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I think this phone is awesome.


Jun 29, 2009 by viewasicon

I really think this phone is awesome. In fact, I had this phone for a number of years and dropped it at least 7 million times and then finally killed it when I accidentally left it in a puddle of water for a long period of time in the bottom of my backpack...
Anyway, when it died I thought it was more than reasonable and had lived well beyond my expectations, considering that I was a terrible and neglectful owner, and I was looking around at replacements and finally just bought the same exact phone used again, off ebay.
Why do I like this phone?
-intuitive menu
-option of making your numbers bright and different colors when they appear on the screen
-speaker phone
-"voice notes" which i use to record little song tidbits when i make them up so i can remember them later
-pleasant keypad
-decent sound quality
-ok camera
-good battery life

(basically, I think this is just a decent inexpensive reliable and friendly-feeling phone)

some CONS:
-your two options from the main screen are "menu" and "t-zones"; t-zones is stupid so it's dumb to make it one of my two primary options
-camera has external button and takes pictures from my pocket
-not a lot of bells and whistles

Mine will turn 4years old in Nov 2009


Apr 6, 2009 by doooor

I have dropped this T309 from 4' uP to 18' three times and other than a few scratches and the once in awhile crash from trying to do too much at once, it has been good to me! Im looking for another one to back uP my impending full uPgrade! Since our family plan started in late Nove 2005, two lines of four have gone through about 10 fones and the main two lines are still useing the original fones!! TMOBILE ROCKS and so does SAMSUNG!!!
dannydan.... out the doooor ;)



Oct 20, 2008 by 77jul

This phone is truly awesome. I can't understand any of the bad reviews. I have owned a total of 4 samsung phones, this one being the 3rd and best (they have all been good). I have never had any problems with dropped calls or anything. The speakerphone is awesome, loud and clear. The camera is great and is way better than the new phone I just got that has a 1.3 camera. I am thinking about returning my new phone, even though it has some nice extra features, and just going back to this one. Everything about this phone is wonderful. I have used this phone for two years and the the only negative thing I can think of about this phone is that it can't ring and vibrate at the same time.

Hated this phone!


Aug 16, 2008 by Melz

I can not even give this phone a 1. My husband, bestfriend and I all had this phone and all three of us had to get new phones. We all had the same issue. The phone would just shut off. They sent me new batteries, new chargers, a new handset and I had the same problem (as well as my hubby and friend).

Just Average


Jul 24, 2008 by ithc1

Pro-Seems well made-Good call reception-Nice Size\

Con-Poor sound Quality on calls on T-Mobile network-Speaker phone just barely average.Poor volume on Ringer.

I would not recommend this phone to anyone but the most infrequent users.

This phone Sucks...


May 23, 2008 by Julie01

My husband and I had to replace this phone 3 times!!!

Our main issue was with dropped calls. The dropped calls were so bad that our cell phone bill was as high as $372!

T-mobile, us and the BBB finally came to an agreement.

They are sending us a Motorola RIZR... Hopefully it is better.

If you need help contact bbbonline.com and file a complaint. Your cell phone company will call you within 2 days to resolve your issue.

samsung t 319


Apr 7, 2008 by iluvsb

let me make this short and sweet dont buy it it will save you a lot of headaches

pros:the speaker volume is audible the keypad is ok battery is good

here comes the fun part

cons:horrible camera

cammera shutter cant be muted

cant set recordings as ring tones
dropps my calls way too munch!

texting freezes up when i get a txt and if i get too many

thinks its charging when the charger isnt present

dosent charge sometimes when charger IS present

resets when trying to use im and t zones

low memory

low txting storage

the camera is bad

over all durable phone and good if it didnt dropp your calls or freze up but seriously dont buy it it is the worst thing i have ever laied my eyes on i want to burn it

We cannot stop the text message feature


Sep 19, 2007 by treed

We really like this phone for its basic design and function. But, there is no way to turn off select "pay for" features. My husband has a big thumb and depresses the left arrow on the main function key often when he is trying to "submit" a call with the green phone icon. Therefore we get text message charges when neither of us would be able to see the keys to send that type of message. I warn all of you to not depress the left arrow and the call button at the same time. You will be texting your pizza shop land line. All the best.

Ehh .. average or even below at times.


Jun 2, 2007 by jmm19921992

So i got this phone in November 2006 .. and like most of my new phones, i like it from when i get it to about a month later.. After that, I'm used to the phone and can spot the problems of it.

-Decent speaker phone
-Doesnt freeze of power off like all the other -reviews said
-I like the outside display for some reason
-Alarm clock very loud (it wakes me up)

-Voice quality is only good depending on the person speaking ... if the person is not speaking loudly, clearly, and directly into the microphone, then it can be hard to hear/ understand
-Reception is odd .. you will have say 3 or 4 bars , then you make a call and hold the phone like u would any other phone , and the reception goes up and down and usually when im looking at it, its at like 1 bar which is strange because it happens so often
-ringtones are horrible
-inner display screen is too small
-camera is very bad .. the pictures look demented.
-not much memory

this phone isnt absolutely horrible .. but having had it now for about 7 months now, i would not recommend it. its not one of the better phones out there



May 26, 2007 by kklilscool

This phone is okay if all you're looking for is a basic phone. I've had it for about a year so far. It will randomly and frequently turn off but then turn right back on again. Also sometimes it won't stop vibrating so you have to power it off and then power it back on again. The sound on the phone isn't that good, for example if you're making a phone call you can't hear the other person talking very well. But the ringtones you can hear clearly, except they aren't that many too chose from.

-says the time on the outisde of the phone
-says whose calling on the outside of the phone
-you can see the numbers on the phone very clearly
-ringtones are loud
-can have vibrate and your ringtone at the same time

-doesn't have many ringtones
-you can't see your phonebook on the screen, you have to go to menu and so on
-randomly vibrates and powers off
-signal isn't great, it will show that you have bars but it will still say no service

-you can't see the picture ID on the outside of your phone
-you can't record something and set it as your ringtone

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