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Great Phone, Works with Cingular


Feb 3, 2007 by SDiego

I just got this phone about a week ago. Works great with Cingular. Voice mail and indicators all work. Manual network selection works with my newer sim card. Easy to use and find things, though still lots to learn. Only thing I don't like about it is the battery life. With light usage I only get about one day out of it.

Pros: Screen
Good clear sound
Button pad works great for me.
Great Camera and video functions
and quality.

Cons: Battery life

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Dec 8, 2006 by IXCKNYXI

I'm a phone guy, and i've worked for just about any and all the carriers. had even more phones. started with a motorola star tac, nokia 8260, etc. i have a treo, sidekick, q, nokia 9300, krzr, pebl, razr, and this phone by far blows all of these out of the water. the only downside is no touch screen. but let me start off with a list of the pros

GREAT SCREEN! very clear! decent size!
GREAT SPEAKERPHONE! very loud, crisp, good sound pickup/quality!
GREAT CAMERA! 3.0 mp! GREAT for a phone i can't stop bragging about it.
LOUD RINGERS! treo and sidekick just weren't loud enough, the volume is about just as good as my motorolas!
Cool slide design! very flashy, very futuristic!
WIFI! i've had a few phones with wifi, but once you get to use the N80's wifi, there's nothing better!

But as with everything there are some cons. Only a few, but still something you should consider before purchasing.......

Battery life: hasn't been too big of an issue since this is one of my secondary phones, but i have noticed that it's not up to par with say the treo, or my motorolas. evenmy 9300 had better battery life.

The slide mechanism is a little flimsy, but it's not too bad. I guess it just depends on how you hold the phone.

All in all i gave this phone a 5 because it's a nokia, by far the best manufacturer in my opinion. I've used them all and i am very much impressed with the N80! highly recommended!

P.s. If you buy from COMPUSA please by the warranty! it's worth it! holds the value for two years and covers repairs due to manufacturer defects!

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Nov 9, 2006 by Alexo

I'm Speechless. Where do I start. This symbian phone has everything and more. the only problems I've noticed is - slow internet. But great phone in general

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Great phone


Nov 9, 2006 by Odogwunna

Pros: quad band, video conferencing, excellent design, user friendly, clear calls and a bunch of features
Cons: freezing up, bluetooth sucks

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Nov 9, 2006 by Fred

This phone is Unbelievable. Try to get one from a major carrier and not a local vendor. I had to switch from my blackberry 7130c to this marvel. It is sleek and beautifull. The only problems I've had so far is that the phone freezes up sometimes, but as soon as I downloaded the latest software, I was good to go.

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I like it a lot


Nov 7, 2006 by lordtrader

Have had this phone now for 2wks. And I believe I have used every single function it has.

First lets go with the Pro's shall we:
Great signal/reception. I live in Dallas using Cingular, no problems there.
Able to use as a PIM big plus.
Plays 3GP video like nobodys business. I commute and have dnld some movies. Converted to 3GP and watched them on my train ride, gr8t!
MP3 player has good sound with the HS23 headphones. Even on the single loudspeaker its not bad.
Wifi is great, the browser is a bit tricky to navigate but once you get the hang of it, its not bad.
Being able to read email attachments is a BIG PLUS
Games pop on this thing. Resolution is amazing.
Pics are good. Still not a digital camera but damn close. The flash is alright, but if its really dark it barely helps. A better lens and processor would make this rival digital cameras. Maybe when the N95 comes out, it will be a true camera in the phone.
I paired it with a Bluespoon AX2 & it works gr8t.
Have also tried printing a pic using bluetooth connection to a Lexmark printer, came out pretty darn good. I am impressed.
Sent a song to my friends PalmPilot using the infrared. A little slow. Not sure if that was the phone or the palm. But it works like a charm.

Now the Cons:
Slider is loose. I have seen 3 N80's in person and all of them is loose.
MP3 Player plays all MP3's including ringtones. Dunno how to stop this.
Headphones does not control FFWD to next song like it does on my 6270. You have to manually use the phone controls to do it. It will adjust volume though.
I got the stainless steel/silver version and man does it attract finger prints. But I guess I am nitpicking since this phone is everything I ever wanted.

I have since given away my video iPod and my motorola RAZR and sold my 6270. I have also stopped carrying an alarm clock when I travel. The alarm on this phone is pretty loud. I also stopped carrying my camera for gatherings and parties. This will do.

Overall pretty happy.

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Darn This Phone is Expensive.


Nov 2, 2006 by slicknet

Bought the beast in Thailand so it is both unlocked and has Thai characters on the keyboard.

So far it has met expectations. But as with any thoroughbred it demands accommodation from the owner.


-->The slider, as noted by previous reviewers.
-->The "sleep" light (on the upper left front) which flashes all night. I have to place the phone face-down to block it. That particular feature could not be more annoying.
-->The cheap-feeling camera switch on the back.
-->The flash is ALWAYS on when taking pictures or videos. I have to guess that this exists to warn potentially unwitting subjects. More than a little patronizing.
-->Battery life is almost a showstopper. So poor that a car charger should have been bundled.
-->A nice feature would be time constraints on the profiles. For instance, "silent" during classtimes, "general" all other times.

