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Best Nextel yet !875 is 870 twin brother


May 11, 2006 by canuhandleit2g5

I had the !415(SUCKED!) !730(internal screen to small for a bulky phone) and the !850(nice phone! decent camera but external display was a pain internal screen not large enough) but now I got the !875 and its my best nextel yet! its the !870 twin brother it is genius! I love the large internal and outer screen is amazing the MP3's work fine and are loud! WT sending a pic is amazing! (if there were only more phones with this feature) Overall this phone is amazing but aint perefect here is my over view


-1.3 Mega Pixel Camera is wonderful in nice lighting and camcorder is great with memory card can record forever with a 1G.
-Better RF signal. works in more places my i850 didn't at all.
-Internal screen resolution quality is fantastic. Probably one of the best I've seen.(next to MM9000/A900)
-Better speakerphone clarity.
-MP3 Player. Works fine to me! great quality.
-The design is top notch dosnt look like a knock off plus very sleek cool color way.
-Bluetooth!!! took long enough NEXTEL!
-MicroSD/Transflash the possibilities are endless everyone knows that.


-There is no calculator program at all on phone which is wierd
-Great camera but can build up dust fast
-when pushing the flip button sometimes phone dont flip all the way open
-Internet gives error messages more times than some
-main menu is frustrating though looks cool

Overall its worth buying point blank The nextel you have now is nothing on this phone unless you have the !930 which isnt much better just depends on what type of phones you like SO BUY THE DAMN PHONE NOW!!! you wont be mad LOL

love it


Mar 24, 2006 by winterx19

i've had my phone 4 about 2 months or so n i have 2 say that i really liked it especially since i didnt xpect much out of it, i was a verizon user 4 about 3 months but it seems as if they fell short of their advertising cause i couldnt tell, but n e ways, heres some pros n cons


1:real tight lookin
2:size,(i like big phones)
3:color is pretty cool,
4:keypad is really nice n big,
5:its a nextel

1:no caculator(wow)
2:no dedicated back/clear button
3:speaker is loud but not necassarily always clear,
i gave the phone a five b/c nothing is perfect, but if a phone could b, i think this would b pretty close, people complain about the battery life, but i think u should charge ur phone up everynite, n if it goes dead during the day, (which shouldnt happen unless u r using it like its ur job,) then u should have ur charger handy,
cause my battery lasts me pretty well, i think people xpect 2 much sumtimes, but n e ways, good job nextel, i would recommend this phone only if u r wanting 2 really b with nextel, n u want a phone that says u really r the boss,

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Jan 6, 2006 by doug41595

As a Nextel Rep, I have had many different models of Nextel phones and have experience with all Nextel models. This is by far the best yet. I don't know why Nextel seems to be the last to get desireable features, but hopefully Sprint will help with that in the future.

Back to he i870.

The 1.3 megapixel camera is nice. It also has an "max" size setting that is much bigger than the other camera phones largest setting.

The SD card is tricky to find at a store. I made the mistake of buying a mini SD card. You must have a micro (also called Transflash) SD card. The largest size currently available is only 512mb. Need larger card for viewing full-length movies.

Ringtones must be loaded by software designed to do so. I have gotten that software along with others from the many Nextel modding websites out there. With the right software you can even make your own ringtones. I use WebJal to load ringers, walls, & games and I use CoolEditPro to make ringtones. Wav ringtones are more popular than mp3's on the web.

I use 1500-2000 minutes per month along with tons of D/C. I have no problem getting through a day on one charge of the battery. I charge it overnight, everynight. I never use my car charger.

The mp3 player is awesome. As soon as they release a 1GB or better transflash card I can scrap my ipod!!! The sound is clear, even on speakerphone (except for bass)!

ALL Bluetooth headsets are pretentious and lame. The sound quality is terrible and for what? To not have a wire from your ear to the phone. Give me a break. Bluetooth is much better served for cars that are capable and for transferring files without needing a data cable (as long as your PC has Bluetooth)

The only con I have is the size. This phone is thick. But I don't care for tiny phones either. So no big deal. If you're looking for small or thin, try another model.

Reception is as good as any phone I've had.

All-in-all, if you're going to Nextel - get this phone.

