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Very Pleased...


Feb 3, 2009 by renaissance_teen

I received this phone 3 days ago and I am very pleased. As a young adult/student I felt this phone was great for organizing sporting events, assignments, and appointments. This phone is great for a first pda phone. I will give another review in a few months to update ya'll.

great voice quality
very easy to customize
very comfortbly sized.
nice qwerty keyboard
overall great phone!


It still leaves a lot of Q's...


Sep 30, 2008 by CSIdude42

I have had the Motorola Q in the past. Now, when I first got the phone, I was amazed on how small this phone was. It was sharp looking, nice and thin. The phones material feels sturdy but, when you take the back cover off of the phone, it is cheap and I don't even know if I would call if plastic. However, the operating system leaves a few Q's(uestions).

Operating system:
It is slow to start up. Now this is my first "smart phone" or pocket PC so I didn't think to much of this. Flipping threw the menu's, I thought it was pretty snappy and fast. However I am one of those people who do leave there phones on overnight. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever do with this phone. The next morning it froze up and, well I think you get the point. I took the battery out and turned it back on. Problem solved. General texting, is ok. You do need to set the "Delivery Confirmation" off. If you don't, a couple of seconds after you send a text to another Verizon number, it will pop up, stopping what ever you where just doing. Like most smart phones, it had it's fair share up freeze up's and slow days. I tried to look past these.

> Slim, sleek, very pocketable.
> Decent media player, and Web Browser.
> Key board is ALRIGHT, a little cheap.
> about a 7 on signal signal strength.
> Click wheel.

> Slow OS.
> Dropped calls every now and then.
> Navigational cluster is cramped.
> Ringtones are not that great.. at all.
> Themes could be better for younger crowed.

One thing that did happen to me was the "boot loader". I got the black screen for some unknown reason. I was left without a phone for a while because of this and I had to return my phone to the sender. Overall, this is an ok phone considering the price and availability of these phones on eBay, I would buy it again but would keep a back up just in case.

Good overall...I guess


Sep 28, 2008 by kopiejr

The phone is good overall...if you like to waste your valuable time trying to charge a crashed or frozen phone. I have had it for about a year, and it has crashed 5 times, and once it deleted all of my memory. The worst part was, the battery was charged. It just crashes for no reason. The internet is pretty good, but kinda slow, and the call quality and texts are great. It doesn't push your e-mail, just copys them, but without the crashes and software problems, it's a great phone!

A Business Tool not a Toy


Aug 30, 2008 by lone_gentleman

Owning this phone for over 2 months now has given me a real opportunity to see what this phone has to offer and find all of the little problems that are slightly annoying. In general, this is not a kids phone. If you're looking for multimedia, gaming, or anything that is seen as a gimick, this phone is not for you. However if you are a business professional who needs to hold a whole lot of contacts, email, and syncronize with a computer; this phone is second to none. I'm not sure of how much other people have paid for this phone, but I was recvently able to get it for 49.99 with the 2 year contract. By far, better money spent than anywhere else. Concidereing how blackberries require a data plan put on the phone, the Moto Q really allows people to add the plan when they need it and take it off to save that extra dollar here and there.

A real business centric phone
Layout easy to use after a day or two of playing around
Quality reception, call quality, and bluetooth

Little time required to get to know it
Hope that a verizon rep can and will show you how to use it

Amazing Phone


May 29, 2008 by phone_freak4

I have had my Motorola Q for about a week now. I have it on the Sprint network. So far it has worked to perfection. I'm mad that it doesn't have Microsoft office on it.Here are some pros and cons of the Q.



Flash feature


QWERTY Keyboard




Internet Browser


Back lit Keyboard

Small Compact size


Battery Life

No Microsoft Office

Overall: I really love this phone. It's not a good phone for a businessperson who needs to have his/her cellphone 24/7. If you just like to have a simple smart phone, this is the phone for you!!

Motorola Q COOL!


Apr 6, 2008 by lovedfriend

I cant give the Motorola Q a 5.0 due to no bult in GPS receiver. Yes I know you can get a blue tooth GPS receiver. I have a USB GPS receiver but cant use it with the Motorola Q :( Cant find even a converter or attachment :(

The screen is good but when you have a case on then when the sun is out you cant see it very well.

Battery life is ok.

I know a trick to make the battery life better. Email me for it :)

The buttons feel like plastic and toy like and gets durty. I like how I can put Skype on it. (Email me if you want to know how too)

Ring tones are well yucky! but yet again I found a free website for ringtones for *smart phones* and I am sure you can use it if your phone supports mp3 files and uses a USB :) (Email me for info)

I only got my Q a week ago and hope the family plan I have will be ok LOL but that is another story :)

I will make a new review soon as I play around with my Q :)

best phone ive ever had.


