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boost i875


Jan 21, 2007 by shaneo

i had the i855 boost camera sucked so i got the i875 new and unlocked on ebay works great and better then the i885 only difference is 2mega pixel camera to a 1.3mega pixel not that much difference to notice unless your photographer it has mototalk off network that my other one doesn't have i recommend i875 good phone mp3 player video viewer too

The Hottest Phone Out


Oct 28, 2006 by yungdre513

Hi ya'll doing the Motorola i870 is the hottest nextel phone out until next month with the i880 don't listen to people in these other reviews they must not really have this phone talking bout the bluetooth sucks they must have a very cheap headset cause my is great and saying they can listen to the mp3 player with the bluetooth they lying cause i can.

Pros: Great style, bluetooth, mp3 player, 1 mega-pixel camera, great speaker, great signal, video recorder.

Cons: Just a lil big, and battery life thats it...............

You really should get this phone if you got nextel trust me

*Big smile :D*


Aug 12, 2006 by Silentsidesight6

WOW! I have never had a phone like this! I have had many prepay cell phones from various companys (Tracfone, T-mobile, Virgin mobile,Cingular, ect.) but never anything like this. I live in Columbus, Ohio. Everyone here uses either Nextel, Sprint, or
Boostmobile. Sprint was nice, but with bad signal, and nextel is too exspensive. But a 16 year old needs to talk! So I gave into my needs and got a boost with the money from my summer job. I have to say this phone took a little getting use to. But once i got the hang of it, it was worth every penny. All 3,000 of them. I even went out and got a 1.0 GB transflash memory card.

The Mp3 player on it is supererb!
Nice big screens on the cover and the main.
Number pad is nicely spaced.
Nice crisp sounds.
Signal is almost always full bars.
Batterylife isnt bad at all. (Charge every night)
Buttons on the front keep me as lazy as ever!
Camara is great for thoughs unexspected, but important moments. Its very good and crisp pictures and takes better pics then my boss's 3.1 mp camara.
Great color on it!
Everything on it is great except for the cons.

Not very "New-user" friendly
Needs attention. Its takes time to understand this phone.
You cant change the background on the front screen.
Its soo cool i dont want to get it scratched!
Camara lens attracts lint. (Nothing a cotton swab cant fix.)

From this i can conclude only this: If your thinking of getting this as the first cell phone you have ever owned, you might want to look else where. This phone is complicated but for people who have the time to learn it, and the exspeirence of other cell phones and Mp3 players, this phone will serve you well! I recommend it! 2 thumbs up!

P.S Im going to try and put a full dvd movie onto my fone if anyone would like me to keep them posted on that, please send a note or something.

Full of features, not completely realized


Apr 22, 2006 by ghostdriver

Great phone, but would be nice if it shipped with better software to transfer ringtones, apps, etc.

I bought a 3rd party usb adapter from mobileaction.com to transfer and make ringtones (mp3 clipper program).

I use the speakerphone a great deal (drive a company van) while driving, so the battery life is not as good as I like, but used a battery from my i355 a bought a larger back plate to solve that problem.

Also invested in a better, stronger case from rpstore.com too.

Very impressed!


Jan 12, 2006 by Jayj2k1

I have to say that I am overall, impressed with the i870. I have dealt with a few Nextels since I've been with them and I know a good one when I see one. From previously having the i860(which dropped in water), I could easily pick up the pro's and con's. Anyway, here they are.

-Better RF signal. Picks up places where my i860 didn't.
-Much better quality screen. Probably one of the best I've seen.
-Better call quality and speakerphone
-1.3 megapixel camera and better video. This camera blows my i860 out the water and can hang with some of the real fany camera phones out there from other cell phone providers.
-MP3 Player. What more can I say? Very high quality.
-The design is much better including the paint, keypad, and shape.
-Bluetooth. Finally! Haven't used it yet but I'm getting a headset this week.
-MicroSD/Transflash card so you can add much more audio, video, and photos.
-25mb of memory. Same as i860, but still a good feature.
-Direct Talk, so that you can use regular walkie talkie if you don't have any service.
-USB Cable connection so that I can continue to make my own ringers, wallpapers, etc.

-MP3's from the memory card can not be made as ringtones.
-There is no calculator program built in. Thank God for Java Apps
-Great camera but is easily triggered to dust. Have a Q-tip nearby.
-Internet lags sometimes when you sign off

As you can see, the Pro's outweight the Con's tremendously. If you have Nextel and want a more upgraded phone and multimedia is your specialty, definitely get the i870. The i930 is also a good choice but it is very bulky and lacks Bluetooth. Not to mention, it has the same camera quality as the i860 which is not that good. Get the i870 peoples!



