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near perfect phone


Aug 19, 2006 by w1n78

- bluetooth (HFL support, works with 3rd Gen Acura TL - no signal or battery meter display)

- wifi (supports SIP for VOIP service)

- can store wifi connections in groups

- multitasking (can perform everything i list below simultaneously)
-- be on the phone using bluetooth headset
-- send/receive files via bluetooth
-- send/receive emails via wifi
-- browse internet via wifi
-- send/receive mms/sms
-- iSync via bluetooth

- 2MP camera quality

- video capture quality (supports 3gp and mp4)

- miniSD up to 2GB supported

- phone will say person's name while phone is playing ringtone

- will sync with OS X 10.4.7 via iSync and bluetooth with a small modification, but flawless results

- supports POP3/IMAP4 with SSL and Blackberry for emails

- interface is customizable from shortcuts, themes, profiles, etc.

- phone flips open and a QWERTY style keyboard can be used

- has restarted once during SIP registration

- triband, so no 850 support (i have the E70-1, US will get E70-2 but have fun waiting) though signal is still good for me

- when using the keyboard, on the right side is the red cancel button. the button is placed too close to the space bar. so in the beginning, you will find yourself hitting this key when typing - at least i did

- problems using Vonage softphone account (possible NAT issue)
this phone, by far is the phone i have been searching for, for a long time. prior to this i had tried many phones and carried many devices. here's just some that i tried:

- Nokia 6260
- iPaq 5550
- Palm Treo 650
- Sidekick 2

i have tried all those devices and found myself looking for more features in a matter of weeks. i've only had the phone for a week and i've never been so impressed by a device. i highly recommend this phone.

i hope Nokia fixes the issue using this phone with Vonage on the next firmware update. i would truely give it 5 stars then

Just got the US Version of the E70


Sep 28, 2006 by mrhondo

This phone is one of the coolest handsets that I have ever had. It does it all and fast.
* New Nokia browser is so nice and on this screen is fantastic.
* Email is fast, I have some accounts use the WIFI and the others use Cingular.
* Key Lock is there unlike some have reported, just push the left selection key and the * just like all the other Nokia phones.
* Camera is decent for a phone.
* OS is fast, faster then my HTC 8125 Windows Mobile 5.0.
* Bluetooth is fast and easy to connect.
*Syncing up with Outlook easy using Bluetooth.
* Fold out Keyboard is good and switching between open and closed is fast unlike reported earlier from others
* Good sound and reception, phone functions work great.
* Flight mode
* Good Golf game included
* Works with a Bluetooth GPS (have not tried yet)
* Using a 2GB Mini SD card and it works fine

* No case included... not a big deal but it would have been nice.
* Camera has no flash, not that really helps either.

Wow... it is just a great phone, the size is a little bigger and it the same size as the 6800... if you ever had or seen one of those. Feels solid in my hand and the keyboard hinge feels sturdy when opening and closing. Keys are big enough for my big fingers to hit with no problem.

I got it from NokiaUSA.com and it came with ear phone, CD, Manuals, connection cable, and charger and has the 850 frequency.

I have only had if for a few hours but so far it is fantastic and does it all. I would have given it a 5 but nothing is perfect... but this baby is real close!!

OK but not great


Sep 25, 2006 by AllanRosen

I really wanted to like this phone.

There is folder called "Biz SW"--- and it comes with absolutely no included business software-- it's completely empty. The phone is advertised as supporting BBConnect, Good, etc--- but no such aoftware is included. Ridiculous. Therefore, there is little one can do to get push email on this phone which is advertised as a business phone with push email. Why did I spend $500?

The native email app is better than that included on my prior Nokia 6230- but still not acceptable. For IMAP it downloads headers only. When I retrieve a particular email in full, the software freezes about 20% of the time.

Phone reception is slightly less than, or at best equal to, the reception on my 6230. I expected a much better performing phone.

GPRS is again slightly less than or perhaps equal to, the performance on my 6230. Again I expected an improvement whcih I didn't get.

Phone freezes with some degree of regularity-- I have to reboot at least twice a day, I'd say. Unacceptable.

The Europeans apparently have a web site where they can update the firmware as improvements are made-- the US version apparently has no such site.

In order to try to get push email, I tried paying extra for Intellisync push email software-- Intellisync is now owned by Nokia so I figured it would work expecially well. Guess what-- it isn't compatible with Symbian 3rd firmware. It appears that even Nokia doesn't make applications compatible with its own firmware.

No key autolock. I had to buy a separate application on-line.

Calendar seems messed up. It sometimes moves my appointment to another day randomly--- can't figure out what that's all about.

