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a waste of money and time


Nov 29, 2007 by phatmanxxl

i liked it till i actually owned one.
note i had the VM switchback and the USC strobe.

1. the phone lock can be bypassed though the shortcut key--a big FTL.

2. if your going to text on the outside keypad, forget it way too complicated because of the positioning of the buttons.

3. sending and receiving pics, my phone always froze up i had to pull out the battery and reboot it.

4. i always had to close the AIM to use other functions of the phone, the was no point in using it at all.

5. holding the phone on your shoulder was extremely difficult.

6. besides the qwerty, extreme lack of usable features.

7. slowest browser i ever seen on a phone.

8. glitchy OS, frequent power cycling, and screen would sometimes be blank when i opened up the phone.

9. made frequent calls from my pocket, regardless of the active keyguard.

10. slowest browser i have ever seen on a phone.

11. camera very slow, only works good in daylight and if you hold the phone very still.

the one thing it seems to be good for is texting, but i guess that was the only reason this phone was built for.
the switchback was ok but when i got the strobe i was desperate to get rid of it

also the people who gave good reviews on this phone probably posted they day they got the phone. i kept thinking, just wait after they used it for a week.

Not worth it


Nov 14, 2007 by cruton93

This phone is crappy i am 14 and i am a texting fanatic. I love that keyboard don't get me wrong. Just in general it sucks. Ive had 3 of them none of the problems were my fault.the first time i couldn't send pic messages 2nd time it just appeared with an error message and a montha go it stopped charging. It wasn't the charger or anything. Yesterday the screen started ill get another new phone tomorrow. But it sucks I'm serious even if it is cheap and looks cool and how it flips open is awesome. .DO NOT BUY IT.Its a waste.I promise that. G buy it if you want but m telling you its CRAPPY.



Oct 30, 2007 by Knana

OK, so my sister and i both have this phone and we both HATE IT!!! I have gone through three in two months.

the key pad is cool
ring tones are ok

Brakes veryy easily
Texts take a long time
turns on and off by itself
key pads brake
screens shatter veryy easily
speakers echo
screens are small

Sent it back


Aug 16, 2007 by angelic

The only really good thing about the strobe is the keyboard if you're a texter which I am. The outer screen is soooo small along with the keys. The keyboard's keys are tiny. The camera is horrible and doesn't take good pics at all, yet it does have a flash. But the battery life is THE BEST I have ever had on a cell phone. It lasted over 24 hours.

Kyocera K612 Strobe


Jul 30, 2007 by jody475

This phones is okay. WARNING----- The sales rep. will try to talk you out of it. DONT LISTEN!!!!!


1. *DECENT* Camera.

2. Bluetooth


4. Nifty Flashlight!

5. Cool ring tones.

6. Small


1. Small cover screen.

2. The camera can be fuzzy sometime, so if you HAVE to have a GREAT camera, this phone is not for you.

3. The front keys press easilly in your pockets, but theres a key gaurd for that.

That concludes my review!!! Hope it helped, bye!!!

It's a dud. I'm a flexible person but this phone has a mind of its own.


Nov 28, 2007 by Cheerio

I've had four of these phones and can't switch due to my contract. When I talked to my sales rep I asked for:
-large raised buttons so it would be easy to text
-durable (I work in rough conditions)
-several alarms
-vibrate option

I have a large account (around 20 phones) and trust my rep but when he sent me this I was...utterly confused.

-The buttons are (really) tiny and it's nearly essential to look carefully while typing because the numbers on the outside aren't even across they curve around so after 6 months I'm just starting to dial without looking. I'm often on the go and would prefer to text offhandedly and check spelling errors afterwards but with this phone even on the keypad you have to look carefully because even my (very small) thumb still hits about four different keys. So to sum it up the main feature is a hindrance.

-As for durable my biggest problem is that the screen is very susceptible to water (even just a little steam) but usually holds together when dropped.

- The alarm only lights up when on vibrate mode there are no vibrations and if you miss the alarm it doesn't tell you the next time you use your phone.

-The vibrate doesn't work when the phone is on the charger.

***The Biggest Problem with This Phone***

It has a mind of it's own!

You put it on vibrate, it changes to silent or normal

You turn it off, it turns itself on

You dial a number and press send, it calls some random number from your contacts list

You turn on the keygaurd, it turns it off

When you answer your phone or call someone, it's a toss up on whether or not it will be on ear pice or speakerphone.

One time it went crazy and started making weird noises so I tried to turn it off and it wouldn't and the screen went blank so I tried to take the battery out and it would not budge.

I could go on forever... out of 4 of these phones I've had the same results. The ONLY thing I like about this phone is that the battery doesn't fall out every time I drop it.

not bad and close to the best


Nov 20, 2006 by zsx258

having worked in the cellular communications field for a while i've owned and tested many phones. i use the strobe on the alltel network and love the reception. theres one thing that i love and one thing i hate about this phone. Love: the fact that you can text, make a call, use the menu, or take a picture on one screen then flip the phone and use the other screen without starting over. Hate: bluetooth users beware. i use a motorola H3 headset and i have noticed from time to time that the bluetooth will randomly for no reason disconnect even while using the phone in the main menu looking for a phone number. overall good phone i love it

terrible phone


Nov 26, 2007 by vvelez

terrible reception, not reliable, not durable.... but has a cool keyboard? who cares its crap. if you store too many pictures and texts the phone crashes and your done

All In All Good Phone


Nov 12, 2006 by phonecellar

When I first saw this phone, I didn't like the look of it but after giving it a try, I grew to like it. The camera is what I expect on most camera phones so there's no complaint to be made there. People seem to expect a phone to take stunning pictures. It's a phone. If your main concern is camera quality, why not buy a digital camera? I use this phone with Metro PCS.

Good reception
Keyboard makes texting easy.
Good price but I got mine for $50

Buttons are a little small.
Fragile screen
Battery could stand to last a lil longer but short battery life is expected when you use the phone ALOT.

That's about it.

ummm no


Jan 30, 2007 by abcdefg12345678

If you appriciate punching texts in all day this phone is perfect for you. at this moment i would trade this phone for just about anything. it is a piece of junk and should be taken of the shelfs.

QWERTY keybord

1.terrible signal
2.tacky unprofessional look
3.sticky buttons
4.ugly paint design
5.junk for speakers
6.tiny exterior screen
7.small interior screen
8.2,5,8,0, on the front are slid down making it impossible to dial by touch
9.very low resolution screen (very chocky)
10.messing for aol too slow to keep a conversation
11.very thick
12.poor sound quality

over all dont get it!!!!!!!1

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