Nov 9, 2005 by thashiznit625

Im very picky when it comes to choosing a phone and the main reason why I switched from verizon "best wireless network" (which by the way its true, ive had all but t-mobile.) was because their phones werent satisfying me, i need a good camera and video camera in a phone, also loud speaker and ringtones, and a lot of customizing, which nextels i860 gave me all.

bright screen.

good design .

mp3 player sounds great.

i can put videos in the phone.

plus the usual great speaker phone that comes with every nextel.

The phone works where my 860 didnt, when i use to go to my friends house i would have to pull the antenna and leave it in the one place that had reception, with this one i dont have to pull the antenna and it never leaves my holster.

megapixel camera takes great pics.

Now for the cons:

battery life is not that great, but thats why I always buy an extended battery, you kinda have to if you want to use all the fun stuff.

mp3 player buttons in the front dont light up.

main menu could be a lot better lookin and sharper.

not too crazy about the silver.

cant use the mp3s as ringtones, and i cant use all the 200 rings i had for my 860 :(

flip open button is not as fast as my 860.

Its a great phone nonetheless, i can live with my cons :D ooh if you get the 256mb card u can hold 70 mp3s, 666 pics, and 90 mins of video :D

The Besy Next


Dec 8, 2005 by wsipla

Although yes the battery life is not the best with many of the reviews mine on average lasts about 5 hours of straight talk. And just a note none of the wireless phones with MP3 function enable you to use your mp3s as ringtones. This phone is the best the web has so much more advanced options than before. It could use more java apps. But all in all if they could make a microwave small enough and software to run it this phone could really cook a very very good ball park frank. Buy it youll be glad..Trust me.

Nextel customer since 1999

Retailer Since 2004

Best Nextel Yet!


Nov 2, 2005 by jpshaouni

This phone is better than expected! This phone doesnt just offer great features but uses them the right way. Look past the MP3 player, BlueTooth, camera, video, speakerphone and all the other great features and you'll find a lot more than just those to love. The screen is HUGE and very clear making the high resolution camera even more useful. The speaker is very clear making the MP3 player even more enjoyable. The flip button is extremely helpful. I've had my phone for about a week and havent had a single glitch or error.

Great screen to compliment the Camera
MP3 player is easy to use
Flip button
overall functionality of the phone

As I expected you cant use MP3s as ringtones.

Upgradeable memory is expensive to upgrade. It would have been nice if the phone came with a bit more memory to start.



Oct 26, 2005 by phaitemc

This phone is the absoulute bomb! Talk about getting everything for a decent price. Unlike the i930 this baby comes with all the accessories needed to get down!1 start-up disc, 1 media disc(Roxio Easy Media Creator!) 1 media card memory chip, 1 mp3 media chip, a USB connection, and 1 Storage chip!!!!!!!!!!!!!Damn what more could you want for a phone thats extremely complete! The user setting are just as easy to use. You can also record video footage of over 20 seconds or more. The quality is decent, but it isn't the greatest.Also, it is just a bit bulky, but not more than a regular motorola phone. This is the phone for media junkies and music go-ers/business people alike! Nexwave Rocks! Mcallen, Tx.
Shouts out to Dan, Letty, Sam, & Shavi



Nov 2, 2005 by Tasberry

I am a cell phone freak so it has been a long and hard quest finding a phone that has EVERYTHING I want. I've been through them all: i205, i710, i730, i860, i850, i836, i275...and more but the list is too long, lol. I switch my cell phone every month because there are never enough features. But now I must say that Motorola has done a perfect job with cramming just about everything into this one and still having it function so well. The mp3 player is awesome. No headset is really needed to hear it play loudly. That's a big plus. Bluetooth is always a great option to have. Direct Talk, Camera, Video, Group Connect, Voice Activated Dialing, Voice Record, Internet, GPS, Games. What else could I ask for? The only thing that would beat this thing out would be the same unit but with cdma mode on it so it can utilize the Sprint side also. A dual mode Sprint/Nextel handset would be kick$ss! I am completely satisfied with the look, features, and functionality of this phone.

Looks hot as hell!
Mp3 Player!
Damn it looks hot as hell!
Megapixel camera
Even better speaker quality and volume

Still looking for some. Unsuccessful so far ;-)

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