Incredibly, had the phone resting on my laptop while typing away. The phone rang and the laptop hung--deader than a doornail, not even a BSOD. Had to do a power-off reboot. This has not happened when the phone was sitting next to the laptop.

I feel frustrated in not being able to find HOWTOs so as to stretch the capabilities. (This may be influenced by the manual which was written in Thai...) Downloaded the English version but I still have trouble making things work at the power-user level.

But the biggest PLUS is... Open Source.

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NOKIA N80 Almost Perfection!


Sep 28, 2006 by rythmndr

I bought a factory unlocked N80 one month ago and really love this phone, but it isn't without it's own shortcomings. Please note, I am somewhat "hyper" critical of Nokia phones because I feel they are the leader in mobile phones and have set the bar extremely high lately with the Nseries editions. Here are my likes and dislikes:

SCREEN, SCREEN, SCREEN-his is just as clear as you "can't imagine" unless you see it first hand (words don't do it justice).
NAVIGATION-easy as it should be(hey it's a Nokia after all.)
Wi-Fi-Awesome once you figure it out, and the ability to view FULL pages and then zoom in on them is just very pratical and again easy to use.
CAMERA-My god! this good in a phone! (just wait til you see the N95, that should set a new bar).
MP3's-need a bigger memory card because I LOVE THE SOUND !! MORE SONGS !!!!! Really it sounds very very very good in this phone.
HOW IT FEELS IN YOUR HAND-Nice and solid (except slide, see below for con's) not as heavy as one might think.

CONS: (yes it has a couple)
BATTERY LIFE-well all I can say is, GET READY TO......CHARGE OFTEN!! I only talk about 45 min a day and this thing is already half drained, not very good considering they could have easily put another type of battery that lasts longer in it or even made a special one that would accommodate the packed features. (easy fix though, buy another home charger and keep one at home and the other at work OR get a car charger).
SLIDE OF PHONE-alot has been written about the "flimsy-ness" of it and yes it's true, it doesn't feel solid when closed but (weird here) when you open it, only then is it feel very firm and attached correctly) (easy fix, just take it to a Cingular store and ask them to tighten this, might have to give up for a day though).

Hope this helps someone out, but seriously, all in all, this is an incredible phone with great reception, ease of use, and hey again, it's a NOKIA!!!

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Great Phone!


Aug 16, 2006 by kraski

I've had the phone over a week, now, and it's the best phone I've owned. In black, very stylish & reception is a hair less than the 6010, definitely better than my V551. Phone audio is a little lower than I'd like, but acceptable -- better with a headset or on speakerphone. Multimedia tends to start too loud & definitely sounds better on earphones. The camera is very good. The screen display is bright & clear. Data entry from the phone keypad was the easiest of any phone I've used. I've seen comments about the top row of phone keys being more difficult to use -- I didn't have that problem. I haven't really pushed the battery usage, but battery life seems to be as advertised -- not great, but usable. All the apps I've tried work very well. The slider is a little easier to slide open unintentionally than I'd like.

Pros: almost everything
Cons: phone audio could be louder
it could use an extended life battery
the slider could be tighter

All in all, it'd take something pretty exceptional to replace this with something else.

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Great all in 1


Jul 26, 2006 by krypton

I'm still getting used this phone, but overall I am pleased. I am a materials engineer and use a Palm T3 for my PDA needs. I like using my PDA for more than just calendaring and addresses. When I'm in the lab taking data or I need to do a unit conversion or look up element properties, I can pull out my T3 - For these programs and ease of data entry using the touch screen on the fly I will keep my T3.

So, it is not meant for an engineer in my opinion. Keeping this in mind it would be perfect for the business man for PDA needs and word/excel view.

For mobile entertainment:
I like the Wifi.

I had some issues with converting the music files onto the mini-SD. Some songs had better sound quality than others. Not sure why this happened. This could be due to bit rate variations on the original songs.

The phone comes with an adapter to 3.5mm audio out. I tried this adapter with audio input on my car stereo and it sounded bad - I had to turn the volume higher than normal. The adapter I believe is in mono. I ordered new stereo adapter w/mic from Hong Kong. The new adapter will be in stereo and I can answer phone calls using the audio from my car speakers. The standard adapter does not have a mic and you have to disconnect it for the other party to hear you.

I use T-mobile and plan on getting a data package. I want set it up as a modem, but not sure on how to do that. If you have any ideas please let me know. The T-mobile guys want me to purchase a wireless card, so they are no help.

I will investigate the UPnP features next.

Some flaws to point out:
-I agree with the other guy about the phone sliding open in your pocket - annoying. You have to grab the whole phone it your pocket when removing.
-3MP camera is awesome, but I don't care for the sliding button for the macro function under the lens.
-the keypad is a bit tight for heavy texting.
-You have to charge every night.

**I still like this phone mostly for the gadget factor.

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