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mp3 ringtones???


Jan 28, 2006 by lilsupaman20

i love the fone...but i heard u can make mp3 ringtones...is that true and if it is exactly how can you do that?

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Sanyo MM 9000


Jan 23, 2006 by fffrrrmmm

Received the phone from Radio Shack last week. Interestingly, the sprint store less than a mile away did not have one in stock, nor any plans to get any. Radio Shack was also a user of the phone and let me try it out before I bought it - pretty cool. My observations so far:
1 - Very good battery life so far. I let the battery fully discharge completely before recharging it as recommended by rep. I get about 3-4 hours talk time - more than enough for an average user.
2- Excellent reception - got clear signal reception in Walmart - first time ever!!!!
3- So - so camera/video at max resolution - not impressed by either of them.
4 - Somehat larger than expected, but Im 6'-2" so the size doesnt bother me
5- Great looking phone/feeling phone.
6 - Easy to use and navigate menues.
******** Only Con ********
No Bluetooth !!!!!!!!!

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Awesome phone but why so BIG????????


Dec 24, 2005 by del5645

I love the operations of this phone. It is sooooo nice and snazzy. Internet is fast and the screen is large but there is one major flaw that I'm not sure if I can live with. I have had a cell phone for the last 6 years and this is my 3rd one. The minute I held the sanyo mm9000 I knew that something was going to happen and for the first time in 6 years I dropped my cell phone on the ground and scratched it up....only had the thing a few days. It is so large and bulky and slippery it just popped out of my hand like a bar of soap. I am not happy with the design and the size. They should have did the rubber edges like the 7500 or at least in certain parts of the body of the phone like where you would grip it pulling it out of the case and open the flip. Using the phone is just incredible though. I like all the menus and functions better than all the other phones except for the lack of bluetooth. They made it the size and weight of a brick but didn't put bluetooth. Also the camcorder playback is not so great. I decided to keep it yesterday but today after dropping it I don't know. Having a phone that is comfortable to hold is important to me. If only the 7500 had memory card or bluetooth I'd get that one.

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Sanyo 4900 to 9000


Nov 21, 2005 by skidaddy

Used to consider Sanyo 4900 the gold standard for voice quality in Sprint phones. This one is better in both phone earpiece / mike and reception. Lots of gee wiz Vision stuff on the phone. I have a grandfathered Vision plan don’t have to pay much to get them. will try GPS feature with Telenav on my next business trip. The Vision features run so much faster (including better designs such as menus and automatic scrolling) and QVGA screen is sooo clear. No Bluetooth but no need ot buy headset (or BMW). Supplied stereo earplugs with are above average. The speaker on the speaker phone is fine but the mike is marginal, I don’t think the system is duplexed.

Compared to my Canon digicam 640 x 480 in superfine mode are better print quality and about the same 115Kb +- file size as the 1280 x 960 image size native to phone. I used the mini memory card and supplied SD adapter in my camera worked fine. I then reinstated card (less adapter) into the phone. There is a 512 Kb limit that the phone will handle, message would indicate imposed by sprint / firmware so it will not allow viewing or forwarding of large files. Also book indicates only .jpg files can be used though I haven’t tried to forward a spread sheet. Like the other Vision features this will reduce the amount of time I need to carry a WiFi portable computer (or separate GPS) for both business and pleasure.

The voice email feature very nice. Phone generates a .wav file (I believe) and sends it through as an attachment. Phone Scoop described this phone as having a POP type email, haven’t found it. Perhaps this via Sprint business connection.

No analog roam. Old phone was dual mode only 800 analog and 1900 PCS. Adds 800 PCS and has filled in a lot of gaps in $5 a month roaming coverage, some where 800 analog has gone away. More of the 800 spectrum going PCS (Nextel?) I don't think the Qualcomm chipset supports analog in any EVDO phones.

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Nov 1, 2005 by MsBrassA

This is a great phone, nothing negative I can say about this phone. Awesome performance on everything I have tried. Love the clarity, sounds, picture quality, mp3 player....Everything is too awesome


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Sanyo mm9000


Jan 30, 2006 by cutter2668

I didnt buy this phone and here's why....Its been discontinued for one and secondly, its not easy to grip, the size is fine, the new hinge is great, signal reception and speaker, all great. The memory card and mp3 functions are a bit much.
Unlike others, I dont wail on sanyo for not having bluetooth, ive tried it on the samsung phones and frankly, bluetooth sucks so its absence on sanyo is not heart breaker or deal breaker to me. Bluetooth has NEVER, NEVER EVER, lived up to its promises which is why I fail to understand why people gripe about it, some even complain about not having it, then state they dont even use it anyways. The camera is a great improvement over previous models but again, a feature that baffles me, people gripe about this alot and to those that do I say spend four hundred dollars on a digital camera, not on a cel phone. EVDO is fast, but expensive and not worth it, the lcd qvga screen is very nice and big, great job sanyo. By the way, in addition to the high price of power vision you have to pay extra for sirius and other visual programming, add that all up and you could have broadband service on you r computer. Which do you wanna watch tv programs on? A tiny cel phone or a computer screen? I think we all know the answer here.
The memory card is nice, I wont bother with MP3, IF sanyo, Sprint, or other companies want to make a cel phone with better camera and mp3/pda functions, clearly another type of powercell is needed as these extra features eat up the battery rather quickly taking away from its truly great function as a speakerphone/cel phone. Sadly Sanyo models are being discontinued on a rather short cycle, this phone just came out in October and in January only Radio Shack seems to carry them, for this reason, I cannot recommend this phone, its short life means there will most likely be NO extended battery or other acessories made for it. For now I'll be waiting like others to see what Sanyo is hopefully coming out with.....

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Dec 4, 2005 by sfo

Like everyone else, I find this phone awesome. The main negative, size, is a small price to pay for such an incredible set of services.

My only problem has been the battery. I fully charged it twice now, and both times within an hour I'm down to one bar. Maybe five minutes of tv viewing and fifteen minutes of calls.

Something wrong with my battery or is anyone else experiencing this?

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Nov 9, 2005 by blinky1979

Phone is great. Only downfall to it is that it won't allow roaming over in analog. This doesn't work for me since I travel once a month to the Tennessee mountains. I think I'm just going to stick with my 5600 for now.

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Oct 23, 2007 by SprintFan87

I've owned this phone since Nov. 2005 when it was released. This is the best sanyo phone I've ever had. And I've had all the models, except a few! I wish sanyo were still making phones, because a 9000 with a 3.2 megapixel camera and the capabilities of the m1, would be the hottest phone on the market!!!!!!

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missing my sanyo 9000


Aug 23, 2007 by deandada

the sanyo 9000 is still the best phone even though its no longer avalible. nothing compares to its speaker, its durability, or its reception

cons its ugly

the sanyo 9000 was and still is a knockout!

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