Aug 13, 2009 by rachelb

its a durable phone, ive had it for about a year and i love it. however the picture taking is horrrible and speaking into the speaker phone sucks and the recording but other than that its the best. im a high school student and this works perfect for me. it helps me keep updated for any school activities and assignments. somtimes it would freeze but i would just take out the battery and out it back in. the best thing i like is the music player. oh and also the texting is awesome, i love the full keyboard its easy and fast to text on. i knew someone who had this phone and said that the interenet is great but i dont use the internet.


its durable,


music player,

the texting,





it freezes at time to time,

no notepad,

overall this phone is the best and i would never change to a dif phone.

Excellent Device, not for the mentally challenged


Dec 8, 2008 by MrGooch

I have had this phone for two years. The voice quality is excellent, RF is very good. I have used the many phones and none (except other Motorolas) compare to the Q with respect to RF and sound. This phone meets my needs; checking e-mail, Google maps, music and occasionally surfing the web.

Battery life has been good considering how the phone used, is used it as just a phone, the battery life is similar to most any other phone. You do take a hit when surfing the net constantly, but it is not any worse then any other smartphone.

The phone is solid, I have dropped it more times then I can remember, several times from 6 feet up on concrete and it has held up.

Many of the negative reviews are from people how don't need the functionality and are probably just to stupid to own a smartphone.

- Solid feeling phone
- Battery life is reasonable considering what it is used for and is certainly as good as any other smartphone or PDA.
- nice bright, clear screen
- no problems with the keyboard other the known Window OS issues
- Loud speaker phone
- Good voice recognition software
- Nice form factor, easy to carry around in your pocket

- Camera is no the best, video resolution is low
- if you are stupid you will have problems with this phone

After 2 Weeks


Feb 7, 2007 by skywalker03

I Love My Sprint Q.

At first when i got this phone i had a few issues. The battery life was terrible. The internet didn't work 80% of the time. It was slow sometimes. Etc...

After a week I have managed to fix every issue so far...After finding a thread in the everything Q forums entitled "How To Fix Your Q"...I went through and did everything it said. Now my internet has worked everytime. I am testing the phone now to see how the battery life is but according to many other comments that fix improved their battery life by almost 50%...one person even said their standard battery lasts longer than their extended now.

So that being said. This phone is awesome. I have NEVER been a fan of windows mobile. I have always thought it was a terrible OS...I came from a treo 700p and expected this to be a disaster. And I was pleasantly mistaken. The sound quality when your on a call in magnificent. Windows media player works flawlessly. The screen looks great. I have had no problems whatsoever as far as reception goes. The camera is awesome. I have very few complaints.

-INCREDIBLE sound quality on a phone
-Good Camera (1.3 megapixel)
-Bright Flash On Camera
-Supports up to a 2gb mini SD card
-Scroll wheel makes navigating the internet a breeze!
-EVDO works very fast
-Supports Stereo Bluetooth

-Speakerphone is pretty quiet especially for listening to music (still very clear though)
-Have to use task manager to close programs
-Doesn't Come With A Word, or Excel Editor
-Doesn't Come With A Notepad (though you can download vieka wordpad for free & it works great

Perfect for the Pro or for show...


Jun 12, 2006 by jmart23

I've noticed a lot of people wimpering about the cons....

IT'S A PHONE...calm down. It's not going to hold your hand. The Q has been a great phone so far. I too work for a corporation and this phone works equally as well as any smartphone I've had. Guess what? I still make big dollars with out the precious cut & paste feature that I've heard some many cry about. Now, is it the best, No. However, does it do pretty much everything every other Smartphone will do? Yea. Plus, a much better multimedia experiance than a Bberry? Yup.

All that said, most importantly, YOU CAN'T EVEN FEEL THIS THING IN YOUR POCKET!!! Thats the beauty if it my friends. I cant stress this enough.

Think of it this way:

If you want email , a calender, an address book, a 1.3 mpx camera with 6x zoom, mp3 player, expandable memory, and access to the web anywhere in a the country that actually matters...then you can have this at 4.57 by 2.52 by 0.47 inches. It's thinner and lighter than the razor!!!!

That way when you get off work and sit down at the bar, you dont have to have a boat anchor tearing through your slacks or hanging off your belt. No, you can literally pull this little guy out of your suit jacket, and still have the pretty blonde at next to you actually speak to you. The nerd smartphone is dead.


I'm sure the 'power users' will scoff at my witless banter which is fine. We need desk jocky's in the world. For me however, I will wait until I'm a CEO for a Fortune 500 or a freaking neurosurgeon before I start crying about the lack of WiFi, cut and paste, MS software, not real-time mail, lack of modem dail up and so on.

For most of corporate america whom want a smartphone, you will not a find a device with more form, function, and entertainment versatility than the Q. For now. You better believe Nokia has something up their sleeve to combat Motorola's new beauty.

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