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The stealth phone to beat


Nov 19, 2007 by proteused

There's no question that this phone is feature-packed. Compared what else is out there, it's the best thing going.

The iPhone has only a 2mp camera, no video calling and no uPnP. The N95 adds a couple more megapixels & GPS, but I don't find that to be worth an additional $150.

There are no PDAs w/ as many features. If such a PDA is released any time soon, you'll still have to pony up an additional $20-$30/mo on top of your voice plan. The N80 has QuickOffice, Flash player and Adobe PDF player and can stomach a 2gb memory card.

If you pair tne N80 w/ T-Mobile, you'll get unlimited web for a flat fee and can visit any site with one of two very capable browsers. You can always add Opera or NetFront if you'd like three browsers.

My former phone was the 6600, a ground-breaking workhorse which I abused for 3+ years, sometimes staying on the web for 2-3 hours at a time. It was a Mercedes E-Class - nothing fancy to look at, but dependable and high-end.

The N80 shows every sign of possessing such a nature, but Nokia has surely upped the game aesthetically. The silver model has a brushed-nickel-like face and a matte black back end. Unlike the smooth black look that most phones are adopting (N81 & iPhone), it looks very elegant.

Because it features WiFi (which works seamlessly & with ease), one may surf the net while talking on the phone or taking photos. You may listen to the radio while surfing the net as well. I'm talking serious multi-tasking.

The N95 is the only phone that bests this, but the cost-benefit of megapixels & GPS don't make it worth that additional fare.

The N81 has been released, but, anyone who is familiar w/ Nokia knows that waiting around for THE 'best' phone is fruitless. Nokia bests itself before some units even reach The States.

I spent 9 months researching & waiting only to conclude that the N80 is the semi-stealth phone to beat.

The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife of Phones


Jun 8, 2006 by twinmax

This phone is probably the only phone that has everything that you can ask for to have a HANDY DEVICE.Forget Motorola v series , samsung d800,810 or T809, even sony ericsson W910i or P910i.
First of all Nokias are brands that Hollywood loves to showoff in there movies...MI3 recently debuted the N92..Catwoman Nokia 7610, Island did Nokia 8800, Terminator 3 Nokia communicator 9210i and the list goes on . Nokia makes the best User freindly and the most durable phones.
The N80 is just more than a Smart phone with unlimited capabilities of a PDA, MP3 player, FM radio, Real Player and Flash media player for movies with a high Resolution display screen, the best 3 megapixel camera with flash that can capture pics in pitch dark even, best of all WIFI for high speed browsing ( which Treo 700 doesn't even have..pathetic) and edge enabled. Internal memory of 45 mb and one can even upragde the miniSd to 2gigs. The best part, the mp3 player has a 5band equilizer and the phones speaker is all stereo and highly audible with disticnctive channels output from the speaker. The 3rd edition of S60 symbian operating system which is the best with a very fast response time. The phone comes with quick office for you to view word,excel,or even power point slides on the N80. NOW is there any other phone like this out there with all these capabilities packed into one device. If you start to look, you will end up here at the Nokia N80. I would really like to see some one to come up with a phone that matches up to all these features with the same quality. Nokia always steps up to its high Reputation. That is why nokia's are the most expensive phones on ebay because they have the best resale value as well.
People like to show off there Treo 650 and the new 700 but I pity these people that carry PDA's that don't even have the WIFI even .....
NOkia N80 is the phone for this generation and it is definitely worth the money. Once u go Nokia..you will forget other brands.

Everything I hoped it would be!


Jul 17, 2006 by shizane101

I've been looking to replace my Samsung I500 for about a year now, but wasn't able to find a phone that was pocketable, had a full blown operating system, and had all the latest bells and whistles. Finally, the Nokia N80 answered my need.

Before buying this phone, I researched it for about 3 or 4 months (I was on the net daily). I was blown away by the specs and developed high expectations as I read article after article. Well, my wait is over and I can honestly say this is everything I hoped it would be!


The N80 is has a great camera with a picture quality that will blow you away. The screen resolution is amazing. I've got Shrek downloaded in its entirety (only took 102MB BTW) and I can watch the entire movie w/o eye fatigue. The versatility of the OS is even better than I expected. I can do just about anything with a picture, a mp3, etc. The stability of the OS is good. The first person to comment on this phone said he had problems with the N80 programs crashing and the N80 rebooting. He either has a defective phone or needs to update his firmware. The only time I've had problems with the OS is when I'm on the Internet. Even then it's only kicked me off the net a few times. This happens occasionally on a desktop PC as well, so I expect this every now and then anyway. The battery isn't as bad as the horror stories I've read. You'll be fine unless you have heavy Internet usage during the day. You will however, have to charge it nightly.


