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I would have kept it if........


Jun 30, 2006 by Bandu

I bought this phone as a result of a job change. The company I work for uses Nextell phones, so I got a Boost phone. I can honestly say that I really liked this phone. The walkie talkie feature was excellent and the phone had a good color screen with download and picture viewing capabilities. I found the phone aesthetically pleasing as well. As far as performance, I uses the Nextell network. In the area that I now reside, it is overall good. There were no signal issues, except for this dead spot that most networks struggle with, my home. With that aside, I found the battery life acceptable, and the phone just fun to use. Unfortunately, I had to return it. I seems that in Brownsville, Tx, Boost does not have any local numbers. That was a big no no with my wife who wanted to call me without incurring ld charges from home.

Pros: good looking sturdy phone. color screen with downloading and picture-viewing capabilities. good battery life for Motorola phone.

Cons: No local number in my area.

i like the phone


Jun 21, 2006 by warthawgg

its cheap and easy to use. i own a razor,and slyder supersonic they are to difficult to use the boost is great!!!!

I really love this phone


Oct 18, 2005 by daisyrazor

I just got this phone about 2 weeks ago, at first I didnt think I was going to like it because I was use to smaller flip phones. but after I started to use it I loved it :) its dorable and holds it charge VERY well. so far I havent went any where that I didnt have reception. I mostly use this phone for the walkie~talkie feture this phone has 7 stages of volume and I have not had to raise it above a 4 !!.YES this phone was made to talk and thats just why I bought it and my I say it dose a great job at that.. so if your looking for a reliable phone and NOT camera this phone rates an easy 8 :)



Feb 19, 2006 by mipsy411420

Pros: Nationwide Boost Walkie-Talkie

Boost Multi-Media Messaging and Text Messaging

Boost Wireless Web

Large Color Screen

Java Enabled Games and Applications

Picture Viewer

GPS Enabled

Music, Polyphonic, and Voice Ringtones

Hands-free Speakerphone

Cons: Low battery Life

best phone i had


Dec 2, 2006 by booster

I love this phone. The walkie talkie is the best. It is better than my CRAPPY virgin mobile i have. The ringers are loud, the walkie Tuckie is loud and the battery life is ok. Thing i really like is that it could have a picture book and picture id with out a camera. oh! i forgot to tell u that u could record and use it as a mp3.
The walkie takie is good
loud ringers
picture id
photo album
its only 49.99
boost has good custumer service
good reception(singal)
very,very durable almost like the nextel consruction phones
Cons:ok battery life

A Great Phone


Apr 13, 2006 by davef413

Perfect for someone who wants a non-flip phone with many exciting features, like a LIVE GPS, STREAMING TV, and Radio. An excellent phone for business owners, like myself. I just upgraded from the i215, and am very pleased.

The best phone


Mar 5, 2006 by jarvarisgoss

This has to be the best phone I've had so far. It doesn't give me any problems. I like it becasue I can assign a piture to every contact I have and I have a picture to look at rather then the phone number.


Don't listen to all the fools that complain on this site!


Dec 4, 2005 by MasonBently

Regardless of what every moron on this site says, the Boost Mobile i415 is a good phone. I own a NEXTEL store and sell approx. 20 of this particular model EVERY week. If you know anything about NEXTEL and Boost Mobile, you already know that they lack many features that phones from T-Mobile or Cingular have. You would also know that ALL Nextel phones have poor battery life. No its not because they're junk, its because the phones use a lot of power when using the Direct Connect. Again, if you know anything about NEXTEL or consulted someone about the phone before you took it off the rack at Walmart, you would know that the phone is much better than its previous model, the i215 and i285. Like I tell my customers, make sure you ask any questions before you purchase a phone because I can tell you a lot more than a brochure or you can. Peace out and Happy Holidays!!!!!

Ok phone


Nov 7, 2005 by timbrusky

Just bought this phone today and have to say it is very different in what I am used from Sprint, I tryed this phone out for qulity and for better coverage if possible and heres what I came up with.

.Good reception(compared to my contract account with sprint like 100% better)

.Much lighter than my sprint phone
.Very louid hearing the other person

.Didn't like the fact that when you talked to someone it would echo not sure what that was about, but as soon as I put the person on speaker phone it went away

.Quality of the phone it sounded different that the cdma network I am used to

.Chargered the phone like it said in the book and it dies fast

.Menu is very hard to find thing on this phone

. Not to happy with no alarm clock on it
.Noticed at times when Im talking to someone that it would beep or something

.Not to happy that the other person sounds like I am yelling in the phone and I say I am not

.Dont like the fact its not voice activted to call someone

All in all its an ok phone but it lacks alot. I am very disoppinted in this phone. The reason why I bought is to see if when I switch to nextel to see if I will get better recetion, and found yet it did like 100% better which I am haoppy it covers country sides inside stores where my sprint would not work. I like the fact no roaming. I dont even use the roaming feature on sprint they charge to much per minute to use other networks. I also like the fact the walkie feature, but havent found anyone to see how this feature works yet, if it works the why I think nextel will be great I would like someone to walkie talkie to see how this things works.


Its a good phone for starting out with bad credit and I dont have either. and it cheaper than tracfone, which is another plus, would be nice if boost mobile would drop the n&w to 7pm instead of 9pm, but its a great phone either way.

Great Phone to have when you want to go out without that expensive phone :)


Feb 2, 2007 by yanike

If you are looking for a phone to have as a main for cheap get the i455. It's just as good as the others. This phone I only would recommended if you are really low on cash, need a phone to have on a sudden trip or just a night phone.

I've had this phone before and upgraded to the i855 :) Which I gave the i855 phone to a friend and now I'm using the 7520 Nextel Black Berry on boost mobile. I'll be getting the i415 again for night use since I like it enough the first time I had it.

Boost services might not have the best signals, but they don't screw you like Tmobile does. Biggest bill I've had with Boost going over $90 because they let you buy more minutes, tmobile $159 to $289. That's ****ing ridicules! That's almost 4 months worth with boost mobile paid in one month to TMobile. I'm sticking with Boost for now on.

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