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Sanyo is the BEST


Dec 5, 2005 by smithint

I upgraded to this phone from the treo 650. The treo 650 was okay but it was bulky. I saw the Sanyo 9000 and I knew I just had to have it. Sanyo phones get the best reception and I don't get dropped calls and I always have a solid battery charge. I leave in New Jersey signal strenght is great. Pros: I love everything about this phone. Cons: can't play .wav files or use then as ring tones. I never have a problem with any sanyo phone their Great!!!!!

A very solid and reliable phone.


Dec 1, 2005 by aamjwang

I upgrated to this phone from Treo 650. I have used several cell phones in the past, including those from Motorola, Samsung, Palm, and Sanyo. I have to admit that Sanyo's phones have the best reception as well as the sound quality based on my experience. In the area where Treo 650 or Samsung MM-940 could not even connect, Sanyo MM-9000 can give me crystal-clear talking with 2-3 bars on the phone. I have had this phone for one month, and so far no single dropped call yet. The only downside of this phone is that it is a little too big. But it does not bother me. This is a very solid phone for man.

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This phone is AWESOME !


Mar 11, 2006 by baystatedog

I've been a Sprint customer for years, and have always had Sanyo phones because the reception is superior to other brands (like Samsung). I decided to upgrade my phone to take advantage of the Power Vision feature, so I went over to my Sprint store and took a look at the new phones. The rep talked me out of the Sanyo, and into the Samsung A900. I got it home and all I can say is YIKES! What a piece of junk the Samsung blade is. No battery life and nothing but problems. Anyway, I went back to the Sprint store and exchanged it for the Sanyo 7500. Much better! I liked the features and reception on the 7500, but after two weeks or so, my keypad and Sprint TV stopped working. It must have been defective, so Sprint exchanged it, but for the Sanyo 9000. The 9000 puts the 7500 to shame. Not sure why Sanyo would release the 7500 after the 9000, since the 9000 does much more and is a much better phone. Alot of people complain that the 9000 is too big, but it actually feels really comfortable to use, it has substance. This phone reeks of quality!

The resolution on the screen is insane. The clarity of the calls is the best I've had yet. The battery life has been average, about the same as my old Sanyo 8100 from years ago.

If you're looking for a Power Vision phone, the Sanyo 9000 is the way to go. Unfortunately, the 9000 hasn't been available in the Sprint stores recently, not sure why. All they've had available for Sanyo Power Vision phones is the 7500. I've heard that Radio Shack still has the 9000 available, so you might want to check it out.

Quality construction
Outstanding reception
Blazing fast internet and Sprint TV
Loud, loud, loud (Nextel loud)
Huge screen
Incredible graphics

Wicked expensive
Hardly any accessories available
Slightly larger size makes finding a case impossible
Power Vision costs big $$$$ per month
Sprint charges $2.50 per song (unreal!)

Sanyo MM-9000


Jan 7, 2006 by alcobbsr

I currently up graded two weeks ago from a Sanyo PM-8200 to the Sanyo PM-9000. The difference between the two is like night and day. The 9000 has the EV-DO that makes the phone work very fast,loud speakers in both the ear piece and external speakers with no distortion. It has a large easy to view screen with nice 3D picture capabilities and is easy to operate. I only wish the MM-9000 was available when I purchased the 8200.I would of have bought it first.It is a very solid phone with all the bells and whistles except for bluetooth.I have not had any problems with Sanyo Products unlike several other phones that I have had with different manufacturers. I think they all can learn something from Sanyo.
Pros; Very pleased with this phone. No regrets on the purchase.
Cons; None that I can find.
Way to go Sanyo!

After a long hard journey of finding the right phone!