Motorola iDEN--in Steroids


Jan 9, 2006 by vesther

Think of this phone as a Motorola i860 in steroids. Like the i860, the i870 boasts an easy-open hinge, 18-Bit Internal Color, a 4096-Color External Display, but the phone becomes even more powerful with the following:
* WiDEN-Readiness
* An improved Camera of 1.3 Megapixels
* OBEX-Supporting Bluetooth--Tech-friendly technology
* MP3 Player
* Memory Card Slot
* MOTOTalk!!!
* "Anti-Cootie Housing"
Now the only gripes I have about the Motorola i870 are:
* High MSRP Tag (Before Contract Subsidies)
* No International Roaming
* Substandard Talk/Standby Time
* Not 810F-Compliant
While this phone isn't 100% perfect, it's still a worthwhile phone, and I prefer this phone over the i930.

the best phone out there


Dec 3, 2005 by kenogee1

this phone has everything you need biz or personal. 1.3 camera, bluetooth, shoot long video, push to talk, wav real ringtone, pic id, ringer id, extra memory card, mp3 player, big screens in - out

con battery life could be better, signal ok

like i said this the best phone out there.
motorola give me call i got ideas for future phones

ring tones


Nov 16, 2005 by pcbooster

I love the phone. For those of you that would like to make mp3 rintones, you can. you just have to make sure it's formatted a certain way. I have the software you need to convert your mp3 files for ringtones.

A bright spot in a dark Nextel room


Nov 11, 2005 by stonefam

Nothing's perfect, so I hesitate to go 5 stars. But of all the Nextels, this one's definitely a top pic. When the 7100i (BB), i930 and i870 all came out I couldn't decide which one to go with. If you've got Nextel and are trying to decide on a phone or an upgrade, these are by far the top three - depending on what you're looking for of course.

After I ruled out the 7100i due to no camera and having to purchase a $45 data package to make the most of it, I arrived at the 930. WOW, Windows Mobile on a cell phone? Cool. But dang is it huge. And to really make the most of it, you'd have to have the data package anyway. For my purposes, the 870 was the perfect solution. With that, here are my . . .

> Slim, flip phone. Yes everyone, the flip button is cool, but let's not oversell it.
> mp3 controls on the face for easy access.
> A camera with more than a megapixel? Finally! For my family, it's great for those momentary shots of the kids. For business, it's quality enough to take a shot of a job site and zap it to a client.
> Video is cool, but it's more a toy than it is practical.
> Yea, a bluetooth Nextel!!!
> And finally we can put our pics, videos and music on a miniSD card that goes right into our computer or back into the phone. I've loved this feature the most.
> Yes folks, the case is anti-bacterial, but big deal. Don't you think we get exposure to plenty other germs elsewhere?

> Not many really. It still uses the archaic Nextel operating system.
> I'm not yet sure about the camera quality. Light tends to blind out your subject. And I'm getting a slight blue tint as well - which could be a filter issue. Who knows.
> It's Nextel. Great on value, low on quality.

Hope this helps. I did a ton of research on these babies and think it paid off. I've been very happy.

PS - I try not to be as giddy as some over a piece of hardware that will be obsolete in 6 months or less. But I hope this helps just the same.

i870 in depth


Oct 29, 2005 by pezmunch1e

As a long time user of verizon, switching to nextel was hard. at first the i836 didn't cut it for me, as i was switching from a v710 from verizon. but as soon as the i870 came out, i got my hands on one, and all i can say is wow. it has the same exact features as the 710 but times 10 in quality. i love the speaker and the super strong camera has one of the brightest flashes to date. There are some upsetting features on the phone, but none to make me switch back to verizon.

Excellent battery
Strong signal
Best camera ever
Bluetooth capability with iden
extremely loud speaker
mp3 player
"quick flip" button
removable and expandable memory card
loud ringer
very good vibrate option

hard to conquer user interface
mp3s cannot be turned into ringers
main menu is confusing
media center is kind of dull
no alarm
no calculator
a little bulky when carried in pocket

Otherwise a top notch phone. i wish verizon made this phone. A good solid choice if you have the insane amount of money to spend on it.

I wish the dispaly was as clear asthe smsng a900


Apr 18, 2006 by Fat Black

The phone is great works fine for me and holds a charge for long long time.....

pros: sound quality. connection speed and all the java apps

cons: Display can be better ...i'm ashamed when i pull out this cool mp3 phone but when pics are involved they suck....

if this this phone had a screen like the samsung a900 and some of its features ...this phone would get a 5 in my book

The Sweetness!!


Dec 3, 2005 by Nexdave

This is by far the best phone that I have ever played with! As we all know, the features are outstanding! The camera has excellent resolution and a flash that you can see in the bright sunny days. I love the user interface, its easy to navigate. The menu setup is good. And for those music lovers who are constantly on the go; there's a high quality mp3 player! Plus, who doesn't enjoy Bluetooth compatibility?

exceptional quality sound and color.
Great picture quality.
Easy to Use Menu.
High res. Camera and Video Camera.
mp3 Player.
Bluetooth Compatibility.
Speed is amazing!

Battery Life is short, what can you expect from a celly that does it all?
Watch the Transflash card port, it may not secure the Memory Card.
Not enough Java Applications.
No ability to make mp3's Ringtones.
Phone can time out while Direct Sending Videos/Pictures. (very important feature for me.)

Overall, I am impressed with my first Nextel phone experience. Who jumps from an i730 to an i870 and complains anyway? Not this dude. But for those that want to get the bang for their buck, this is the phone you not only want, but CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!!

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