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Strobe Review


Feb 14, 2008 by giantpeach

I rate this phone a 3 instead of a 5 due to the simple fact that it has a lot of Cons.

The Pros
Small- fits almost anywhere (although customers should always use some sort of casing).
Huge amongst the "texters" out there seeing as how it has a flip up hidden keypad
Not a BAD camera, but not the best.

Small key pads make it very hard to text without having many errors.
The numbers on the front are way too close together, and because of the weird shape of the keypad, its difficult to get the correct number the first time.
VERY small "ok" buttons.
The END buttons don't always work (faulty, and found under warranty).
The screens have a tendency to black out often.
Some of the models when you close the flip, the inside screen blacks out, freezes and resets the phone.
Our company personally, has noticed the colors on the screens (both inside and out) are beginning to "run." -It looks like a Tye-dye mess.

I personally hate the phone, but our customers tend to enjoy them, which is why I give it a 3.

Good phone Good advise


Feb 4, 2008 by Anthony G

I have this phone and I love it. The texting is great.The camera has great detail. Web surfing is outstanding. Speakerphone is loud. You can hear this phone very clearly. And if you have this phone with Us cellular the bluetooth is great. But if you are using any other phone company. You should go to phonezoo.com for ringtones. And if your using Virgin mobile you only can get five free ringtones. You cant get free wallpapers from there. If you want a free wallpaper just text your email. Then reply from your email and attach a picture you like and send it to your phone. When you get the message save the picture and add it as your background.



Jan 15, 2008 by dylan man

this is a really bad phone DO NOT BUY

Don't get it.


Jan 13, 2008 by Brandon.

I've had this phone for about 7 months, maybe 8, and I am not satisfied with it.

It's good for texting.
Decent 1.3 MP Camera
That's about it.

Can't turn off the annoying beeping sound when it's charging.
Front keys are weirdly positioned and very small.
Not a very long battery on you use this phone 24/7.
Very hard to hear out of the speaker.

As of right now, I've had to return my Kyocera Strobe 3 times! As of right now, too, I can't send pictures for the weirdest reason.

One of the Best!


Jan 7, 2008 by starlove23

I have this phone through Alltel and I have to say it works great regardless of the sour reviews I've read about it.

Pros: Lightweight, versatile, stylish, durable, blue-tooth enabled, easy texting, great camera (allows you to take two different size images depending if you take the picture with the phone closed or open), and great reception.

Cons: No Way!

There is nothing that I've encountered with this phone that would be unpleasant. Some may have problems with this phone if you throw it on the floor, drop it in water, step on it, allow your dog to chew on it, slide it in the oven, use it for target practice, run it over with your SUV, or any other ridiculous ways people find a reason to break the phone. Of course, your phone would be damaged if you do that no matter what model you have. What I'm trying to say is that if you don't mistreat your phone, there's no reason why this should be a bad purchase for anyone. And for those who hate the phone, stop getting mad at Kyocera for your negligent behavior because if you handled your phone like you care that you have one, you screen wouldn't blink or break or scratch or anything else that's happened. It's kinda hard to break the screen. I've had mine for a year and the inner screen is not even scratched. Really hard to break the inside screen. Takes great dedication to break the Strobe, seriously. Well, anyway, purchase and be happy!

Not the best


Dec 28, 2007 by luv_to_shop14

I just bought this and already want a new phone.


*fuuny ringtones
*nice games


*low quality camera
*small buttons make it hard to text
*If in a purse can possibly be turned on if it hits something

Love this phone


Dec 12, 2007 by princessn1984

I absolutely LOVE this phone! I have had it for over a year and have had very little problems with it.

PROS: QWERTY board, very durable (I'm a klutz and can't tell you how many times I have dropped it), long battery time, can make calls with phone open or closed.

CONS: Buttons are small.

Waste of money


Dec 5, 2007 by YoungHova91

This phone was definitely a waste of time & money. I just bought it about a month ago & the thing already doesnt charge normally. The service is terrible, maybe because i got Metro PCS in the LA Region. If I were you I would definitely not spend my hard earned money on this phone. Its honestly not worth it. The buttons are way too small, you constantly have to check what your typing because more often than not, you've pressed more than one button & what you thought you wrote is just an unintelligible mess. The only good thing this phone has going for it is the flash on the camera. Everything else on this thing sucks. That is all.



Dec 5, 2007 by hottie19_3

This phone is....i dnt kno how 2 describe it....at first wen u get it u will think its da best phone in da world but maybe 2 weeks later it will be driving you crazy.

*Takes good pictures
*Qwerty Keyboard
*Sends Pic fast
*Small enough 2 hide wen in skool

*The battery sucks
*After a few weeks it starts acting up
*Charger breaks easily
*Shut off by itself
*It automatically comes off silent wen you put it on da charger
*If u like ringtones...it doesnt have much memory
*No video recorder
*It changes up the default ringtone by itself
*External screen scrathes easily
*External screen not good 4 ppl with bad eyesight

Dont get this phone....u will end up paying more for new chargers than for how much u paid 4 da phone overall



Jul 25, 2007 by ashleymarie011

Well I had been bugging my parents for a phone for a while, and they finally gave in. But it wasn't to this. Instead I got a junk tracfone that hardly worked at all. I had that for about a year and asked for this for by birthday. After some persuading they gave in and since I have gone from the loser with the geek phone to the envy of all my friends. What exactly do I like about this phone?

1. design- i love the design of this phone. don't listen to the on here who talk about not being able to close your eyes and dial. WHO WOULD DO THAT ANYWAY?? The front screen is a little on the small size, but its fine for me the size on my old phone was smaller so this is a step up. Anyway, the design is great, and I love how it flips open. plus the design of the antenna is so clever!

2. QWERTY keyboard- when i went to buy the phone I had a slight worry that I would struggle with the keys they are on the small side. It took me a few days, but I got used to it quick. Plus I've been getting faster, and the more u practice, the easier it is. It looks more difficult then it is.

3. virgin mobile- i use virgin mobile as my provider and this phone has great reception. the sound quality is awesome and i haven't missed a call yet. plus i love the fact that i can download ring tones and stuff right to my phone!

4. camera- i don't believe that a cell phone should have an mp3 player and a camera and blah blah blah. its a cell phone! not an "everything u could possibly want in the palm of hand" the camera is decent and better then id expect. it doesn't compare to my digital, but the pics are clear.

5. i can surf the web on my phone! n i can talk online with aim! and i can check my email! how great is that?

i could go on and on about what i love about this phone, but there isn't enough room. i have yet to discover anything i don't like about the phone. and i highly recommend this phone. its well worth the money and you'll be glad to get it!

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