Dec 28, 2005 by leefa61

The Sanyo 9000 is a great phone. I have only been with Sprint for a year and half and i have had the Sanyo 5500, Sanyo 7400, Treo 650, and the Samsung a940. My favorite one of all of those phones was the sanyo 5500 and the 7400 but this tops the both of them. Every problem i had with my first sanyo (wich was not very much) was fixed in the sanyo 9000, like text messaging and redialing, etc. this phone has a great speaker-phone and a very loud earpiece. i was going to buy the blade but one i blade with my friends for a whole day i still liked the 9000. My only problem with this phone is no bluetooth but who gives a dam, because all of the headsets i tried with the 940 and the treo 650 sucked and I had to almost always use the phone to continue my converstation.


*Excellent camera
*Great Speaker
*Very Fast connetction times for web and ready-link
*Great battery life compared to 940
*Good Quality Build
*Good MP3 player
*Expandable Memory
*Good reception*
*Fast Picture mail (no more long pending like 940)
*Good sound quality
*Excellent Screen (A++++++)


size (but it fits great in my hand so this doesnt count)
no bluetooth

I highly recomend buying this phone. You wont be made that you did because their is no phone that can offer the same quality (Which is the most important part of the whole phone).



Dec 13, 2005 by d_spriggs

This is the best phone that I have ever owned! I love sanyo phones and this one is a big imporvement from my 8300. I haven't found anything disappointing about it. The camera and camcorder are perfect along with the quailty of the speaker phone. The thing that sold me was the mini sd slot. Being able to expand memory on the phone is perfect for rememberable moments that last longer than 30 seconds. Overall this phone can take care of anyones need's with Sprint's new power vision. It makes downloading ringers and applications almost close to the speed of light! I love this phone and would recommend it for anyone!!!



Nov 24, 2005 by madchao

This phone is pretty sweet. The interface is nice, the OS is fast, data transfer to miniSD is ok. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and the coverage is awesome. Clarity is almost perfect no matter where I am, even when I only have 2 signal bars. Only complaints is that the phone is pretty big. Wish it was a bit smaller, like around the size of the mm-8300. Also i wish there were different profiles i could choose from like the old Nokia phone i had. Where i could easly chooose between Normal , Silent & Meeting modes.

its hot


Nov 20, 2005 by cipha-subastian

im lovin' this phone right now. its one of the best. im happy i bought this phone. it has what you want. camera, camcorder, speaker, clarity, reception, signal strength, loud ringers, etc.. are just great. if you dont like this one, its something wrong with you. purchase it and begin loving it. word

Wonderful phone


Feb 6, 2006 by Songstress

I have owned 2 Samsung phones and 3 Motorola phones and this phone is the best. I would NEVER BUY a motorola phone or a Samsung phone again. They are WAY OVERRATED!!! Both Motorola phones and Samsung phones drop calls like its going out of style and the battery is a piece of trash!!! The Sanyo MM-900 very fast and it has so many capabilities, more than any of the other phones that I've owned. The speakerphone is loud and clear and I have NOT dropped a call since I've owned this phone. It takes beautiful pictures and the internet access is on point and fast. Its too bad that it is going to be discontinued. This is the best cell phones I've ever owned.

Great phone


Jan 31, 2006 by Jonathanlc2005

Let me tell ya, i work selling sprint phones and i looked at every phone out there and the 9000 really attracted me. the bulkiness of it felt very sturdy and safe enough to drop a few times without damage. the camera on it is unbelieveable to other phones. the camcorder is fast. the speaker phone is very well done and loud enough to leave it upstairs and still hear it. The QVGA screen makes the picture appear "high-definition" compared to others. theres voice command and walkie talkie. The power vision is very fast and very real TV quality. you can put your own songs on the miniSD and play it as an Mp3 player. there is nothing negative about this phone and im glad my co-workers are jealous cause of my phone.

the 9000 screams quality and durabilty. i do recommend the $6/mo warranty because of the price of the phone but really one of the best to stay for some time.

oh and bluetooth is nothing to this anyways. if i needed it i would get an adapter but with the loud speakerphone and the speaker earbuds, who needs another tool to waste your battery.

one other mention the battery life is very good, with TV so far i stopped at 1 hour and still had atleast full battery life. so get yourself soon before they discontinue it

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