My only real gripe is how easily the slider releases. When I reach in my pocket to grab my phone, I have to wrap my hand around it. If I don't, the keypad will slide out. This is the worst thing in the world and shouldn't stop you from buying the phone.

If anyone would like to know anything else, that hasn't been answered on this forum or other forums, please post your questions on this forum. I'm usually on this site every few days or so.

Not at all happy


May 21, 2006 by Ktollstam

I wanted to love the N80, I gave it 10 days. I made excuses for it's behavior and tried to rationalize myself into accepting the flaws and quirks. But I have gone back to my trusty 6230. IMO the 6230 was the best Nokia phone ever made if it was a quad band it would be perfect. The 6230 does everything you would want a phone to do: it is light, small, physically solid, rock solid stable (to be fair it took several firmware upgrades to get to this level of stability), Class 10 EDGE, Bluetooth, Media Player, nice screen (although small), and decent battery life. My new N80 is gorgeous, but not stable. The reality does not live up to the hype. The whole slider design is awkward. I tried to get used to it but the keys are just too hard to access and push. I am often pushing two or three at the same time. I suppose I could live with that. In a previous post I talked about how you can approach the keypad sideways and therefore not bump into the base of the phone while you are trying to access the upper row of keys. The battery life just blows. I tried to make excuses, bought extra batteries, rationalized that it is a powerful feature rich phone, but at the end of the day, the battery life is unacceptable. Why would they design a phone with massive power consumption needs and then put in a 760 mAh battery? It would have been better to make the phone larger and give it at least a BL-6C 1070 mAh battery. I could live with that if the phone were stable. It just randomly restarts several times a day. It restarts while browsing, composing text messages and sitting there looking pretty. On top of that, while in a 3G area I started getting "SIM Registration Errors." Between random sim errors, random restarts and poor battery life, the phone is unusable. I am back to the 6230 and it does everything I need it to do. I will either Ebay the N80 or store it away waiting for the inevitable firmware upgrades. I am very dissappointed with this $700+ boondoggle. I expected more from Nokia.

A bit of a dissapointment


May 19, 2008 by azurewrath87

Ok, so i've had this phone for almost 2 years now... and i think ive had enough time to evaluate it and give a good review on it, seeing that ive used it a LOT and have put it through a lot of stress. So, let's see.

When i first got this phone, i was really impressed. As i opened the box, i realized that it really is a gorgeous little phone. It looks awesome. It's screen is great and the overall quality (visual and audio) is amazing.
The camera is really good, dealing photos with high quality. Same for the videos.
The sliding function was pretty cool when i got it and it worked quite well. The phone also felt really sturdy in my hand and it felt like a quality phone.
When phoning people, i had no problems with reception or the quality of the sound during a phone call, so im happy with that.
Ok... that was the good... now comes my rant


First thing that struck me... the battery life. In a word, horrible. The thing lasts a day, or maybe two days, if you dont use it at all. Phone someone or go onto the internet and it lasts about 3-4 hours. Terrible. Compared to HTC phones that last roughly two weeks.... no way.
The sliding function may be good... but after one year, my phone decided to die. What had happened was that the ribbon cable connecting the top sliding part to the main electronics had failed... meaning a dead screen and buttons. Highly inconveniant when you're away from home for 4 weeks and need the phone a lot.
The phone also has a tendancy to unlock its keypad a LOT in my pocket... ive accidentally phoned way too many people with my phone hanging around in my pocket.
The applications and all the features may be good... but they are SOOO slow. Especially sending text messages. I have to wait about 5 mins before the message is sent... switch sim to my old 7250 and it sends in seconds. also unacceptable

All in all, the phone has good features... but there are some severe pitfalls, especially if you want to send lots of text messages.

Best Phone I Ever Had...


