only getting a new one because this one is so old, it doesn't work as well. It has been the most reliable phone I have ever had. This is not a phone for "tech junkies" but a basic get the job done phone. The camera kind of sucks, but I don't use it anyway. Everything else is wonderful!!



Mar 19, 2008 by Paige

I have had this phone for about two years now, and actually have very few complaints. It's definitely not the most attractive phone-in fact, it's downright ugly, but it is reliable. I've dropped this phone on hardwood floors, down flights of stairs, and accidentally put it through the washing machine, and it still functions perfectly. I've even had someone try to wrestle the phone away from me, and purposefully try to snap it in half, and it was sturdy enough to resist breaking. The camera quality isn't bad-you can change the lighting effects and convert shots to black&white as well as sepia, which is standard. The buttons are large and clearly visible, the menu and options are easy to navigate through, and it has very good memory. The pre-programmed ringtones are pretty lame, and the island and clouds display on the external screen is tacky. It has amazing battery life. I can talk for five hours straight, and still have at least half battery. The menu is quite ugly, and unchangeable. There is a pool game that serves to pass time, and there is a very short Tetris demo, but in terms of games that's about it. The address book can hold many contacts, and speed-dial isn't too speedy, but aside from that, it's fine. It charges very quickly, usually returning to full battery in three to six hours, depending on whether or not you use the phone while it charges.
Overall, it's a great value. If you care more about practicality than looks in a cell phone, this is a great choice. If you're more concerned with texting, music, and looks, this isn't the phone for you at all.
In terms of a first cell phone, it is fantastic.

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Mar 14, 2008 by nitishasweetgirl

i hate this phone..
download free ringtones
the ring volume is extremly low
vibrates extremly loud
horrible camera
low memory only holds 2 ringtones
just everything about the phone

I love this phone! great for people first EVER phone


Mar 9, 2008 by phonesRmyOBSESSION

This was my first phone and i have to say it was great! and it took good abuse for about a year and a half and then it started falling apart and not working correctly at all [exp: turning off constantly. alot when you close the phone.] but really i have to say great phone, very basic! [thats good]

::great ringer volume
::camera [even though it was 1.3-1.8 MP]
::alarm clock [must have for me]
::love the games on there! [tetris,midnight pool, i would suggest you go buy it for your phone. trust me you wont regret it!]
::the external screen goes black but you can still see the time
::when phone is closed and you press the volume rocker buttons you can see what the date is and what time it is
::AMAZING vibrate feature! [it is so loud! which is good if you like that]
::good/average battery
::disgustingly awful talk volume! [only went up to 5 and i'm kinda deaf so it was hard to hear the other person
::to me the speaker phone was a joke
::polyphonic tones [bluh-ha]
::NO bluetooth
::picture quality was okay [i'd almost say subpar]

Above all

::Great phone! basic, but yet a really nice package! i HIGHLY recommend this phone

Okay Dokay Phone


Feb 20, 2008 by RateMeFool

Just had a few comments on my LG cg225 that might just help someone decide if its worth a few issues. I really like the concept of buying prepaid minutes and never ever losing them as long as you stay current. So the only viable cell phone company for me is Tracfone, and the phone with the most features and double minutes too happens to be the LG 255. I actually had been on this site and seen the negative comments made by some and had myself some second thoughts but made the order anyways. Two days later I had the phone and guess what? Yes, the battery would not stay charged, I had to take out battery and reinstall to make any call, and the charger kept failing. I felt like an idiot for not listening to this site and wondered why Tracfone would ever offer this crap to its users. But 10 minutes on the complaint department had an apologee, 30 extra free minutes, and a garantee it would not happen again. Lo and behold, the very next day I had a replacement Lg package( overnight express) and Wow, a perfect working, great sounding, great looking, beauty. In the two months I've had it, the reception, clarity, battery life, reliability, and signal strength, have been top notch. Camera is so so, options and ring tones are a bit limited, but hey, its a real deal for what it is- a nice, inexpensive, reliable phone. Glad I stuck it out.

I don't like this phone.


Feb 2, 2008 by pitza3

Okay, This phone does get the job done. I can admit that. But it isn't very durable. I've had it for like half a year, it is scratched a lot, and the paint is coming off in some places. It doesn't poses all (or some)of the features that other phones have. Thats why i give it a 2.5 out of 5.



Nov 19, 2007 by sullivan16xxx

AT&T user of the Poconos

well i paid about 175 (without contract)for this phone and i used it for a year and a half. This phone was considered very good once i got it but it just got outdated when it lacked the "cool" things the newer phones had. my previous phone was the nokia 6061 which was junk.

Good Battery life
good call quality
easy to text message
Good side buttons
good quality camera for VGA
bright/helpful front screen
pretty solid feel
good operating system
easy to scroll through contacts

Not very good service compared with razrs
Not very customizable

this phone may not get you through a 2 year contract for heavy users like me. i dropped this phone in a mosh pit at a 12 hour concert and it was totaled but i glued it back together to get a few more months out of it. then i finally dropped it in sams club and it has not worked correctly since (loose service very easily, buttons dont work, screen turns white or black, speaker dosent work, ect)

i give this phone a 3.5 for putting up with me for a year and a half. i am now looking towards a nokia 6555 or lg cu515 for a replacement.

not real sure


Oct 12, 2006 by allisonsimages

i swaped out my old lg 1200 for this new one and im not so sure i like it . the features are about the same as my old one which is why i got it . its small and sleek . very stylish . but the speakerphone is poor. you have to put it up to your ears just to hear . also , its a pain to pull speakerphone up . i liked it when you jsut hit a button on top. now you have to tell caller hold on while you search through menu . the demo games is pool . i like that but soon as you get ready to sink the 8 ball, it says buy now or later .if you like teckno music , you will like the ring tones . great picture quality. i cant say much about signal because i live in a remote area so all phones dont pick up real good here.

pros: small and sleek, easy funtions. great picture quality , sturdy , durable,

cons:poor speakerpone , not easy to find speakerphone when needed , not real good volume, charge time is terreble . make sure you charge it daily or at least carry a car charger . it dont hold one long.

overall : for $10 with a contract, not bad . but i would deffinatly look further before buying .



Oct 29, 2006 by dnertun

well this is my very first phone, but i have dealt with phones in the past before (like as in my friends)

sleek style - i have the all black and i like it

takes one button to switch from ringing to vibrate

can easily change the volume of the ring tone

has a ringing only option, ring and vibrate option, and a vibrate then ring option

makes a beep when you have hit a minute mark

loud ear piece and you can adjust it also

can adjust keytone volume, and headset

pretty good reception

fits nicely in palm

and I'm sure there are more

no outside speaker, which makes it difficult to hear it ringing while in a place such as the mall

vibrate is not strong enough, well at least not in my shorts (have not worn jeans with it in the pocket)

hard to clean the screen after using the phone well as a phone

ringtones aren't the best in the world but you can get on the internet with the phone and download some

speaker just isn't that good, and you have to keep the phone flipped open

fingerprint magnet, but this is really easy to clean

cannot take a pic while it being closed

over all this is a pretty good phone, unless your an important person and can't afford to miss a call then i would not suggest it since i have missed many

but for the average Joe it works just fine

ok phone


Aug 31, 2006 by melissa

This phone is ok it is pretty durable. but the ring is very low i have several missed calls due to the low tone. and i really dont like the volume when in a call either but other than that its a good phone. the camera has nice pics, but a back light would be nice.

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