Alarm clock-- no repeating events like my 6230. Why eliminate a good thing Nokia? Again, had to buy a separate app on-line for this.


I am told that Consilient add-on app will provide me with push IMAP mail. If this works (so far it hasn't) I'll be happier.

Great Business Phone


Oct 23, 2006 by Lemon

I have had this phone now for about a week, and i can say that it has to be the best business mobile device i have come across in a while. I gave up my highly overrated o2 mini for this one and i have no regrets.
this by far beats the xda hands down. It great to have a real keyboard, a great browser and exceptional voice clarity as compared to the highly below par xda.

Lovely screen clarity (352 x 416). The colours on this one are really sharp and crisp and the text on the web broswer are really clear even when zoomed out.
Very stable wifi ( please ensure that you get this firmware update done ) .
The qwerty keyboard is really easy to get used to and now it seems difficult to do without it. ( writing this review with the e70 ).
Internal mem is adequate, though the mem out problem does pop up from time to time. Should be rectified in the next firmware update via nsu.
Camera pics are excellent when viewed on the phone. A bit grainy when viewed on the comp.
Battery life could be better than what is stated. With average use you should get about 44 hrs - 48 hrs. I haven't tested it on standby as yet.
Mem problems with browser.
I suspect the silver colour will wear off in about a yrs time. No option to change the case(xpress-on)
A bit bulky in the pocket.
Voice aid application sounds too robotic and indelible for foreign names.
No inbuilt games or business applications like BB connect.

Overall this is a great phone with a lot of value for money features. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking and a robust business phone.

Excellent PDA


Oct 26, 2006 by metamatt

American E70 from NokiaUSA. It has GSM 850, 1800,1900. Beware, do not buy the European or Asian versions with 900 unless you are in a big city with 1800 and 1900 coverage.

This the best business phone I have had. It has all the needed features and is well designed.
Great managing email, calendar, contacts, documents, etc.
Design -- light and yet all the needed functions
Easy to sync with Mac as well as PC via Bluetooth
Office software installed
etc. etc.
Why has not a network adopted this yet?



Jun 28, 2006 by Tromco50

This phone does everythign i want it to and fast...i have the 9500 communicator and this thing does everythign it does faster, and it fits in my pocket better. this thing is real slick, it loads web pages quick and downlaods quick. the ONLY thing it does that i dont like is that it wont let you increase the cache size for the memory for the web cause if you load a big page like engadget.com, it might say memory full and you ll have to clear the cache before you reload the page. Other than that, this is the best phone out there.

This phone SUCKS


Sep 24, 2006 by alexpx

This phone is so frustrating.
Could be such a great phone, and it has lot's going for it... too bad it fall shorts on many counts.

Lousy reception (in NY w Cingular).
I have two other phones, this phone usually displays one or two bars below the other two and I end up missing many calls.

eMail is buggy.
If you use gMail or yahoo bizMail, old eMail messages are deleted every time you're eMail is checked.
This does not happen with my some pop servers, but yes with the two mentioned above.

S-L-O-W.... Yawn.
Flip open the phone to access the keyboard and it takes forever. Close it, and wait another 5-7 seconds for the screen to refresh. I rarely bother anymore... no more point is a flip-out keyboard.

No automatic keyboard lock!
Sure you can buy that seperatly as an application, but all other bar phones I've ever used has auto keyboard lock option.
At close to $500 for this phone this should be included as a feature as it is on all other Nokia phones.

The voice recording program is very poorly thought out...
I won't even get into it.

You can not answer on speaker voice, and to turn it on requires more navigation than it should be. Try turning it on while checking your voicemail, or on some call that requires you to press 1 for this 2 for that, etc, and it sends a beep that most always results in you getting hung up on. Speaker voice is WORTHLESS on this phone. Even if you do go through the trouble to turn it on, most likely the other party will not hear you clearly.

I could go on, but I've made my point.
This phone looks great, has some really great features on paper, but in actual day to day usage should never have passed through Nokia's quality control.
Don't buy this phone.

1st flop by Nokia Ive owned


Nov 5, 2006 by hammer123

Where do I begin ?

I live in DC and the phone has crappy reception, unlike my Nokia N93. I would imagine that this phone would have better than average features but I am so sorry I ever bought it, BIG WASTE OF MONEY. The phone seems to choke in between functions, the phone is delay ridden with the changing of menus, I have returned it 3 times hoping to get a better one but nothing has changed. I would like to know why this phone was even released ? I have since purchased the tytn and it's much nicer, but I really did not want a WM OS but it does what I need to do, that is the bottom line.
--Hopefully Nokia will do something to this edition and give it a serious updating, Symbian needs to get things together also !

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