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I had so many problems with this phone!


Jun 13, 2007 by ChibiStar

Ever since I got this phone since 5 months ago, I have been having problems with it! The phone would shut itself off! I would almost never get the phone calls! I would have to restart my phone to get text messages from two days ago! Ugh...I called my service, they gave me, a new sims card, a new battery, and new phone (the same one)...and still! Id say do not buy this phone! And no it was not my service! It was a total waste of my time!

*Good camera quality
*Converter (inches to feet....etc etc)

*Text messages don't come in until i restart my phone
*Phone calls never came through
*Kept saying "Network rejected"
*Failed to open messages
*kept asking for PUK code (when i didn't do nothing to it!)

Not too bad


Nov 20, 2006 by Bizurke

This is the first LG I've ever owned, I've always been a Nokia and Motorola user and I was n't too sure about trying LG.


-Very aesthetically pleasing, the gloss black gives it a very nice look.
-Great Reception (never had a dropped call in 3 months)
-Good sound clarity
-Works well with most Java applications
-Good battery life
-Easy to read display
-Speaker phone


-Only speaker is on the inner side of the clam shell so it muffles ringing and requires the phone to be open while using speaker phone
-Speaker Phone distorts unless it's turned on low
-The camera at 0.3mp at 640x480 leaves a lot to be desired but it pretty average.
-No flash on camera
-Small main screen
-Outside screen is black/white lcd with a background that has clouds on it. This is physically part of the LCD and can not be removed with out damaging the screen.
-Can't change speaker volume unless fully connected in a call, turning it up while the phone is ringing on an outgoing call does nothing.
-alarm clock will only ring as loud as the ring volume is set to so it's easy to sleep right through it if it's not turned all the way up.
-Glossy finish and screen are a magnet for finger prints.

Though I listed a lot of con's I still like the phone and am in no rush to get anything else.

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Terrible phone


Jul 24, 2007 by beyondanytherapy

I have had this phone for about 6 months now, and for the past 5 and 1/2, I have been wishing for a different one.

Sleek, good looking phone
Color outside screen is nice
Large numbers for time/date

Vibrate is not very loud
Rings too quiet even on loudest setting
Battery life is horrible - less than 3 days on standby for me.
Menu is difficult to navigate
Text messaging system is annoying
Custom ringtones have to be incredibly short - I make my own ringtones, and can barely have anything longer than 10 seconds for a ring tone, which severely limits my options.

Overall, I will never own another LG. I'm going back to Nokia or Motorola.

Life SUCKS when you have LG


Mar 3, 2007 by wesleyowns

I have had the Cingular LG CG225 since May of 2006 and it has been absolutely horrible! I started with the LG C2000 and one day the speaker had some kind of malfunction that a person from Cingular told me was a Manufacturing error. I had it replaced through Cingular's Warranty exchange program for free. I got my next phone. It stopped recieving calls and making calls all together and text messages and would only show up when you restarted the phone. I was upset with cingular and demanded a new phone so they moved me to this phone, the LG CG225. The first one in less than a month started glitching the same way the second LG C2000 did, again not my fault. I had it replaced. This one has missed few calls and is very scratchy sounding but the Text Messaging Software lost all of it's working ability. I could not write a word. And I am a big texter.

Nice Looking phone
Good Camera
Easy Opperation

Soft Speaker
Breaks all the time, and if you are out of warranty you are screwed
Speaker broke while the phone was ringing.
Texting Software stopped working.

The only reason this phone got so high as a 0.5 is that SOMETIMES it was able to receive calls and make calls.

DO NOT buy this phone.

Looks Good, Less Gloss


Dec 4, 2006 by GravityFails

It's hard to believe that this phone replaced the C2000. The CG225 is inferior in almost every possible way, from fit and finish to screen quality to call quality to battery life. Reminds me of when the Rabbit replaced the Beetle, for cryin' out loud.

First of all, as others have mentioned, the fingerprint issue is a big deal. Unless you're one of those schlubs who doesn't care about the way your stuff looks, steer clear of this thing. I found myself wiping it clean every time I touched it, which, in a word, drove me bugsh*t.

The screen looks like someone gave it the Vaseline treatment, so if you're into actually using your screen, forget about it. It'll give you a headache.


+ Looks slick
+ Good keypad


- Call quality is sub-standard
- Fingerprint magnet
- Screen quality lacks, uh, quality
- Somewhat heavy

There are better offerings out there from LG. If you're in the market for a cheap phone and don't want to sign a contract, try rounding up a C2000. It's a better device from top to bottom.

LG is the best [...]


Sep 7, 2006 by 78199

very sleek phone stylish great camera will fit in most pockets

Ed. note: title edited

LG...Lame Game


Sep 2, 2006 by sugarkisses8735

well lets see. I had it for 2 days, then it pissed me off enough that i took it back. stupid stupid phone.lets make it easy.

-good reception
-style is HOTTT, all black is good for me.
-takes great pictures.

-you cant close it with speaker phone on, or it hangs up. which is bad because the backlight stays on, you cant turn it off, and it kills the batter insanely fast.
-you cant close it and take a pic. It looks like you could with the big screen.
-the outside screens background is CLOUDS. and you CANT change it.
-buttons. in class when ur trying to text and not get caught... the buttons are crapp so the make sound. bad. bad. bad.
-ringtones. ever watched the weather channel?
i think the share the same ringtones.
-its booooring. like all LG phones.
dis-including chocolate and new thin LG for cingular. not out yet. should be out in a few months :).

besides all that. its crappy.
if u have it and dont like it,
you can go to a cingular store
and "recycle" your phone.
the gave me 40$ for my sony T637 which is almost 5 yrs old...recycle it. even tho you want to THROW it.

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