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This phone


Jun 19, 2008 by Sylmar Spartan

so its known that this phone is very well reviewed despite its flaws. This phone debuted in Fall 2005 so by now its mostly obsulete. There, now let me say that its such a surprise that even now in June 2008 that its Still hard to find a flip phone with a 240x320 resolution AND 262k color screen! Not to mention the speker is by far one of the Loudest & clearest I have ever hear. Now after a year and a phone my phone is breaking apart and I'm not sure it'll make it to my 2 year agreement. Its been a Really good phone coming from the mm-7400.

Can't beat this phone high quality


Mar 5, 2006 by destrodude

I originally had a Sanyo 5300 which was on it's last legs. I had just bought my wife the Samsung A920 and loved the features but could not deal with the small display. So I got the Samsung A900. Beautifull phone but had serious flaws too it including battery life, reception issues(CT), terrible camera and lack of memory. I ended up returning it and now committed to go back to Sanyo. I got spoiled with the screen size of my 5300 so could not compromised with anything smaller.

I finally found the phone in Radioshack since it was discontinued by Sprint.

Large viewing clear screen display.
Faster internal processor (A900 still faster though)
Excellent adjustability on camera and good quality.
External memory.
Incredible speakerphone. Better than A920
High quality construction and durability.
Great size easy to handle

Too many great things to mention all.

Bluetooth like everyone else
Actual menus displays and graphics are poor compare to Samsungs.
Very limited adjustments for sound and display compared to the A900 and A920.

I am very please with the phone and there is nothing more reliable out there for me right now. There are things that I definetely miss about the A900 but I need a good long lasting reliable phone and this Sanyo is a winner.

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Another Knockout from Sanyo


Feb 18, 2006 by Humdizzle

Every time I get a new Sanyo, it re-assures me of their quality. Coming from a Sanyo 5600, the 9000 is a warranty swap for my 5600 that went bad (sounds like a contradiction, but you'll have to trust me on this one).

Some very nice upgrades to this model. I don't live in an EVDO coverage area yet, so I can't comment on that.

Screen is pretty, MP3 player works flawless, w/ pause/play and next track buttons on the outside, speakerphone is much improved. Music store is cool. A few small things that make a big difference were also added, such as the talk key bringing up redial list, but if you hold it down it will activate the voice activated feature. Very nice.

No bluetooth, but I have a feeling the next model will have it. All in all, the best phone I have owned to date.

Sanyo has done it finnally with MM-9000


Feb 17, 2006 by canuhandleit2g5

What??? did you say?? you want a phone that has a good camera good camcorder amazing sound quality and speaker phone large internal and external display screen clear LCD amazing colors and images that jump at being allowed to have service were your previous phones didnt?? Text message during roaming High speed Internet access Music store MP3 quality clearer than the rocker and a nice amount of internal memory VWWWAAALLAAA Sanyo MM-9000 is your answer

-Incredible loud/Clear ringtones if you use ACC/MP4 louder than any phone on the market!
-Amazing speaker phone quality
-Amazing reception almost anywere you go
-Text messaging durning roaming
-a Great 1.3 Mega-pixel camera thats worth every pic
-A mini SD slot than can load so fast
-Downloadable software Firmware from phone
-Incredible LCD quality so clear
-Full Fetched MP3 player and options
-able to send up to 25 texts or pictures at a time
-Take a picture and use it in GPS-NAVIGATION apps
-EVDO fast Internet Access(Opera Mini is recommended)
-good loud sound quality during conversation
-18MB internal memory
-Nice Battery life
-Able to use 5600 battery as back up

-No blue-tooth built in
-while browsing web sometimes power-cycles
-while calling somone sometimes a call comes in at the same time and you cant access nethier
-cant save more than 300 numbers(MM-7500>can save 500 numbers)
-Cant watch videos or movies on front LCD like A920)

Overall this is one of the best cell phones in the United States and anyone can vouch for that It has to be in the top 5 best in the USA if you spend some time with it you have to like it! This is showing the world exactly what Sanyo can DO I love this phone and cant wait to see what will sanyo do to out do this I dont have any major complaints that wants me to replace it this phone is a 9.7 in my book and thats high!

Best Phone YET!


