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Really not that bad


Oct 2, 2009 by ShadowScorpion

Got this one from the US, had it unlocked, and fiddled with the settings to make WAP work, and it's actually a good phone.


- RF is great
- Earpiece is loud, sound quality is fairly good (On the Rogers network, in QC)
- Battery life is great (~10 days)
- Small and pocketable -- you'll almost forget about it.
- Vibrate strength is pretty good.


- Picture memory is relatively low, so ~12 pics at 640x480 and it's filled. Image quality isn't great, though it does the job.
- Some keys need stiff pressing to respond. Not sure if this is common to other CG225s, it's just a minor annoyance.
- External LCD is great... but the preset background cannot be changed, and it's fugly. I mean, come on, clouds and an island?

Overall, I don't dislike the CG225 at all. It's a fine phone that delivers the goods, and I'm pleased with it.

good phone for the price


Feb 13, 2008 by sfcron

Purchased this phone with Tracfone as the carrier and have had NO problems with it; have found it to be highly reliable. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of a basic no frills phone.

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Unreliable phone


Aug 17, 2007 by GanetMarV

My wife and I had this phone, LG CG225, for 1 year. It has been a painful year because this phone is unreliable; not only mine but both and both have the same issues:
(1) The CG225 shuts down by itself when the battery is at 3/4, every time, no exceptions.
(2) It loses the network: you can see the bars, meaning that the network is in range but the phone does not display the Cingular name; you cannot call (it says Service unavailable) and receive call (ended up on the voice mail). The only solution is to stop and restart the phone.
(3) Sometimes (once a week) I had to remove the battery and put it back on because it freezes when the phone starts.
(4) It sometimes 'forgot' the phone numbers preregistered like the voice-mail number, another restart is needed.

Well, this is not a phone I will recommend. All of these issues were not only on mine but on both phones we had. I will never take a LG in the future. I spend more time restarting this phone than using it.

Avoid this phone at all cost.



Sep 26, 2006 by HOYT1287

I'm actually a cingular sales rep and this phone is horrible... the phone shuts off by itself and there is no reason for it...
the camera is not good and those clouds are really annoying ... if anything thats good about an LG is their new LG CU 500 that is the best phone they make. we have 10 -12 returns a week and its all because of that problem!!!

LG is good for me


Jul 7, 2006 by msd1187

I like LG phones for two reasons. Great reception, and good loud earpiece volume. The two most important things to me. This phone has a nice style. If you are a freak about fingerprints on your phone. STAY AWAY from this one. The high gloss finish on this phone collects prints like a crime scene investigator. Only other things I don't like. The camera, and the photo album. These 640X480 VGA cameras on these phones are horrible. If these companies are gonna use cameras on their phones they should really step it up. Atleast a flash or something. The photo album is very slow. Seems like it takes forever for the pictures to open for viewing. That's really all the bad on this phone. Like I said, it has a loud earpiece and gets great reception where I live. Also all the places I travel. Oh, and it doesn't have an active flip. You can't close the phone and still use the speakerphone. Unlike the LG C2000

Good inexpensive option


Jul 3, 2006 by whiskey7

Basic, but handsome with very nice call quality. Camera is usable. However, the software lacks customizable options found on many other phones. This phone trades off screen size and resolution for long battery life.
-Build: it is ergonomically comfortable to hold and talk on. Very solid; nothing is creaky, loose, or cheap feeling.
-Call Quality: excellent. Incoming call quality is very clear and natural. For the person you are talking to, it is pretty good too. (In the forum I wrote that outgoing call quality wasn’t so good, but upon further analysis I think it is fine…on par with most good cell phones.) I've never used Cingular before so I can't rate reception.
-Battery Life: impressive
-Camera: typical; not bad. Has black/white and sepia. Sends pics via mms with ease.
-Has counters that keep track of minutes and kilobytes used. You can reset the counters at any time.
-Main menu is ugly and can not be changed (it is grid style)
-The four-way directional pad has hard-coded shortcuts. You must go through like 3 menus to get to the calendar.
-Speaker phone works ok in terms of volume and sound quality, but could be better. You have to go through a couple menus while on a call to activate it. Also, you can't activate the speaker phone until a call has connected. So, you have to wait until the person you are calling picks up before turning on speaker phone.
-The color landscape on the external display adds a cheap element to the phone.
-The external display doesn't show both the time and date at once; with the flip closed, you have to use a side volume button to toggle back and forth from the time to the date.
-The charger is the long flat type with those pins that you have to depress when plugging into the phone's charging port.
-you can't adjust the earpiece volume until an outbound call has actually connected (you can't adjust it while the other line is ringing).
-The pre-loaded ringers and wallpapers are mostly cheesey

Totally Awesome for its age (LG CG300)


Mar 15, 2010 by narn3049

I looked for the CG300 reviews everywhere, and the one thing I found I let my friend post a review of his. So here is my review of mine, that I got later than him (4 days ago) i have a backup phone now. I currently use the Samsung Intensity, and if I went camping etc, I'll take this so my phone does not get damaged, and the att phone is set up as prepaid.

Well enough ranting. The phone is a bit chunky, but it is really ok because it is older, and I don't carry it everday. One con is the battery. It dies off and on, and by playing with it, a couple times a day, it has to be charged every night.

PTT (I think this might be one of Cingular's only PTT phones out there besides for a Cingular Samsung i remember seeing a commercial but sorry if I'm wrong

Camera with FLASH!
My current phone does not have flash, so it comes in handy.

Print via Bluetooth:
Wow, I've never seen a phone that I can do that with

One other con is that it makes some kind of dinging noise whenever I send or save something, I got it used from a friend, but is there any way to turn this noise off? It isn't fixed in silent mode, and if was in like a library the phone could be a bit of a distraction.

There are only like 10 ringtones but a good assortment. If you need a good phone from ATT cingular, I'd say this would be on the top list

Would not recommend


Feb 8, 2010 by tomt4077

I bought this phone to be able to contact my daughter. After having for 9 or so months my daughter started having issue of the phone randomly turning off, randomly freezing up. I contacted ATT and they sent us a new one. Within a couple months she started having the same problems again but by then the phone was no longer under warranty. I had to get her another phone that was reliable. Having had bad experiences with other LG products, I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Bad phone


Feb 12, 2009 by Steves Comments

I would not recommend this phone, I live in San Francisco ( a major city) and gave this phone to my parents and an aunt. They use Tracfones for quick calls and keep them off all other time. When they turn the phones on they have to wait at least 15 -20 minutes before they can receive or make a call. There phone are fully charged and the signal bars are anywhere from 3-5 which is good signal strength. Tracfone has tried to trouble shoot this but to no success. The only way to make these phone work is to have them on or wait the 15-20 minutes and make a test call. Would not recommend this phone and plan to contact LG too.

not sure


Nov 25, 2008 by LCM93

This phone was my first phone and it was great for a while.....I purchased it from Suncom (now T-mobile) and it was an awesome phone for a while..But that soon changed. It began to turn itself off every once in a while :( which meant u would have to restart it then i dont like how you cant create signatures..but i liked the camera. and how you could write notes and the games werent half bad.. but then having it for about a year certain keys stopped working and that was unfixable. So overall this was a better phone than the replacement Suncom (now t-mobile) sent me which is the Motorola W220 but this phone can be a pest and you could do better.

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