Jul 23, 2007 by Tonylegend01

I have had the N80 for about six months now and, I can say that I know this device inside and out now. The reception and call quality is amazing with this device. I live in an area in Oakland, CA where I don't get exactly the best signal with T-Mobile yet I have yet to drop a call. The screen resoultion is amazing and, eye popping. The camera clarity can be better in my opinion however, it's still very good. I had no compliants about the phone up until recently. Out of nowhere, when I recieve incoming mms, the picture comes in small. I really don't know how this happened or how to fix to it. Even a software upgrade did not resolve this issue for me. However I did find a way around this issue. If you set the mms retrieval to manual and forward the mms to the e-mail box that you are using on your device, the picture will come in it's full size... It a little annoying but it's not the worse thing in the world. Overall this is the best device I have ever had.

Very Good Phone


May 28, 2007 by semon671

This phone is amazing. My phone is fully updated with the Nokia Software Updater so many of the previous problems are fixed. This phone has almost every feature you can think of in a phone. It has 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, Media Player, PDF viewer, Flash Player, 3mp camera, Quad-band and a lot more features. Quad-band ensures good reception anywhere. Many people complain about the battery life but it has improved a lot with the new software update Nokia supplied. Also, just charge it before you go to sleep...thats not that hard to do. As I said before, this phone has everything. The only thing missing is a GPS system, but thats not that big of a deal. The size isn't that bad. It is a little bit thick, but otherwise it isn't big at all. Keep in mind all the features it packs. The media player is very organised but the new sony ericsson players beat this one easily (like in the SE W610) with sound quality. The camera is not Carl Zeiss but is very good anyways. You can choose, contrast level, brightness level, exposure, flash with red eye reduction, sharpness level, macro mode (fixed focus) and so forth. Call quality is very good and you can multi-task with this phone. This means while sending something through bluetooth, you can hold menu you can make a call, or go on the internet via WLAN. Most phones you are stuck when you are sending something through bluetooth. This phone is very strong too because my friend accidently dropped this phone on the pavement and it just got one small scratch. This N80 is like a computer. You can even watch Podcasts, use the camera as a barcode reader or even as a webcam (with the downloaded software). The S60 3rd edition software is very good. This phone is really, really good. I recommend it all the way!! Only problem is the price. But then again, you won't be changing your phone for a long time if you buy this one.

Nice phone but


Mar 30, 2007 by ngravatt

This phone is really nice and has all the features you want and you can read about them on the nokia website.

the camera is nice, but it will not replace any digital camera you have because the pictures usually come out blurry since it is small and hard to hold still and flash is not very useful

it is great though if you dont have a nice camera and want a detailed picture of something.

what i am saying is, dont expect this to replace your 3MP digital camera.

The battery life is not long, which everyone says, but obviously this phone is not for someone that goes on a bunch of camping trips. normal use, i had to charge each night. Heavy use will require a recharge before the day is over.

The only con is the size. I like to have a phone fit in my pocket, not on my hip. After months of use, the slider became kind of loose. Since it was so bulky, and i didnt have a screen guard, it would rub against other things in my pocket and scratch. It is heavy also. dont run with it, or with scissors.

So, as long as you dont mind the size and treat it like a $500 phone, it is great.



Feb 20, 2007 by msd18

I've had this phone for around 1 week now, I really like the features of it, purchased it from www.topgiant.com. I had the palm treo 750 before and did not like windows Mobile at all. I got the black Internet edition. It is really nice looking and the screen resolution is amazing. here are some pros and cons

3MP digital camera
2nd camera in front
screen resolution
sick design
symbian OS(much better than Windows)
MP3 player
Loud Speaker
A lot of themes
Memory card slot
Great web browsing
Good Signal
Decent battery life

Hard to Text message
Cannot change SMS tones

I really love this phone, its stylish and loaded with features

Great phone


Feb 16, 2007 by talbot

This is by far the best phone that I have had. I currently work for a cell phone company that works with GSM technology. I have tested and used Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson phones.

Before buying this phone in fact I bought the LG Chocolate and was pleased with the features but was just disgusted by the service, because I was dropping so many calls so I decided to go trade it in and spend the money for the N80.

This phone has been everything I thought it would be. Great usable features for a great phone! As far as the battery life being an issue, as soon as I turned my phone from 3G (where it is always looking for a 3G connection) to GSM only, the battery has lasted much longer. I'm not sure if this is why so many people are having problems or not but it has given me at least a day extra of battery life.

Overall though the only real problem I have is probably the slider moving too easily, even that has not been that big of a deal. I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a nice all around phone and is willing to spend the money.

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