Dec 26, 2005 by Worldgymhamburg

Second Sanyo I have owned, no I am sorry 3rd sanyo I have owned. This phone tops them all. Great screen display and awesome sounding speaker phone! Yes a speaker phone that actually works right. The MP3 player is a great addtion that works great at the gym or on the go. The only thing is it isn't blue tooth compatiable. But I don't ever use a hands free to begin with so it isn't that big of a deal. Great phone......

Sanyo MM9000


Dec 21, 2005 by stephenl65

WOW! You know I have been spoiled! I have had really good luck with my phone purchases here in the last 5 years or so. It seems like every phone I choose works just like it should. I have had quite a few in the last 3 years so I feel I am a pretty good judge on this technology. My latest review was on the Samsung a900. Now the Sanyo MM9000!

Fantastic phone menu has been updated since the 5600 seems faster than the a900 and the other Sammy's. I love the QVGA screen, I won't get a phone now without it plain and simple. I really like how sanyo does their speed dial, you choose the default number and if that contact has more than one TN when you hit their speed dial you can scroll to their other numbers. I just wish they offered more than nine. Did I mention the screen is beautiful!!! Sound in the ear piece just keeps getting better and better with each new sanyo, this has to be the best yet I hear everyone great no matter what conditions. Key pad is nice I like the new white offered by sammy but the blue is still classic. Reception has been perfect wouldn't expect any less from sanyo. The camera is improved over the 5600 nite or low light pics look much better. Video is not bad either. Wish they would have made it look different but I like the sort of blue/silver look of the flip. All in all this has been a good buy for me. I retired my a940 sold it on ebay in less than 4 hrs. Not bad huh! I will keep this phone until something better comes out of sanyo! Over all I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.



Dec 1, 2005 by ONEWMAN

I think this phone is great. I used to have the Sanyo MM-7400 which was a great phone also. This was a good upgrade for me I thought this phone would not be as fast as it is when loading up songs, video's and game's. But it did not let me down and was faster then I expected. The only problem I have with the phone is it is not blue-tooth but is a feature I will not miss.

99% Perfect


Oct 31, 2005 by tooterbugg

As a previous owner of the Sanyo 5600, this is a much greater improvement on a phone than I expected.

-external speaker clarity
-menu speed
-internal speaker clarity
-MP3 player set-up/controls
-web speed
-Sprint TV video frame rate
-hinge (no more creak)
-flash/led brightness
-icon menu system
-faster at showing list of items from mini sd
-camera quality in low light shots
-send picture/video mail and do other tasks while phone is sending (no more waiting for it to send!)



Dec 18, 2005 by razor102387

The best phone i've had to date! I previously owned the mm7400, which was also a great phone but not as nearly as great as the mm9000. It has a much better camera and camcorder than the mm7400. i have had the mm9000 for about 3 weeks and have no complaints yet.


great camera. pictures come out very clear! much better than the mm7400. the camcorder however is decent and similar to that of the mm7400

the sound is very loud and excellent for ringers and mp3 songs. its just as loud as the mm7400. the speaker phone is also great for conversations as well, very loud and clear.

the battery life has not been a problem for me so far. i charge it every night because i am constantly using it.

the internal memory is great, but not that much if you want to add songs onto your phone. i just bought the 1gb miniSD which lets me put as much crap on it as i want. it allows you to take up to 1000 pics at the very highest quality setting (1000 is the max). you can take videos for over 8 hrs consecutively and u caneven add videos on ur phone that u downloaded from your computer

web browser is much faster. watching video clips online looks just like watching real tv, it doesnt freeze or chop up.

quality. the phone is built very solid and sturdy. it feels very expensive. signal is great, no dropped calls. screen is also slightly bigger than the mm 7400. it is very sharp and clear especially when viewing pictures.

alarm clock! this is perhaps my favorite feature, along with the colorful led light, because the alarm clock works even when the phone is off! this allows those who use it, to wake up in the morning, to turn their phones off at night so they dont waste any battery life when not charging it.


The only con that i have is when sending picture mail, the phone queue's it and does it later while you still have access to all of the phone's features. the reason i dont like this is because the person u are sending the picture to wont get it, sometimes, until like an hour or two later.

Most advanced to date


Dec 10, 2005 by Bigrece

I've used several Sprint phones; however, the MM9000 is one of the most advanced phones created. I consider the call quality to be exceptional, overall reception is great, and the web is super fast. The only thing it's missing is the bluetooth. Otherwise, it's an all encompassing device.

Big Rece

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